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Pagan mamas : Any Suggestions ?

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Hi there Mamas !

I'm still reading Circle Round and I received the first issue of my Blessed Bee subscription today and I was wondering : do any
of you have a marvelous pagan family movie to suggest ?

I don't have a lot of choice here where I live so I'm a little out of date with what's out there

Don't really know if this message belongs here but because of the
Pagan content of the question, I'm risking it

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessed Be,

P.S. Who really enjoyed Mists of Avalon on tv last year? such a deception to me
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hmmm pagan family movies??? Any specific age group your looking for?? Anything that tells the stories of the Olympians would be good. Darn, I do have a movie, but can't think ofthe name. Will post back when it comes to me.

Regarding the Mists movie BLECH!!! What a hack job they did to the story. But I did think it was visually beautiful, and it was awesome just to hear the Goddess mentioned on TV. Had to leave the room during parts though I was so disgusted.
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Thanks Arduinna ! It doesn't have to be a family movie, to think of it.

I would enjoy a Mist of Avalon "genre" if it was gooooood!
I'm with you, it was really beautiful, loved the hair, loved the cinematography...but the adaptation of the novel, really really

Hope they leave the rest of the MZB books alone!

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If it doesn't have to be a family movie, have you seen "Drawing Down the Moon"?? I haven't seen it, so no opinion here, but it is a pagan movie.

Still can't remember the other title. If your into Hellenism, then any film adaptations of the greek classics (Illiad ect) would be great.
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Fern Gully was a great family movie that is right in line with Pagan ideals, if the kids are older Clash of the Titans was one of my faves as a kid, of course there's the Disney version of Hercules, but IMHO it's rather blech!
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we try not to watch to much TV or movies. I will however, ask my circle of they know of any good pagan movies and i will get back with you.

I agree that Mists was bleh!

To be honest my family was rather happy with the Harry Potter movie.

BlessedBe, Sue
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Wow ! What great suggestions !

khrisday, for the life of me, can't see why I didn't think of Clash of the Titans ... I loved that movie when I was a teen...can't really remember much about it now but it will make rewatching it even more fun

Fern Gully we will watch for the first time. We haven't seen Hercules , every time I see a preview of it (on one of our tapes), it freaks me out :LOL don't like the look of it at all.

Arduinna, is Drawing Down the Moon based on the book ?
That could be great, I'll have to find out more.

Thanks Sue, Khrisday and Arduinna for your time and suggestions
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In the mid 1980s there was a television series produced, if I recall correctly, by ITV based on a blending of Robin Hood legends and Celtic mythology. It was called Robin of Sherwood in the UK and called Robin Hood in the US. It aired on Showtime and then in syndication in America. Several episodes of the series were repackaged in two episode "movies" and released on video. I don't know if they're still available. The first season starred Michael Praed as Robin. The second starred Jason Connery (Sean Connery's very yummy son). One of the recurring characters was Herne the Hunter and many of the storylines incorporated pagan elements. Clannad did the soundtrack as well. It was an excellent series if you can locate the tapes. I have many episodes on tape and may be able to borrow another VCR to make copies if you'd like. Feel free to PM me, but I must warn you I don't get on line more tan once or twice a week. So if I don't get back to you right away, I'm not ignoring.
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Have u ever seen the PBS show Wishbone? There are a couple of episodes which deal with Greek myths- Homer Sweet Homer, and one other one I think. Not my favorite show, but an interesting viewpoint to see literature from. I hate to endorse Disney films, but I do like the message of ecology and spirituality that Pocahontas has running through it. I loved The Chrionicles of Narnia, and although the Christians say it has a Christian message, I always thought it was more Pagan. The Secret of Roan Innish was great. There is a Japanese animated movie called Kiki's Delivery Service about a young witch that is cute, and from the same company My Neighbor Torotoro about a girl meeting some spirit guides, which was also cute. The same director has a movie calle Princess Moanoke which I haven't seen but also looks good. Harry Potter is out on video now. Labrynth, The Dark Crystal, and The Never-Ending Story were good. Remember that old movie called Escape to Witch Mountain (and the sequel- Return to Witch Mountian)? I think the Star Wars trilogy has a lot of Pagan ideas, if you can tolerate the violence. I'm browsing at Amazon, so the rest of these I haven't seen- and there are movies about witches in a witches boarding school (female Harry Potter I guess LOL) called The Worst Witch, and Witches Night Out. The Halloween Tree look interesting, so do The Water Babies, The Last Unicorn, and The Flight of Dragons. OK I am done browsing at Amazon LOL I hope some of this helped.
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Thanks so much Karen Ann for the offer, so nice of you. Before I put you through all that trouble though, I'll check around at the video store for it

khrisday, I so agree about The Narnia Chronicles. I just finished the first book, I thought it was pagan. Loved it !! Some of it had me laughing out loud :LOL
Also love Labyrinth, The Secret of Roan Inish and Harry Potter (although I wish it could be more "pagan")

I have wanted to see The Dark Crystal for the longest time, and now all the others you mentionned sound so good too.

Have seen a bit of Wishbone, but I guess I missed the episodes you're talking about...I'll keep my eyes opened
What I enjoy most about the show is the "making-of" that comes right after :LOL

Thanks a million !
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awww my DD loved wishbone when was younger.....
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O MY GOSH did the mists movie S U C K (imho)
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I really loved the movie Merlin. It created such a sense of wonder and amazement and the main charector has such good morals. It may not be suitable for little ones, but it was shown on TV a few years ago so it isn't too bad for a little older kids. I don't really see too many movies...Oh one that I just thought of Chocolat! Loved it, read the book, and loved it even more. She is definitely a Pagan.
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Wemoon ! That's right, she was Pagan !!! I had forgotten
about that, loved that movie !

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