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Kombucha Question

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My Walmart has a 2 gallon wide mouth glass jar. Can I make 2 gallons of Kombucha at a time? Would it just have to ferment longer or do you think it would be too much for the Scoby? I have limited space and right now have 4-1 gallon containers taking it up. I would much rather have 4-2 gallon containers taking up that space. So, what do you think?
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that's what I use...it'll be fine. As long as the new scoby forms a solid layer over the surface, it's fine. You can always fill it halfway, just as long as it gets some air and it's a wide jar.

If your recipe is for 1 gallon size jar, just double the water, tea bags and sugar. Then add Scoby 'mushroom' and some of the previous brew to help lower the PH quicker, to give it a good start. It will be fine and you will have twice as much Kombucha in about a week.
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Thank you Xenabyte for the answer. It was what I was hoping for.
And as I've said before, "you rock".
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