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do you refrigerate maple syrup?

Poll Results: do you refrigerate your maple syrup?

  • 80% (76)
  • 19% (18)
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dh had made a pancake for ds at our house and was in the fridge looking for syrup. mil commented that no one she knows refrigerates syrup. i asked my mom, and sure enough she never did either.

not sure why i care, but where do you keep your syrup? if you don't eat it, then don't answer.
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Ours is in the fridge after we open it. You can also store it in the freezer. It won't freeze.
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I always put my pure maple syrup in the fridge after opening it...but back in the "olden days" when I used Mrs. Buttersworth, I didn't.
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My MIL doesn't refrigerate her and it grows mold. She says it is no problem you just skim it off and boil it. I think that is gross so I refrigerate mine and have no mold issues.
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we do, but that's because i like it cold and thick. dh likes it to sit on the counter and get all drippy runny. I laughed my buns off the day he ate fermented syrup on pancakes.
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I didn't know you were supposed to. I think I'll start, cause I don't want fermented or moldy syrup!
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wow i dont think i have ever heard of putting the syrup in the ice box. but i was reading on a different thread about someone keeping the parmsean cheese in the ice box too.
i never had mold issues, ever when i use real maple syrup.
i also dont refriderate butter and i leave the eggs out.
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I never thought about this before LOL. I never have cuz I figure if Mother Nature doesn't, I don't need to either and we've always bought small containers that got consumed rather quickly. But I think I'll refrigerate it now after hearing these tales!
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You don't need to refrigerate the fake stuff, but the real stuff lasts longer if refrigerated. Mother nature doesn't refrigerate lettuce, but it lasts much longer in the fridge.
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We only use pure maple syrup, which is refrigerated. I'm sure it would be fine in the pantry, but since we use it so rarely, it makes more sense to keep it in the fridge where it won't get yucky.
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yeah, we use the real stuff too...maybe that's the difference.
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The fake stuff def. doesn't need to be refrigerated. It's just corn syrup, basically. Real maple syrup lasts longer in the fridge. If you don't refridge it & it gets moldy, it's fine to scoop off the mold, heat the syrup & keep using it. But I'd rather not bother with that, so just keep it in the fridge.
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We refrigerate it once it has been opened. I love heating it up before putting it on pancakes though! Mmmmmmm
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maya, where are you from? i'm fascinated that you say "icebox!"
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minnesota. most of my life. maybe thats were its from. but my family has weird words for stuff. not just regionalism but really old words. sometimes in yiddish to even though we mostly arent jewish.
ice box ice box ice box. the houses around here have them too. old old iceboxes in the kitchens that never got removed.
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We use the real stuff. Waffles are nearly a religion for my dh, so we buy the syrup in relatively large containers--at least a half gallon at a time. When the weather is cool, I keep it in the garage. In the summer, we refrigerate it. I hate that it takes up so much space in the fridge, but at $20 or so, I hate more to have it moldy.
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I had some go moldy on me, so I now refrigerate it after opening.

Of course, it sat out for a *really* long time before going moldy. So, if my fridge is packed, the syrup is one of the things that comes out to live on the counter until the fridge becomes a little more empty. And if I forget it on the breakfast table one day, I don't worry about it.
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I voted no- I buy it in bulk at the co-op and it is unrefrigarated there....
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I had ants this summer. All the sugar-y things got into the fridge.
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Originally Posted by mamaley
not sure why i care, but where do you keep your syrup? if you don't eat it, then don't answer.
I bought faux syrup the other day before I had a chance to get the good stuff. The bottle said no refrigeration required. When I had a chance to buy real syrup I noticed the bottle said it needed to be refrigerated.
So, that's my answer. ha ha If it's the real stuff, which it normally is, I refrigerate.
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