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RE: Nesting - yep, been on a serious cleaning spree (which I'm enjoying!), no dust or laundry has been left untouched. :LOL
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Ooh, thanks Monica
Periwinkle - these kimono's came in part of a big ole box of baby clothes i got off ebay. I have actually seen some online, i thought, let me go dig and see if i can find what i'm talkinga bout, maybe they're different than what i'm describing....

okay, here's the url for what i'm calling Kimonos'.. .they call them snap shirts... go figure:
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I wish I was nesting more, but my night class is demanding too much attention.

All the baby clothes in my possession are washed, and I have been trying to clean out my own closets. My stack of decorating magazines is dwindling - I'm furiously going through those, ripping out the articles and pictures I might use, and preparing to pass along the rest. The little projects are getting my attention - the big ones are too daunting right now.

I've been thinking about doing some creative iron-ons or embroidery on the plain onsies I've picked up.
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Holy chatty morning!!!!
Peri--tsk tsk, Washington is really no warmer than Canada!!! It is an absolutely beautiful day today, about 6 degrees out nice and sunny with no wind.
Jesse!! Glad to see you're home safely Yeah, I'd forgotten about the possibility that we'd frightened some other patrons!!! There's the three of us in the dining room of a fairly nice italian restaurant gabbing about inseminations, sperm collections, sex in general--and then there was Heve, shamelessly complementing our waiter on his "big pepper grinder"
No real nesting here--but things are getting done anyway
Take care all, sleepy after my massage so I think I'll go lay down for a bit!
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ok, I am going to try to keep up...

Happy birthday, Kitty!!! : Sorry you're feeling blue about the lack of attention...

Had a great time on Friday evening with Shannon and Jesse (posted a pic online - go to "More Photos" off my babiesonline site) - we got silly and gabby and had a lovely meal. Life lesson of the evening: Next time I will go with my gut and order the first desert that strikes my fancy...

Welcome Kimba! C'mon in, the water's fine!

Monica - ouch, ouch, ouch!!! yikes, that sounded awful! feeling better today?

Peri - 3rd trimester, wowie!! congrats!! May this one continue yet for some time... stay put, baby - you've got a nice, warm place to be for a while! I saw kimono shirts at the gap online. As for the weather...ummmm, actually, the weather varies quite a bit...Where I live today we have sunny skies and 11° C (59 ° F), while in Halifax, where I have family, it's 1 ° (34° F) and there was a snowstorm yesterday. And in cites farther north than where I am, they've had snow already.

wow, go girls, on the nesting!!! Nothing here yet.
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he did have a very large pepper grinder.
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Very large pepper grinder.... :LOL

H,S, and J --I'm green with envy the three of you got together! I saw the pics on your website -- what fun that must have been! Hi Jesse! I'm so thrilled to see you so round in the belly!!!! Yay!!!!! I hope the rest of your pregnancy continues to be blissfully uneventful! I'm so happy we're all getting our much-longed-for babes. Now we just have to get Korin, Alexis, and Adina over here, too.

Kimba -- looking forward to your intro. (BTW, I loved the quote from your daughter in you sig!)

Kitty -- : : : : and (((hugs)))) Birthdays are immensely important to me -- I grew up in a family that made a big, lovely deal out of them and I continue the tradition. My dh knows he should treat my bday as a national holiday . I'm sorry your friends had belated wishes for you!

Lesley -- I was actually very touched by the raw honesty in your post. It is something I've worried about. I LOVE babies, but to be honest, I've never been much of a "kid person" and often wonder if I'll have the patience to constantly play and entertain. Anyway, big hugs to you.

Shannon -- I'm impressed with your ob working with you so well. BTW, my SIL just had a Ceasaren birth after a "failed inducement" and she recovered farily quickly and is doing very well. I know everyone's different, but thought you might like to hear a nice story instead of a scary one.

I'm jealous of you nesting mamas! I've been doing a lot of thinking about nesting, but not the actual nesting. Oh please kick in soon, please kick in soon...

Sooooo, I just came back from my first LLL meeting -- where I met some great women. It was so nice getting support for my planned homebirth instead of "what are you crazy?" It's really a great bunch of like-minded women and I already learned a lot....BUT, for some reason, once I got home I started crying! I guess I'm feeling overwhelmed at all the changes that have already taken place (in my life, my routine, my body, etc) and am anxious about all the continuing changes. Granted they're all beautiful, wonderful changes and I wouldn't want it any other way... but it's still scary. Perhaps I was also a bit scared of the group of loud toddlers that made hearing more than al little difficult. I LOVED the babies...but toddlers and little kids...I don't know how to relate yet. So, yes! I'm SCARED!

I just had some chocolate, so I'm sure I'll feel better soon.

Monica -- yikes! I lost a toenail before a couple of years ago and it freaked me out and grossed me out to no end! I hope yours grows back very soon!

Okay, now that I've vented I should go. Hugs and love all around...
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Thanx everyone for the birthday wishes I know I was totally being a big baby about none of my friends calling, I apologize for sounding whiney and needy. I'm just always so careful to always send people cards and b-day wishes that I guess it just hurt that no one thought of me as well. But my pitty party is over - I feel better now!

Shannon - your "Lola the farting bulldog comment" totally had me cracking up. We had a bulldog named Dottie before and boy was she a stinker. :LOL

Shyly - yucko on the nail incident, gave me the shivers - blah. Sorry you went through that.

Kate - I've yet to go to my first LLL meeting but I keep thinking I'm going to! Of course I would have one of those screaming toddlers with me so maybe that's what is keeping me away.... hehehehehe. I don't really need help with any bf'ing issue but I'd like to meet some like-minded women and I thought that would be a good place to find them. I think we are ALL going through moments of being scared whether we've been there before or not. This is my fourth and I still have moments where I'm terrified. It's all totally normal. Once that baby is in your arms you will be totally in love and you WILL handle everything just fine.

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Hi ladies,

How's everyone doing?

Lousli, I did read your post over the weekend, but just didn't get a chance to respond. Dh's nesting instinct has gone into over drive, just as mine has, but I am much more freaked out about whether we will have everything done in time, so we had our hands full trying to start and complete all the projects that are going on around here.

I was really amazed to hear your honesty in you post. It was very brave of you to open up and spill it all out there for all of us to read. Being a SAHM who has found the transition both easy and difficult at the same time, I sympathise with you.
I had a mini meltdown a couple of weeks ago, as I lost my temper with dd and shouted at her and felt like a terrible mother, and as I rocked her to sleep, I cried my eyes out.
Infact I felt like I was crying the whole day.
I have been crying quite a lot lately actually!!
I do feel that sometimes Dh would do a better job at staying at home than I am doing, but then also it has it's rewards too.
I really feel strongly that many people percieve the stay at home role to be something almost cushy and taking the easy option out, rather than going to work, and having been in the trenches for 2 years, that opinion really p*sses me off.
Sometimes I do question my decision , but I would not have anyone else looking after her, and they are so little for such a short period of time, I just try to adjust and remember that.

I hope that this makes sense as I am trying to type really fast and get all my thoughts down, in a coherent manner!!!Dd is waking up, so I have to go, but hope you come to a decision that will work for you and your family and thanks for sharing.

Have a good day everyone, we are off to a birthday party , I do hope there will be a big cake, as my appetite has gone crazy!!!!!!
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OK Shannon and Heve, I stand corrected on my Yankee misperception of Canada. I will stop imagining both of you in Ugg boots and down-filled parkas cross-country skiing to the grocery store in August.

(Of course Shannon when you said it was a beautiful 6 degrees I almost dug myself deeper into the hole by thinking you meant 6 degrees *Farenheit* and that you must be mighty optimistic. :LOL
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Peri - I also found some of the kimonos at *gasp* Wal Mart. I think it was around $6 for a pack of 3 or 4.

I officially have colostrum now. It just about freaked me out though when I first saw it and then I got excited.

My finger is healing up pretty good...doesn't really hurt, but I don't do nails and things like that and it grosses me out every time I look at it...I don't think I'll lose the nail though...phew.

I wish I could convince myself to nest. I have all this time and what do I do? Read, eat, rest, laze around, play video games, etc...I guess I'm just trying to get it all crammed in before the baby comes and I have no time for that. It doesn't help that I recently bought the Sims 2 and I am totally addicted.
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Silly Peri, we don't cross country ski in August--that's what dog sleds are for!!!
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Thread Starter 
Thank you all for being so supportive of me. Melly and I had a really nice day together Saturday, my husband was at work all day. Then today went pretty well too. I think I might actually be okay at this. But there's definately a learning curve!

I saw a friend today who had her baby Nov. 5. The baby was alseep the whole time and she let me hold her. It was really exciting. I couldn't believe how tiny and soft and sweet this little girl was. And it made me remember how tiny Melly was (this baby was 7 lbs. 11 oz. at birth, Mel was only 5 lbs. 4 oz!) I'm so excited to have a teeny baby again. Of course, at the same time, I feel so greatful that Melanie is old enough now to tell me she loves me and to do cool stuff with me like cooking and painting. Eeek, it is so close now, only 12 weeks! Or 8, if she's like her sister...

Personals later. Take care everyone.

Oh yeah, thanks for the GTT tips. I took it this morning, after 2 hard boiled eggs and a big piece of cheese. Keep your fingers crossed that I pass it!
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Lesley -- 8 weeks if she's like her sister! : That scares me to death! I'm not ready, I'm not ready, I'm not ready!!! Glad you had a good day today.

Hellokitty -- Thanks SO much for your words of encouragment -- they really do make me feel so much better.
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Leslie!! Isn't it wild when you start counting it all down?? I'm looking at 10 weeks as I will be induced or cut 2 weeks early and it seems like Christmas is months away!!
I'm so exhausted these days, the heartburn is so bad I'm sleeping pretty much sitting up--which translates to not really sleeping at all. This afternoon I managed to have a nice nap for about 2 hours after my massage.
Tomorrow afternooon I have another U/S to check for clots and growth restriction and check my cervix so wish me luck
Anyway, I think I'm going to begin my sitting sleep shortly.
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ack! just lost my post! grrr. ok, starting again...

elle - hope you don't have too much driving tomorrow and that your sis's visit is fun!

shannon and leslie - 8-10 wks, ack! if mia is as early as james was, then i'm on a 9 week track. i am soooo not ready.

bridget - i think you win the nesting compulsiveness award - embroidering onesies? i can't even imagine what you'd be doing if you didn't have classes!! you'll be a terror in december.

leslie - how'd the test go? by the way, i love the nickname melly. it's just so adorable.

monica - enjoy the video games!!! i spent lots of time nesting before james was born and most of it was silly. i should have spent more time doing things that i enjoy that would have been harder with a baby (going to movies, sleeping, etc). one fun result of nesting is being the only pregnant woman who is in the local hardware store every single day. i love power tools!!

i'm feeling run down today. we've had company for three days and the cooking and cleaning and socializing is just exhausting. plus, i have a little cold (and, since i'm a freak, i keep thinking "infections can lead to early labor! stop being sick, stop being sick!). i think tonight i will just rewatch "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" (have i mentioned that i looooove that movie?) and go to bed.

be well everybody!

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Good morning everyone. It's a very cold morning for me and I've got the heating pad on my back and a warm kitty on my lap...now if the dog could fit under my desk and lay on my feet life would be perfect. I have so much to do today and I doubt I'll get around to any of it. I have such an aversion to going out in the cold and I've felt like such a homebody today. I really should get some stuff done...so please...kick me in the butt. Get me moving!

Have any of you gotten your super sexy linea negra? I got mine and it is from the top of my abdomen to my pubic region. Nothing sexier than a dark line running down your stomach. Sometimes I just can't help but shake my fist at those Sicilian genes that only show up when it comes to odd placement of body hair and dark pigmentation...lol.

I'd better run and get something to eat. I haven't had much of an appetite lately and I've noticed that I haven't gained any weight in almost a month. I guess that my body is catching up to the big bulk of poundage I put on not too long ago...I know I'm getting more adjusted to carrying it around now.
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Tug, it's Joy who is actually embroidering teddy bears and such on the kimono shirts. I am just thinking about embroidering on the onsies. This is a theme of many of my craft projects - lots of thought, little action.

However, I DID go through the last 5 years of bank statements and paycheck stubs and put them in chronological order, separating out the 2004 stubs and statements. I also threw out the flexible medical spending info for last year, as I'm about to get our claim together for 2004. Lots of fun with the paper shredder last night!

Sweet dreams, Tug. Get that rest and fight that infection!

Is anyone else (at least those of us in the US) excited about Thanksgiving holiday? I haven't seen my immediate family since September, and I can't wait to show off my belly and be doted on. Plus, I miss them and I get to see my preggie little sister.
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Good morning ladies
I slept last night!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Bells, Whistles, the whole 9 yards!!!
I'm still kinda groggy today, but I'm hoping I can take a nap this afternoon.
I feel so inadequate--I don't think I could even bring myself to consider embroidering onesies!!!
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I'm excited about Thanksgiving. I haven't seen my family since June. We'll get a nice two week visit.

We have to leave for the airport at 3 am tonight. Not looking forward to that! Our flight leaves at 7 am and the airport is about 3 hours away. I hope I can take a little nap on the plane. I doubt it though. I've found that when I'm tired, I'm even more emotional and sesative. We get back on the 1st of Dec. I don't think I'll be able to be online very much while I'm there, so don't worry when you don't see me for the next couple weeks.

I hope the Nesting instinct hits me when I get back. I'm sooooo not ready. Everything is just piled up in Sophia's room. There is a rocking chair and a changing table in there under loads of stuff. I need to get motivated!

Take care! I'll probably check in later today.

Love, Tricia
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