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Yes, its me thats embroidering little shirts. I've done 3 now. I'll take a picture tonight so ya'll can see them.

i'm also going shopping for flannel over lunch today... since i have my week off coming up, I will be making recieving blankets, backings for my embroidered baby bibs... and i found a pattern for making breast pads out of left over flannel... .whee. Yes, I'm kind of compulsive - December will be interesting. Definately interesting... Hopefully cute flannel is pretty cheap. lol.

I also have on my list for my week off to wash and sort by size all the baby clothes we have (rubbermaid boxes, here i come), write our christmas letter and address all the christmas cards. Oh yeah, cook thanksgiving din din for DH.
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Sorry it's been so long since I've been on-line...been really busy...well I'm just fine and so is Zander.
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I have colostrum! No linea nigra yet though. But I'm really pale and almost never tan so I wonder if skin coloring has something to do with it! My belly button got brown last time though but I never had a dark line (then again, I delivered at 32 weeks so maybe I will this time going to term... she said knocking wood).

BH kicked my butt (to use that great term on the other thread) last night. I swear I was having 4, 5, 6 an hour for a couple hours there. I think it was my prenatal yoga class I went to last night from 7:00-8:30. And no I'm not just looking for an excuse to stop going. I seriously think my prenatal yoga class might be BAD for me. We do a number of things I think are uncomfortable and/or too stressful in terms of making me feel like I'm opening up. Like squatting, or bending over at the waist and dangling, or doing that pose where you sit on your knees and bend over so you're kinda lying down. I know squatting is great for labor but I'm not a squatter, kwim? I NEVER squat. So I guarantee I'm gonna be a hands n knees gal - a position I find extremely comfortable - not a squatter. Every time I squat I feel all this pressure down there and worry that I'm gonna start opening up. Then there were all the floor exercises. Lying flat on our backs, rolling and rocking back and forth. Ugh. Not only was it highly uncomfortable (like I couldn't breathe) but I don't want to do ANY poses like that where my belly is higher than my back, i.e., a position to encourage a breech baby. I feel like we spend half the class is some semi-reclining or lying down position which would encourage a breech.

Am I just being ridiculous or should I listen to my body, do my hip opening / good baby position exercises (basically sitting cross-legged or doing hands-and-knees poses) and forget about prenatal yoga?
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Hi all! Busy day! Just stopping in! Joy you sound so motivated!! I finally got a little bit of a nesting kick. Scrubbed the bathroom top to bottom, wiped down all of the kitchen cabinet doors! But still need to take down halloween decorations!! Gotta run. I am gonna go have a nap! Take care everyone!
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Peri, I'm thinking you should listen to your body. I'm not too good at it, and I think I have really gotten out of touch with my intuition in this pregnancy. If your body is telling to to slow down, then do it. Maybe you can skip portions of the class that feel too strenous for you?

Shannon, congrats on getting some sleep! I'm with you on the feeling inadequate. I don't know how to embroider, knit, or crochet. I can sew a little, but it is messy and takes time that I can't seem to find. Hope things are going well with you otherwise. Keep us posted on the results of your U/S.

Joy, You sound super nesty and motivated! Maybe because it is number 2, I just don't have that kind of energy. But I want to see pictures posted of your cute flannel things! How do you make flannel breastpads?

Tricia, Enjoy your holiday time with your family. We'll miss you around here!

Zandersmom, Glad everything continues to go well with you.

Monica, Yep, I've gotten my linea nigra, and my belly button is poking out now. I don't think I look too big, but someone made my first "better look for twins" comment yesterday, and it bummed me out. A doctor, no less (but not an OBGYN).

Terenia, Thanks for the comment on the nickname! We like it too. Not sure what we'll nickname Hazel...maybe Zel? Hope you get over the cold soon. Take it easy, and let the cleaning go for a couple of days. You need your rest.

Speaking of which, I was in the hospital again last night with contractions. I'm getting pretty sick of this, and they didn't do a fetal fibronectin or a vaginal exam, so it seemed pretty useless for me to go in to be monitored and handed muscle relaxers again. Fortunately, I saw my OB this morning. He did the exam and said I have no cervical change (still long and firm and closed) so I might just be a contractor. (That makes it sound like I build houses). Anyway, with my history though, he wants me to be careful, and wants to keep seeing me every 2 weeks. He'll do another exam next time. And he's prescribed terbutaline and vistaril for me to take at home. Hopefully that will save me from going to the hospital every 2 weeks or so. If my contractions are more frequent than last night, more intense, or don't respond to medication, then I have to go back to the hospital. Other than that, I can stay home.

I'm so tired today because we were up late, it took a while to fall asleep because Mel was so wired from the hospital trip, then up early to take her to preschool. I hope she falls alseep on the way home. Or we'll probably watch a video together.

Oh yeah, first I saw the nurse practitioner, who measured my fundus and used the doppler on me. When she measured my belly, she asked if I was constipated and said that it feels like I'm really full of gas! "It can make you pretty uncomfortable, so make sure you get enough fiber and fluids. It makes you look bigger, too" she said. I was so embarassed I wanted to sink through a hole in the floor.
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Well ladies I went on a mini vacation for a week and wow there is a TON to read!!! I will have to catch up later! I finally started nesting too but I did too much yesterday and my ankles look my 84 year old Aunt's. My face is swollen as well as my fingers and I have a headache, but I woke up with a cold too so not too worried yet.

Looks like I will be having this baby with no hubby...he has to go TAD (military trip) and will leave Jan 4 and get back Feb 26. So I am really sad just last Friday as we were doing our weekly 3 hour trip back home we had a really good talk about how I want things to go down in the delivery room. I thought it was weird b/c he kept saying he wished it was like the old days when daddy was in the waiting room and the nurse comes out and says it's a boy and daddy hands out cigars. That was weird b/c when he missed DS's birth he was so upset and he felt like he missed the most important moment of his life and now all the sudden he says he doesn't want to be a part of it anymore. Well he told me unofficially Monday and we got orders today. Hopefully my mom can be my coach but with us leaving 3 hours away and it being winter I am not counting on it. Now I have to enroll in the base CDC's 24 hour emergency childcare. ARGH!!! I also have to retype my birth plan and I probably won't even have my doctor deliver me it will be a stranger from OB. That part didn't bother me until now.

Just had to rant to somebody...and yes I KNOW we signed up for this life and I SHOULD get used to it, but I am sad today. He is still trying to get out of it b/c it is just a class that will help him get promoted and he is 2 1/2 years ahead of all of our other friends with the same time in and same MOS so he has done well.
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Peri: Don't overdo at yoga. I remember last pregnancy before I knew I was pregnant (at about 9-10 weeks I'd guess) I was in yoga and had to stop because I could tell that my body was saying to stop. Of course, since I didn't know I was pregnant at the time, I just beat myself up over my fitness level. At least for the 3 more days it took to buy and take a pregnancy test. Although I will tell you that I am not a squatting type person either, but that's how I pushed DS out. This time I want a birthing stool. It will save poor DH from being my squat bar.

Letabug: I am so sorry to hear that. Even when our families have signed on for such an important task as yours has, it is still sad and difficult to not be able to share these momentous things. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} to you and I hope you are able to work things out.

As for me, I have had a tough morning. DS's carseat needed cleaning badly, so I pulled it out of the car and took the cover and straps off to wash. Then DH called and needed something from upstairs. So when I got up there I needed to sit for a minute and catch my breath since I had just come from carrying that heavy Britax Marathon and taking it apart to running up the stairs. When I returned downstairs (after about 3 minutes) my almost 4yo DS had ripped the comfort foam and removed the impact foam from the leg area and hidden it. He still hasn't returned it, despite being told that we likely wouldn't be able to go anywhere in the car for over a week until it is replaced, so I had to call Britax, order replacement parts (which will arrive in 7-10 days) and now wait for them to arrive. Luckily, they said we could still use the seat without that particular foam because of its location. That is good, because my very favorite festival of the year is this weekend, and I would have been seriously pissed off if I had to miss it.
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Letabug Oh I'm so sorry. You must be feeling pretty sad. I know as you said you signed up for this life but it is more than understandable that you are disappointed. Is there anything you can do such as videotape or one of those videophones even (for the real-time approach!) to include him somehow in the birth??

Lousli - More to you. I am so sorry you are bouncing in and out of LDR. What a PIA (I remember from last time). What are your contractions like? Can you describe them exactly (feeling, how long, how frequently). Also, can you get transvaginal sono to check cervical length? It's been found to be a lot more accurate than manual exam for determining true preterm labor, because it picks up cervical "funneling" (when just the top of the cervix opens up with a contraction that can't be felt via manual exam. If there is a next time (which hopefully there won't be! : ) have them do a transvaginal sono . Don't worry... it's not a sono of the baby so no risk there - just your cervix. The other good thing is cervical length determined by transvaginal sono of >3.5 is a less than 1% chance of going into labor in the next 2 weeks. So you could relax for the whole 2 weeks in between your appointments. Finally, they don't have to put the wand "all the way in" -- meaning, it's not uncomfortable at all (only 1-2" goes in) and the risk of infection and/or irritating the cervix by an invasive manual exam is nil. OK, *clearly* I need to stop researching preterm labor on PubMed.

Shannon - How'd the checkup go? I am also : that your cervix looks lovely, baby's growth is good, etc.
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Let me just say that Fabric Outlet Stores are dangerous when you're a nesting pregnant woman....:

periwinkle - listen to your body. I've been doing yoga a good 6 years, and handily enough DH is my yoga teacher. I am still able to go to his regular yoga classes, however, I am doing all forward folding poses with a gigantic ball (like a birth ball), so am in no way going all the way forward. Also not doing any tummy down poses (substituting arm and shoulder releases while in either hero's pose or double pigeon pose). And ANY time i get out of breath (which is becoming more and more common, I'm going to childs pose, which is what you mention above, BUT, there's a way to make it more comfortable for us... instead of your arms by your body or overhead, make fists, and put your head on your fists, it makes it easier to breathe.

Lesley - hope that the contractions ease up and baby stays put.

Letabug, that really sucks. I'm sorry.
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Peri, Thanks for the heads up! I think because the terbutaline is able to knock them out so effectively, plus the manual exam was fairly promising, my OB thinks the chances are good that I just have an irritable uterus. But If there is a next time, I'll ask for the U/S. As far as the contractions go, it differs a little. The ones last night were happening, at times, every 5 minutes, at other times, every 8 min or so. They make my belly really hard, and definately have a wave-like peak, much like I remember labor contractions. I can feel (and see on the monitor when I was hooked up to it) the intensity of the contraction building, peaking, then lessening. At the peak, I can still easily walk or talk through them, but there is some pain. Not anywhere near the pain of my contractions when I was 3 cm with my last, but more like the early labor pains I had before my labor had "picked up". The pressure is very intense. They last, I don't know, maybe 60 seconds?
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Hi everyone, I'm back and things look good
Cervix is still long and closed and baby is right on track for size. She is laying transverse with her head on my right side-so what I thought was her head hitting my bladder is actually her big butt-and it is her feet getting me in the ribs. The tech was laughing at how she was moving, she really needed to check the cord for blood flow but everytime she would try to listen in the only area she could see the cord properly Molly would punch the U/S probe--she showed me on the screen and it was hilarious--Molly would be nice and still waiting for it, wait for it to be placed then she'd start punching at it and bopping it with her head--she finally did manage to check the cord and couldn't see any clotting and said blood flow looks good still.
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I'm so bummed

So I took ds, just turned 2, to the dentist for a cleaning. I didn't remember making the appointment, actually, but apparently when I took him in at 16 months for a chipped tooth (uncle and daddy and basketball hoop = bad mix), they told me I should bring him back at 2.

I'm paranoid about teeth. Mine are jaggy and prone to cavities. My parents have had a lot of trouble. So ds gets diluted juice in reasonable quantaties, none before bed, no bottle, and I've actually brushed his teeth since they first appeared. I do, however, give him raisins. He loves raisins...


The dentist looked at his teeth and said the chipped part looked great, and oh my he had a lot of teeth already (20), and had I noticed the dark spots in his molars? Well, yes, I had, they were there when they erupted - molars come in the with 4 points first, and then the center part rises through, and I'd seen in glimpses that they were dark in the center. I'd assumed that was.... I dunno, leftover from emerging, blood clots, something.

Nope. 3 small cavities, that probably were there before the teeth erupted! She said it's rare, but that ds's teeth are more deeply grooved than any baby teeth she's ever seen, and that can channel milk down... and she wants to take him to the operating room upstairs from them, give him nitrous oxide, take xrays, and fill the teeth. : And I couldn't be in the OR with him.

I said that freaked me out. She said for kids 3 years or 30lbs she'd first try an oral sedative in the office, but that younger kids tend to fight it off. Ds weighs 31lbs but is certainly experienced at fighting off sleep. So... she said maybe we could dab flouride on his teeth for 6 months and hope the cavities don't get bad enough to need silver caps, and try the sedation when he's 2 1/2.

I'm just in shock. I don't even know where to start looking to figure out what to do next....
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Sofia...If you do get the cavities drilled out.. and i almost would advise you not to, because they're baby teeth, definately do what my dentist had my parents do for us because we had those deep grooves in our molars... get the sealant put on them. It doesn't involve any kind of drilling, etc, just this sealnt stuff that keeps cavities from forming for a couple of years.

So, I took some more pics, if you got out to snapfish.com and login as me, joywhitcomb@mail.com, pw joywhitcomb, you can see the painted versions of 2 of our baby room wals (1fish2fish and redfish bluefish). You can also see pictures of my compulsive nesting.
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Good morning everyone. I keep hearing people say BH kicked my butt last night. Yeah, I'm joining the crowd. I had 8 in one hour! I got really worried but managed to fall asleep around 1 am.

I've got to get out in the yard today and use the leaf blower. Our shabby neighbor is putting us to shame wiht all the yard work he did yesterday and he was nice enough to blow the half yard that we share. I think he's either getting ready to sell (PLEASE PLEASE) or remodel because there is now a beautiful landscaping of kitchen appliances in his front yard. I'm not sure though...that stupid piece of furniture has been on his front porch for about 3 months now and it doesn't look like he's moving it anytime soon. So keep your fingers crossed for us...I really would like some nicer neighbors that don't let their teen son run wild and sell drugs out of the house.
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oh, sofia, that is so awful. joy's suggestion sounded really good to me. would it work for you? anesthesia and all for your ds just seems so extreme for baby teeth. good luck with deciding what to do.

peri - i would definitely trust my body on the yoga. the birthing ball idea is great. i used that to exercise before ds was born and used it a lot in labor (ok, in labor, i climbed all over everything in the room pretty much - i was, um, a very active and noisy laboring mom).

i get those weird feelings of things opening up too in some positions and at certain times. very uncomfortable. i actually asked dh to check that the cervix seemed closed last night 'cause i felt like baby mia was going to come hopping out at any minute. no contractions (i don't think) just that opened up feeling. i don't remember having that with ds and it kind of freaks me out.

monica - no linea negra yet for me either, but i'm like peri - very pale so that might have something to do with it. but i don't need that to be sexy - i've got the fabulous outie belly button and my huge huge butt.

letabug - i'm so sorry about your dh. i hope he'll be successful in convincing them he doesn't need the course. that's so crazy that they would make him miss his baby's birth for a class. just because you signed up doesn't mean you signed up for bureaucratic silliness.

lousli - hope the contractions stop. that must be really unpleasant.

elle - wow. i am so impressed and bummed at the same time. i'm impressed that you cleaned the car seat and then i am bummed because we have the britax marathon and i was hoping i could get the cover off to wash it without taking the seat out of the car. Hope your parts arrive soon or your ds gives up the location of the missing foam.

hope everybody has a good day!!!

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Wow everyone is so talkative!!!!! I'm too lazy to do personals let me see what I remember that I wanted to comment on though... hmm...

the teeth thing - eek, that sucks - sorry to hear

no linea negra for me either, I've never gotten one - my skin is also really pale and I don't tan well so there could be something to that

peri - totally listen to your body and take it easy.

letabug don't know what else to say, that must be so hard on you

Darn, can't remember anything else! LOL. Sorry for those I've forgotten to mention.

I was an emotional basketcase yesterday for some reason - balling my eyes out at the drop of a hat. Poor DH. It started out with me sobbing because he didn't like a name i had picked out, then i got upset about something to do with my car, then i got upset because he commented on me still nursing DS who is 2 and I ended up giving him a big old lecture about EBF and tandem nursing and who I really need his support, LOL. It was basically one crying spurt after another.

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Kitty -- for those crying spurts. I had one of those days on Monday...Somedays I feel like an emotional basket case.

Peri -- I also agree with what everyone said about yoga. I've been having similar dilemmas -- I do prenatal yoga DVD's and find they're much too easy, and then I go to classes I used to take and get frustrated because there's so much I can't do. I still go to the class once a month because I love the women and the energy, but I deviate from the poses A LOT! I find my best yoga workouts are ones that I do on my own. I do my own about 3 times a week -- and that way I can do what my body tells me to do and what feels good. Hope you find a solution!

Monica -- YES! I have my linea negra. It started a few weeks ago below my belly button, but just last week it ventured above. I'm dark-haired and dark-skinned, so maybe that confirms the theory. I love my little line! It is sexy! Though Tug, I'm sure it's not as sexy as your outtie and big, big butt -- that made me giggle! :LOL

Sofia -- so sorry about your ds's teeth -- does sound like Joy had a good suggestion. Hope it works out for you.

Shan -- what fun it must have been to see Molly moving around like that! What a smart, clever little girl!

So...anyone else NOT having BH? Is it normal not to????
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Kate - Yes it's totally normal to not feel BH contrax, not everyone does. ESPECIALLY in a first birth. I didn't have any in my first two pregnancies, but the last one I had a ton and this one I've getting quite a few too. Be thankful and don't worry!
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HI ladies. WHAT IS UP with all these BH, especially at night?! Last night I was having a lot too. Then here I am at my office, sitting up, and nuthin. Not a one. So at night I relax, lie down on my left side in my big comfy pillow-top bed, and bam! On they come. Grrr...

Sofia - Can they track the cavities? In other words, if they continue getting worse, then you could make a decision, but if they stay on the surface, then you don't have to do anything. If you're not already, maybe you should start using a fluoridated toothpaste (fwiw, a "pea size amount" they always say to use with young kids would last us a week - I just put on a smear when we use the fluoridated one instead of Tom's Silly Strawberry) and brush his teeth twice a day. Once after breakfast, once right before bed. Is he still nursing at night? I know this sounds criminal, but could you keep a glass of water by the bed and offer him a quick swish once during the night if he is? Just rinsing out the milk one quick time would probably help too. I have no idea if this is one of those ideas - my kids can take a sleep sip of water in the middle of the night without rousing, but obviously if yours will sit straight up in bed and wake up again then it's a bad idea!

Joy - Love the photos! The bibs and kimonos are the cutest. Did you do that artwork? It's AMAZING!

Shyly - Sorry to hear you're an evening BH'er too. I do have to say your post made me giggle because in one line you're saying you were all BH last night and in the next you're talkin about cleaning up the leaves in your yard this morning! Take it easy girl!

Kitty - I have emotional days too. And I know how annoying it is to be questioned by dh on a decision that A) has already been made and is in effect, and B) you thought you explained lightyears ago the reasoning behind. : Bfing a 2 year old is wonderful and I'm amazed at you and the women who are able to keep going during pregnancy. I honestly don't know if dd and ds hadn't weaned a little before the age of 2 (long story... can be best summed up by: "twins") whether I could have kept going. My breasts were so sore at one point I had to shower backwards.

Hi to everyone else. I hope you all have a great day! Belly blessings to all.
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Periwinkle - thank you for the kind words of encouragement Love ya!!!!!
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