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OMG, Shannon! Parenting is going to be a piece of cake compared to all you've been through!!! Hope you're okay and you find some peace and quiet...

Sadkitty -- do you mind describing the "surrender" pose to me? Sounds like something I could definitely use!

Lesley -- your Thanksgiving sounds scrumptuous!!! on the excel sheet. I give myself stars everyday for walking, yoga, or meditating. I'm a goober, too.

Peri -- so glad everything went so well at your appt! You must be thrilled. And what a pretty bp you have!

Susan -- hope you start to feel stable again soon. I'm definitely feeling better after 4 days of moping around. Hugs to you...
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I had a very strange event happen this afternoon. Read this post...I'm sure you'll laugh.

It's looking to be a busy holiday season for me. My nephew will be taking leave from the Navy and will come down here from Virginia for Thanksgiving and my niece/SIL (DH's grandmother adopted him so his sister is really his niece) just called to say she will have block leave before she goes to Iraq in Jan so she'll be here for the new year. We're also going to WV to visit my grandparents for Christmas...so busy!!!
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I can't possibly remember 1/2 of who said what in 4 pages of posts this week, so I will just pipe up saying ... STAY WELL, MAMAS! I hope that everyone gets well, stays well, and figures out the issues that have come up.

My mom found out that her baby sister had a radical mastectomy to fight breastcancer on Tuesday, and while they were in there, they found cancer in her lymph nodes, but no one has called to update us, so we know nothing of the prognosis. It's all very scary and sad.

I went back to work PT as a substitute teacher and I love it! I love picking my school, hours, classes and everything. I enjoy being away from home a little b/c I've been feeling a little stir crazy and poor. DH is with DS in the mornings and I get home in time for DH to leave for work, so it's all working out nicely.

I hope that all the aches and pains go away, that the GTTs that are coming up (including mine) are all passed with flying colors. Just think, ladies, we only have about 10-14 weeks left! I can't believe how fast it's all flown by.

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Kate, don't know if this helps or not, but my mother had a mastectomy and removal of all the lymph nodes on that side coming up on 2 yrs ago now and she's doing well. Back at work and looking better than ever (if you can believe it!)
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Hey, i forget who asked, but someone did... about making your own breast pads... here's the URL i found, it looks WAY easy: http://www.angelfire.com/biz/mothers...ds/mypatt.html
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Originally Posted by shyly
Sofia - you still haven't answered my question. Please tell me your ribs went back down to normal size after they spread six inches.
Sorry - I've been very busy; dh's husband gets together for Thanksgiving (command appearence) and exchanges gifts instead of at Christmas, so I've been running around frantically - we're flying to CA on Saturday morning. Gotta pack and make candy and buy gifts and we're renovating part of our house and yadda yadda.

Anyway, yes, they did. But I had a kick-ass massage therapist help make them. I know they don't always. At least after a couple kids.

I made an appointment with another dentist to get a second opinion on ds's teeth. The thing is, even though they're baby teeth, he'll need them for the next 7-10 years, and messed up baby teeth can cause messed up permanent teeth. Gah. meantime, brushing them a lot.


I went to my midwife today. it all looks pretty good but she wasn't happy with my weight gain. 10lbs in a month! I knew I'd jumped - I was SO FREAKING HUNGRY for a couple weeks (you know, the "get the hell out of my way and give me your sandwhich" kind of hunger). But it's tapered off and so has my eating. I really think it's ok. But I still feel kinda bad. Hard not to, you know? Plus she said at 110/80 my blood pressure was getting higher than she wanted. *sigh*
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Oh, lasofia! That's why prenatal care is sometimes called "prenatal scare," right? It makes me so mad! Your bp sounds wonderful to me -- that's still so low for pregnancy! And I do believe your body is gaining the amount of weight it should. I told my mw I did not want to be weighed anymore for just that reason -- I know my body is doing what it's supposed to, and I don't want to feel bad because of the numbers. I think you're perfect!
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Originally Posted by KateSt.
Oh, lasofia! I think you're perfect!
well, you're my new best friend!!

I did tell her that I felt that it was ok, that I had been extra hungry, and I ate, and then I haven't been as hungry or eating as much. I said I ate too much halloween candy but other than that I eat healthy and I try to swim a couple times a week. So I kind of blew her off and she said that it's true, the body does usually tell you what it needs... but not to gain that fast again!

It's just so hard to shake the uckies from it - looking in the mirror, thinking, ok, just how fat IS my face?

course my friend here said it was probably also my body gearing up for nursing - my son was a voracious nurser, and I USED that extra weight PLUS I ate like a horse - I mean way more than I'd ever in my life eaten. So there's probably something to it. (ds went from 50% weight at birth to 85% at 2 weeks to 99% at 2 months)
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Hi Ladies! Haven't had a chance to read posts. It's my moms birthday and we are having dinner here for her tonight so I just have a minute.

I had a mw appt. today and we found a problem with the babies heartbeat. We aren't sure what the problem is but she wants to see me next week and if we still hear a problem I will have to see an OB. It totally freaked me out. It is not something you ever expect to hear. I am just praying now that it isn't a big deal and that it is something that will heal itself. I was just so shocked to hear that there might be something wrong with my baby. Thanks in advance for listening. I have a great dh. He is so strong and supportive. I will give an update later.

Hope all is well with everyone else and I will try to catch up tomorrow!! Have a good night.
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Sofia, that bp doesn't sound bad to me (and I know bad bp's!!!) the only concern should be if you normally have a low bp, which would mean you have a lower than normal baseline, in which case high for you would not be the same as high for me--did that make sense??
Amber, that must be so frightening!! What is it that she heard to concern her?? I'm guessing it's not too too bad though or she'd have sent you on to an OB right away probably.
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lasofia -- I'm sure your instincts are right.

AmBam -- I'm so sorry to hear of your news! I agree with Shannon, that it must not be too terrible or they would have addressed it right away. How do you feel about it? Are you feeling the baby move a lot? I'll be keeping my fingers crossed big time for you...
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sofia - I agree that you should listen to your body's needs for nourishment...and hey, ok, so the need for halloween candy may have been a misfired signal...don't beat yourself up over it. Your body will recover from it. Go with your gut, and past experience.

Ambam - hope all is well - I'm sorry she has you so worried. I'm sure if it was serious, you'd be transferred immediately.
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Shannon - eeek on the cat thing!! Poor kitty!

Kater - go glad you are loving your job and that schedule sounds like it's just perfect for your family

Amber - Ditto what the others have said, if it was serious she probably would have you looked at right away, MWs have to be real careful of issues like that so bear in mind that she's probably being very cautious. I was actually just reading a couple weeks ago (I think it was in Pregnancy Week by Week) that irregular heartbeats in fetus's are quite common.

Periwinkle - good luck on the glocuse test!!!!! I have my fingers crossed for ya.

I went for my monthly visit today and the doc said everything looks great, he then said "Didn't I give you the paperwork and drink for the glocuse test last time?" To which I had to say "Umm, yeah you did but I haven't done the test." So he said, "Hmmm, OK. So what you are saying is that you are not going to take the test are you?" :LOL

He told me that it was fine - he couldn't force me to take the test and my weight has been really good, etc. etc. but he is still a little worried because last time I failed my 1 hour and had to do the 3 hour and plus I have big babies. So he said - if you won't take the test then I'm just going to ask that you stay away from sugar as much as possible. I said that wasn't a problem that I've been trying to eliminate as much sugar and bad carbs as possible anyways. He said - that's all you would have to do if you failed the tests so that's fine.

It was funny though when he went to write the slip for my next visit he said "I was going to say to come back in 3 weeks but since you blew off my glocuse test I'm writing down 2 weeks instead." :LOL
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Kitty, how funny.... your doctor sounds pretty mellow at least.

Amber - ACK thats just scary.

La Sofia - your miwife appointment didn't sound that great either... i'm sorry

I actually just got back from my 28 week midwife appointment (that we did at almost 29 weeks....). Everything looked great. I've gained 3lbs since the last appointment, which was perfect. Laura wants me gaining about a pound a week. Here's the stats: Blood pressure 108/76, pulse 80, baby's heartrate 144-159 (which she says sounds very girlish), fundal height 30cm. This was a big appointment because we did fingerprick tests both to check blood sugar and iron levels. Both of them are fine, my blood sugar was 72 (an hour after eating - normal is anything between 60 and 120), and my hemoglobin level was 10.5 (anything below 10 would be considered anemic)
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Hi all!
Grrrr Moving SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :

I've missed you ladies. I've not been online in a week and it's all because Qwest morons screwed up our DSL order and now we won't have it until next week. DH took pity on me and installed NetZero so I could at least check my email and of course I snuck over here. I don't even have TV yet *cry* Everything that could have gone wrong in the move has gone wrong.

We have to clean the house so it sparkles this weekend because we need to start showing it to potential buyers while we are in Montana next week for a wedding. I hurt all over from moving every day and I don't like being in transition between 2 homes. It's utter chaos and being this pregnant is taking a toll on my body. I can't do much but yet I'm ovedoing it daily and paying the price for it at night. I have daily meltdowns because everything is going wrong Thanks for listening to my pity party. I'll be better once our old house is sold and things here have shifted into a normal schedule.

I miss you ladies and I miss my computer and I miss the TV and all the things I took for granted.

I hope you all are doing well and I hope to catch up with you soon.

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We're back ladies!!!
How is everyone???
Traci, sorry about the moving nightmare!
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