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When will the "first trimester" yuckos end?!?

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Women, needing some support here. I'm 12 weeks now, and the MS (and laziness and apathy and food aversions) are showing signs of getting STRONGER, not weaker! I had a few weeks where things seemed to be easing up, but now I think that might have just been because I had a cold (and so wasn't able to smell as much). In any event, I'm just not sure how much more of this I can take! I've been throwing up 2x (or so) a day, EVERY day, usually always in the late afternoon/evening, for 9 weeks now.

I have all reassurances I need to NOT feel so bleak about this. We heard the heartbeat a few weeks ago, and my newlywed husband is for the most part--when he's not being absolutely, inananely clueless ("why are you in a such a bad mood?" he just said to me)--is picking up all the slack around here. Plus, I had the same level of MS and "blahs" with my sweet son Sam (who just turned 5), and I remember that leaving completely around 14 weeks or so. And I remember LOVING my second trimester.

But for some reason I'm just convinced that this will be my fate for the whole 9 months this time, and I honestly don't know what I'd do if I had to seque from this dismal feeling right into a challenging natural birth and then straight from there into sleeplessness and the unremitting fatique of having a newborn.

Boy, I sound wretched, eh? I'm usually such an energetic, happy gal that I think the total change in my personality is throwing me just about as much as the physical yuckiness of N/V. Is is possible to have prenatal depression?

Anyway, just looking for encouragement and commiseration, I suppose. Appreciate everyone's help.

DH = Thomas; DS = Sam (9/1999); EDD with this li'l one on my 37th b-day (5/30/05)
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I don't have the MS (didn't with any of mine) and can't imagine what that must feel like, but I do understand the laziness/sleepiness. I'm 15 weeks today and still feeling it. Just keep reminding yourself (or at least convincing yourself) it will all be over soon and it's for a good cause. I know it's not easy, especially with another child to care for a dh who doesn't quite "get it". {{hugs}} I hope you're feeling better soon and I'm SURE it will go away quickly!
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Here's me commiserating with you, Wendy.

I'm 12 wks today and have been having the same problems. The only thing that is saving me in the evenings is diclectin -- I was vomiting up to 9 times/day with #1 and I'm sure it's the only reason that my vomiting is under control this time. All I can say is, I'm totally with you, I understand, and it completely sucks.

It didn't stop for me last time until 4 1/2 months, though I feel like this one it's going to ease up sooner. Boy, perhaps? It's supposed to be worse with girls...

Good luck. There are no tricks. I've had lots of people give me advice -- I just told my well meaning boss last time that I appreciated his advice, but he couldn't possibly know how horrid it was unless he had gone through it. I was this close to being hospitalized twice with the last one, with the only thing keeping me out of being admitted was gatorade with ice and 3 hour check-ins with my midwife. Check out www.motherisk.org if you're feeling really bad.

I have my 2nd appt this week -- I'll be so relieved to hear a heartbeat!

Hoping for a good week for all of us,
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Wendy, until a couple of weeks ago, I was convinced that I was going to feel horrible until my due date. Then around 14 wks, I noticed that it was better- not great- but managable. Now at 16w, I'm feeling pretty good. Still need to eat every 2 hours to keep the nausea at bay, but I have a little more energy and am not so "horrible" feeling. Just hang in there- I've gotten relief at around the 14wk point with all 3 of my pg's that made it to that point. I know it's so hard- just try to take it one day at a time. You'll feel better, I promise!!
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and hugs for you, Wendy! I know it sucks and I know that its taking its toll on you, and that is why you are not your usual, positive, energetic self, but never fear. I KNOW that it will be the same, and you'll have 2 weeks or less of this, just like with DS! Then you will return to the old you and have a wonderfully happy, easy second tri! For sure!
My SO is totally clueless, too! Men!!! But that's great he's picking up the pace around there!
You're doing a great job and just hang in there! It'll be over soon!
More hugs to ya, woman!
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