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things are going well here. We started childbirth classes Sunday. I feel a little foolish but this is dh first baby and I think the classes will really do him good. We have the classes with our doula and its a private class which is nice because dh had quite a few questions.

My back has been hurting me latley mostly after I've been sitting too long. I've been very lucky this time around, not very many aches and pains. Though sometimes I think I would take the backaches I had with ds over this heartburn.

DS has been giving us a hard time lately so that has made life very stressful for dh and I. He is going to his fathers this weekend, and honestly I am glad. I feel really guilty for feeling like this but we could relly use a break from him right now

I had more to say but I totally forgot, pregnancy brain is taking over
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my key oard is totally messed up. nmoret l.aetter
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I'm miserable! I've been having pain on my right side for months now and my Urologist and OB think it's a stuck kidney stone. The pain gets so severe I just cry. It's awful.

Otherwise, the pregnancy is good. I'm hormonal and emotional and having trouble sleeping but that's to be expected I suppose!

This week the painters are here and next week the new furniture arrives. My older DD is very excited about her "new room" and, even though the baby will sleep in our room for quite some time, I'll be excited to have the nursery completed! One less thing to worry about later plus I liked having a nursery to rock, change, read to, etc. my first baby.
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Oh babytime- that sounds really bad . I'm very sorry to hear that you are in so much pain! It does sound as if you have some good things happening that can keep your mind off the bad times. What have your docs suggested to resolve the problem? Just wondering, too, if they've looked at advanced UTI infecting the kidneys?
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Ooooooh, the January boards over at BabyCenter have me shuddering today. There's a thread about "Is it horrible to ask for a C-section at 37 weeks (Dec 31st) so I can get a tax break?"

And all the other chicks are like "I don't think it's awful." They say, "Hmm, how much is that tax break anyway?" "I asked for the same thing, but my doctor said no." "My doc said the lawyers and insurance companies don't like him to do it that early." "Your doctor can tell whether the baby is ready."

What a bunch of crap! Wanting to force the baby out at 37 wks just for a tax deduction. How can all these chicks even consider this?
ONE woman posted "I thought it would be nice to go in December for financial reasons, but I decided that my baby's health is more important than the money." ONE out of twenty. It makes me want to cry.

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ugh jessitron-- that's sooooo icky!!! 37 weeks is JUST considered term.

We have a baby who made that tax break (Dec 27th) and my dh jokingly asked if it was possible that we could get it with this baby- the look i gave him could KILL..... hasn't mentioned it again!

stay away from those boards! who needs influences like that? they probably think you're crazy for doing a homebirth!
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I haven't read any negative comments about home birth, just surprised ones. Mostly the girls don't say anything negative at all - they're all about affirming each other. They don't want to be educated.

Here's another great quote from that thread: "i think you should listen to what your doc says...we dont know whats right or wrong...but if your doc says that babies ready...then by golly he's ready... "

So we know nothing about our own bodies and the doctors are GOD. Wow, woman, get a brain and have some self-respect. No wonder there are so many lawsuits against OBs.
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BTW, at the time that we took that tax break (12 years ago), it meant $3500 from earned income credit for our son who was born 4 days before the year was done. Obviously we were PSYCHED (also young and POOR). but i would never force it!
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Mamabeca, I am trying to occupy my mind with happy things! I've thrown myself into preparing for the holidays and enjoying these last few weeks with just my older DD and it does get my mind off the pain! They don't give me much advice -- drink tons of water to try to flush it out, schedule an IVP for after the baby is born, etc. They will only remove it during pregnancy if I start experiencing high fevers. Basically, deal with it! Ugh!
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Oh jeeze! It's really REALLY hard to imagine doing that to ourselves or our babies, but I guess in a lot of places scheduled C-S's are routine, and the end of year rush is enormous in places like S. Africa and Brazil. I don't know whether it's just to have the baby in time for the holidays or for the tax refund, but... incidentally Dh and I got married on 12/31 for the tax break that year, but the reality is that you get the tax break no matter what, it's just a matter of when...and to me getting it while paying for all kinds of other kid/family related stuff with the expanded family may be better in the end. At any rate, I agree (those who wouldn't must belong to a red state!) and think GET A LIFE woman! Empower yourself. You can't make up the experience that the doctor has, but they can't make up the feelings and intuition that only a mother has.

Keep up the great attitude Babytime, you are an inspiration! Embens, are you ok out there? Azreial - I hope you have an excellent weekend! Don't feel bad for needing a break from Ds, I'm sure that normally he's a wonderful boy, but everyone needs breaks and he'll have fun while you recharge. ENJOY!Andy
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Babytime, that sounds awful! I hope it goes away, at least a little bit.
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