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Is making your own diapers worth the effort? - Page 2

Poll Results: What's your oppinion?

  • 59% (37)
    I really love it and definitely think it's worth the effort.
  • 29% (18)
    It's ok, sometimes I like it but it depends on the day.
  • 6% (4)
    Not really, stick with buying the professionally made ones.
  • 4% (3)
    Other - because there's always an other!
62 Total Votes  
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For me it is totally worth it. I love doing it. As of now I have about 40 diapers for my DD and only ONE is made by someone else. All others areamde by me
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I just started sewing cd about a month or so ago. My first one turned out alright, but it's still useable. I did however make some that will probably need a cover (I make AIO's) They are still useable though and that's the point. I have spent the same amount of money on making my own cd in sizes newborn, small and large as I would have buying a stock for a newborn that are already made!!! Although I don't order all my material online so that has saved me lots of $$$. I do really enjoy making them, except when my machine gives me problems. I have a really old singer and the tension is very sensitive. Sometimes it works great and others my thread will break every couple of stitches. I'm pretty patient though and can usually get it right but if not I just put my machine away for another day to try again at it. I'm sure if I wasn't so determined that my machine would have been the death of my sewing cd's though. I'm sure once the new baby arrives I will have to make gender specific diapers!!! It can be really addictive!!!
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I really think that it is worth it. I make my diapers out of recycled materals so i don't have much money in it and get alot out of it. I have made 15 fitted and I sould have made the soakers a little thicker (they leak a little) they will work.
I only buy diapers when i get a great deal on them. I got a AIO a fitted and a homemade and a liner on ebay for 99 cents.I wouldn't have went over 2.00 for it. Not that i am cheap or anything it just we are on a limited income and intill i get out of school and make boocoo money we just cant afford it.
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I haven't voted yet. I'm still trying to decide. I'm also still trying to make a diaper I like. I made one last week that fit well but the serging was off. Yesterday, I made one that had beautiful serging, but I totally screwed up and took off way too much on a couple areas, plus the fabric shifted so there are gaping holes in the sides.

So seeing as I've gone through all this time and effort to make diapers that look awful or can't be used, one would say it isn't worth it. But if I keep practicing, I will make some that do work and then it will be worth it.

I'm thinking though that I should trying making T&T diapers for now and practice my serging with insert making.
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I thought I would save money making diapers for my DS, and at first I did, making him diapers from old flannel sheets. But then I started having too much fun buying cute prints, and a snap press, and snaps- in the end it would have been cheaper for me to have bought flat diapers, pins, and training pants!

At one point I was going to start my own WAHM diaper business, so that's why I spent so much money, but then I got too sick to do much sewing. I did resell some of the fabric, but at a loss (especially when the credit card interest payments were factored in!)
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I love to make diapes, but I hate to be interrupted while doing it, so I also am the "factory style" maker. I cut it all, sew it all, and ignore everything else! (just about) I love using recycled materials - it just gives me a kick to make a cute diape out of a Micky Mouse T shirt that someone was going to throw away. & I just this is why I like making diapers more than clothes, b/c clothes you have to do one at a time (cutting out the pattern is my least fav part), b/c how many "x"s do you need?
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