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my 10 month old breastfeeding babe has low iron!?

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I posted this in "Life with a babe" but I'm hoping for more responses...

I just came home from a WIC apt. at which my 10 mo. old daughter's iron was tested and found to be very low (in the 9. something range). I was surprised- her older sister ate little besides breastmilk for her first year and she never had low iron, and we didn't eat meat either! Sylvie eats lots of food, including meat, besides breastfeeding, many good sources of iron.
The WIC worker suggested that I have her doctor re-check her iron and perhaps prescribe a supplement. I tend to avoid the doctor, since we dont vaccinate and my kids are quite healthy with the occasional cold.
I was really caught off guard by this low-iron diagnosis! The WIC worker wasn't very helpful as far as explaning why she might have low iron. She didn't seem that worried because she is "obviously an active and intelligent baby." Anyone have any thoughts on this? I don't get why her iron would be so low. Has anyone used iron supplements? I've heard they are constipating and we already have issues with that!
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What kind of test did they do?

When ds was the same age, his finger stick test came back low twice, even though I was pumping him full of iron rich foods -- I made meatballs with baby cereal and iron formula, makes me laugh when I think about it.

At that point, they sent us to the hospital for an arm test, which came back completely normal. The arm test is much more reliable, and will also test for things like lead if you live in an older house and it's a concern.
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It was the toe-stick test, in my case! So, yes... the WIC worker did say that the doctor could perform a more reliable test. She seemed puzzled, as I was! We've got a doctor's apt. next week, meanwhile I'm cooking liver for the first time, ever! Thanks for the response!
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