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how to help 4-yr-old adjust to move

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We've been building a new house for the past year, and now that we're about to move in, my 4-yr-old dd is very apprehensive and sad (understandably - our current house is the only one that she's ever lived in). She does not deal well with change; she announced this morning as I was giving dh a haircut that she wouldn't love him anymore because his hair looks different.

Any ideas on making the move easier for her? Any suggestions for when she's lying on the floor crying her little heart out that we're leaving her "favorite house"? This is breaking my heart as well as hers....
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hey there! i know this is kind of a slow reply - hope its gone well if you've already moved.
otherwise - i had a few ideas.
get your dd into the move. let her pack a box or two with toys, favorite dolls, pillows, etc. let her *label* the box with some markers. when you get to the new house, she can unpack her own stuff in her new room.
plan something special for the actual move, like a picnic in her room or in the new yard.
as hard as it may be, be sure to tell the old house *goodbye*. walk around and give it closure. when you get to the new house, tell your dd to holler *hello house! we're here!* sometimes it helps to honor these moments in life.
finally, plan something to suprise your dd when you move. maybe bathtub paints she can play with that first evening before bed.
good luck. i hope it all goes well for y'all.
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We just moved into our home that we're still building as I write. The transition for our dd was tough because we lived with my parents for two years & she was used to 100% attention. We attend the library story hour & then after a few visits asked if particular individuals were interested in a visit to the playground. We also joined a dance class that we take together & we've met people from that group. LLL is another option even if your not nursing the people are open minded.
After living here for a few months I organized, very simply by the way, a potluck at the playground. All i did was make up a flyer & put it in everyone's mailbox. We live on a country road so it was fun, easy, & not a big deal to do. The easiest potluck I've ever done! We had a really good turnout & nice weather.
Our whole family usually takes a walk after dinner with our dog so we've met eveyone by getting some exercise.
Congrats on your new home & may it be filled with love.
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