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Using a PG calendar?

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Which one? I love these things.

My fave is this one although, their measuring system is not what I am used to being Amerikan.

It told me this week:

I am at the beginning of my second trimester!!! YAAAY!!! (13 weeks gestation) Baby is 10 cm crown/rump, and 12.5 cm head to toe, and weighs 80 grams. It says Im ay feel movement - which I have!!! So, its right on!!!
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I use this one too. Very mainstream though. Anyone have any ones that are more, "natural"? I hate all the diagnostic test this one brings in, and such. I am just waiting for the formula ads to appear!!!!
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Yeah, and it promotes books like Girlfriends' Guide to PG. Come on!!!
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I subscribe to the babycenter one and like it. They send me an email update every week. Also fertility friend pregnancy site (still a member since I used them ttc) has an ultrasound gallery that is fun to looks at what baby looks like at what week.

But neither are crunchy. By any stretch.
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Originally Posted by peace_lily_mama
I am used to being Amerikan.
Can't spell American?
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With my last pg (first and very nieve) I went to Americanbaby.com It's cheesy as most mainstream ones are but I liked it. It was quick, simple "here's what's up" information. I also really like the Pregnancy Month by Month and Week by Week guide on Webmd.com. It's a little less foo foo.
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