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Thanksgiving plans?

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What's everyone doing for the holiday?

We're hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our home. We have about 15 for dinner with more joining us for dessert. It should be fun and exhausting! We usually do an early dinner -- appetizers at noon, dinner at one -- but this year we're doing appetizers at 3 and dinner at 4 so I have more time to prepare and rest. I'm excited to be able to enjoy watching the parade with my DD without worrying I won't be ready in time for my guests!
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Babytime, sounds exhausting!

We're hosting Thanksgiving too, for the first time, in our new house. We'll have ten people. We don't even set a time for the meal; we'll eat when the food is done. Probably DH will be doing most of the cooking, with some help from my mom. I take up too much room in the kitchen now.
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We are THANKFULLY going to friends' house to a big potuck. Instead of me stressing on the myriad of things to make, I always get a request to make a specific thing- it's sooooo easy. and my kids are always thrilled to go there because they have TV (which we don't) and a real turkey.

the best part is that i LOVE thanksgiving food..... can't wait!
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Nothin' much. Just hangin' with the fam. Although, I have been dreaming about the food. Mmmmmm...sweet potatoes...yummm!
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