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massive spider !

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I just found the biggest spider I have ever seen ( besides at the zoo) in my freakin bath tub. I tried so hard to keep it together for my 3 yr old dd, seriously though I felt like losing it , packing up both kids in the car and driving to a pay phone to call animal control. I apologize to the really earthy moms out there, but I had to kill it. I turned on the tap really hard and hot and washed the spider out! ughhh!
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I can relate. Today while vacuming a big, big hairy spider suddenly got stuck on the end of the hose, He was so fat and strong he was able to keep himself from being sucked up into the vacume!!! Finally after much screaming, jumping around and just plain freakin out I managed to suck him in! Man oh man he even made a big kinda fat thing stuck in the pipe noise, going down!! I felt a little bit like a ghost buster-spider buster. I can't believe that thing was living in my house. I'm sure there are more -so I think I will be co-sleeping with my vacume for a while!! Well maybe not. I just realized that spider #1 could have survived the "suckage". Excuse me I think I have to put my vacume on the front porch!
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The spiders in my house and I have an understanding. You come with a three foot radius of me you die. Executed with extreme prejudice. No pardons. If you are across the room I will have dh catch you and put you outside.

I hate them. NOTHING should have that many legs.

I know they are good and eat bad bugs - but ICKY!!!!!
Whenever I see them - I hear that should from Arachnophobia in my head that werid hissing...or the sound of them crawling on the porcelain....tink tink tink tink..

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Well I love spiders- No really, other creepy crawlies too!! In fact I am going to school and can't decide whether to major in entomology or education. I used to be a camp counselor and whenever I heard a call for me over the walkie talkie I was pretty sure it was to remove a spider or snake or wasp nest.

All spiders are poisonous, but for the most part all spiders eat the same thing moths, flys, mosqitoes and if you are bigger than your dinner you don't have to rely so much on poison to kill it. So usually bigger spiders are less poisonous.

Just call me I'll get her next time
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We have huge spiders here. I pick them up on a magazine and toss them out the door.
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As a true arachnophobic, iam LOL at the "NOTHING should have that many legs" comment. We get HUGE cenipedes here, we live by the lake. Talk about LEGS!!!!!
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I can completely relate here. I could write pages on my spider history. I really, really, really don't like spiders. I accept them as a fellow creature, I try to repect them as much as possible. I try to put them outside as often as I can, Dh has LONG since tired of helping me deal with them. We did have a HUGE spider in the house yesterday that even Dh admitted was a bit scary, and so FAST !. When he does get one out I have to see it run away, otherwise I am afraid Dh will lose it in the house and just tell me he got it anyways (he does this so I have to check). But I digress.

I figure once spiders are in my home they are risking their life. I don't kill spiders outside, that is their home, but when they come in MY home where MY baby is, where I eat and work and sleep, they are taking their chances, and I will kill them if it looks like I won't be able to get them out successfully.

Some spiders I can tolerate more than others, and often I tell them to get out or tomorrow they die, sometimes it works. I'd much rather just never see a spider again than kill it, KWIM ? The problem is spiders seem to be attracted to me, and I seem to be very sensitive to them. As I said, I could write pages.

I have lived in a place known to have centipedes. YUUU-UUUCCKKK ! they are nasty ! And so fast !

Mallory, I admire you for being a bug lover (someone has got to) Do you know what a brown recluse spider looks like and/or links to info about them ? They are the only "real serious" poison spiders around here (pacific NW). Many spiders in my house die on the basis that they "could" be a brown recluse. Thanks
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DD does not allow me to kill anything, I think she is a future entomologist!
So I have to grab everything gently, and put outside so it can find its mama, papa and grampa! LOL:
But I also have an understanding with my spiders...although the other day I got rid of all of their webs, I swear they had one huge one allowing them to slide anywhere on my main floor!
they don't seem to happy with me!

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The best way to identify a brown recluse is to count his eyes. Most spiders have 8 eyes, typically arranged in 2 rows of 4, the recluse spiders have 6 eyes arranged in pairs of 2.
Is that helpful?
Here are some pictures in case you don't like to look into thier eyes!!
Remember that these are tiny spiders, I know they look big in the pictures but even the big ones can't reach thier legs to both sides of a dime.

I also think that there really are no brown recluses in the pacific nw but if you go to the dr with a necrotic wound, a recluse is usully blamed. Interestingly, when I was searching for this everytime I went to a website for an entomolgy department they mentioned how the relcluse really lives in a very small part of the country mostly the midwest/south, but when the website was a medical one they all said the range was all over the U.S.

More likely causes are the hobo spider-also known as the aggressive house spider (with a much different temperment than the reclusive and often blamed brown recluse)hobo spider

Also the yellow sac spider (there is a link at the bottom of the hobo page) can cause the same kind of wound but is usually not as bad as a hobo or recluse.

Widow spiders are the only other kind of dangerous spiders in america, but thier venom is much different not causing the festering wounds like the others, instead it is a nuero toxin and causes cramping and spasms.
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Mallory, thanks for the info about spideys and the links to help identify them! My mutt likes to go under our deck, and I just imagine a lot of venomous spideys under there; I keep hauling her out. I like most things reptillian and insectiod as well as arachnoid, so they don't bother me, but I'd rather not have a big vet bill!! Thanks again.
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When we first moved to Florida we were stunned by the size of certain spiders here,there's a big brown wood spider that actually has audible footsteps as he races across the shower stall! At first my dh would freak out and bash them on sight. However once I learned they were harmless and ate bugs I'd rather not have (like cockroaches) I made peace with them. I have one or two big ass spiders around but unlike most of my spider-smashing neighbors have no roaches or ants in my home. I try to think of them as an insect-consolidation plan,all the bug in one place instead of little ones spread out. It's important to make sure they are harmless,once you know that it's alot easier to live with them. Unless they just totally freak you out,I mean I have this problem with slugs,ewwwwwwwww!!!!My 8 year old picks them up and moves them out of our yard so I won't salt em.
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Mallory thanks for the link !

I want to write more but I am nak a wiggly toddler
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I am terribly frightened of spiders. The only ones I can tolerate are the teeny-tiny ones that stay in one place (usually corners) for about a month at a time. We recently moved from an upstairs apt. to downstairs and there are soooo many more creepy crawlies down here!

I have always been afraid of bugs. I can't even stand to let a ladybug land on me. Don't ask me where this stems from, my sis & mom are the same way. :

Anyways, I can't relate to huge spiders because in So.cal you don't see too many (or atleast I don't), but even the regular sized spiders scare me. I try not to kill them, I just freeze and call dh, you should see me, I'm like a deer caught in headlights.

I swear the yuckiest bug was crawling about my floor a few weeks ago and it was half spider, half beetle. I threw one of Isaiah's toy buckets over it so it wouldn't get away and in the morning, when I got the courage to lift it up, the 'beetlespider' was gone. It was so big & strong that it lifted the bucket and got away.....eeeww!

This is a whole other post but...how does one get over a fear of bugs/spiders?
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Okay, a bug that can move a plastic bucket is playing in the major leagues!
I don't know how to rid yourself of a phobia. I have a phobia about flying, so you have my empathy. It's tough to be panic-stricken at something other people don't even think twice about. My apt. building neighbor in NYC years ago FREAKED OUT one afternoon when a roach crawled out of the bag our Chinese food had been delivered in -- she was wild-eyed and sobbing. So, you're not the only one who is bugged by bugs. . .
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calgal007---I can understand how your friend was so freaked out when she saw the roach, especially coming from your take-out food bag!!!

I have lost all faith in my 'bucket strategy', now what!?! Maybe a heavier bucket...lol I don't like the thought of having bug poison in the home, but you know I'm not going to get close enough to step or grab the bugger with a tissue....no way!! Dh suggested that if I ever come in contact with another beetle-spider I should just lead it outside with a broom...but...what if it crawled up the broom? Ahhh...no solution, so I guess for now, I'll just stand & watch in fear

Or maybe Mallory will make a house-call

(Disclaimer: I never knew I could talk so much about this, I'm really not crazy!)
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