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Homebirth on "Once and Again"

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Last night I happened to catch "Once and Again" on ABC and one of the characters was having a homebirth. Did anybody else see it???? I was surprised and pleased. I am usually too exhausted to pay attention and I seldom watch so I don't know the characters' names but one of the peripheral characters (The ex-girlfriend of the ex-husband of the main character--hmmmm...) had planned a homebirth at her apartment with a midwife. Of course there was a snow storm going on, the ex-boyfriend was on a date with another woman and the ex-b. and the midwife got stuck in traffic and had to come to the main character's house, not the apartment, so things didn't go as planned.

Not all the characters were supportive of the homebirth idea and they suggested she go to the hospital but another character was able to defend her and said "Actually statistically homebirth is safer than hospital birth. My daughter had a homebirth" Yipee!!!!!!!!!!
But even the unsupportive characters did their best to be supportive for her and help her with her decision--even reminding her of her strength and decision when she called out for drugs and the hospital during transition.

It was great to see her wandering around the house in labor wishing not for her doctor or a hospital but for her own home where she could express herself freely. Too bad they couldn't show a birth like that, it still had to have the convoluted circumstances, but it's the best I've seen on a prime-time drama.

Anybody see it?
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I saw it too. I think the character (Lily's boss-an older man whose daughter it was that had the home birth) said home births are just as safe as hospital births, but I was surprised to hear him say even that! They have been portraying the new mom as kind of a "flaky type" on previous shows, but the midwife came across as very smart and competent on this show.
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Yeah, I had never seen the show before but tuned in to see the birth episode. I was all prepared to be mad the whole time but they handled it pretty well. I kept wishing the girl in labor seemed a little more prepared. I also was waiting for her (or someone) to ask the lead female why she was so bewildered by everything if she had three kids herself. Oh well, that's just me. They did very fair and even handed job of it.
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