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Okay, a little pre-u/s freak out

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Okay, I'm gonna vent for a minute because I think you gals may understand a bit, while my dh is clueless.

Our u/s is tomorrow. I'm SO excited. I can't wait to see this baby w/my own eyes & hopefully find out if we're having a boy or girl. The most important thing is of course a healthy baby, which is where I'm freaking out.

I used to work in an infant & fetal mortality program before I had dd. I coordinated the program, reviewed medical records, entered interviews w/families into the database, created reports, etc. I saw SO many horrible things. It was really hard when I was preg w/dd, I was worried about everything. Stillbirth, PTL, anomolies, etc. Now, I'm at that place again where I'm nervous about going tomorrow, because I'm scared they'll find something wrong with the baby. I think I just know too many bad things that can/do happen & freak myself out about them. I'm pretty young (30), healthy & have had a healthy pregnancy/baby. I'm just terrified I'll find out the baby has some sort of horrible abnormality. My dh says he isn't worried at all. I'm sure he is, but he's just being optimistic.

Does anyone else have fears like this? Or am I just a nut?
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you're not a nut!!!! when i was pg and working in the NICU i was convinced my baby had every malformation known to man kind. it was so not healthy for me.

this time around i keep fearing that this baby doesn't have any legs, because i seriously don't feel movement MOST days, and for me that is SOOOOO odd. i did decide to have an u/s on the 29th just to put my fears of having some major growth inside my uterus to rest. so, i guess i'll find out if my baby has legs or not. i keep thinking to myself, "well we'll be buying a wheel chair".................. again, SO NOT HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Before the last few days when the baby started moving much more often I'd forget when the last time I felt movement was and then start obsessing about whether or not my uterus has gotten bigger in the last few days and what if the baby is just dead inside of me. I don't really about deformities but I do worry about a dead baby. I think it's normal to worry. : My u/s is tomorrow too. I'm sure my baby is alive and your baby is normal.
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Thanks Dana & Wasabi. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Dana, you're exactly like me. You see all these horrible things & are convinced they'll happen to you. (funny thing, my friend here in town was preg w/#2 last year & convinced her baby had no legs because she didn't feel movement until 18w, LOL). Wasabi, I totally feel you about the fetal demise. I used to not get out of bed when I was preg w/my dd until I felt her move. I'm trying to not freak as much this time, but it's hard.

GREAT U/S vibes to both of you. Sometimes seeing things with your own eyes can make you feel so much better (does for me anyway).
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My baby wasn't dead.
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Originally Posted by wasabi
My baby wasn't dead.

good to hear !!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats on the "girl" too
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I've since read that the u/s went well! YAAAAY!!!

As for me, I'm trying not to freak out. For one, I realize there's nothing I can do. Also, I will worry for the rest of my life even if this DC is born healthy. Life is risky! I also comfort myself with the fact that DH and I have very unrelated genes (our nationalities are completely different) which seems like a good thing. So, I usually think about it positively or just not at all! I'm sure I'll be freaked out during the u/s, though-- there's no avoiding it! (I wasn't with the early one, though!)
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