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OT - vent

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OMG - I am so stressed out right now. I am in tears. My bank is screwing me over. They threatened to close my account, then told me it wasn't closed, and that just my ATM cards have been closed. They even told me I could apply for a new ATM card. So, I go on making deposits and writing checks like normal. Come to find out, they call me a week later and tell me the account was closed! Now, they aren't going to take care of any of my returned check charges, even though it was their fault - because they TOLD ME IT WAS OPEN - and I had NO notificatin otherwise! Also, they can't even find the deposits I made, and I already threw away the receipts because I checked on the automated teller machine and they had posted. I guess now that its closed they just DISAPPEAR! I haven't resolved anything with them, but I can't call them back right now because I'm a mess. I'm also upset over SO, we've been arguing and he hasn't been very supportive or nice at all. He's too damn busy working, going to class, and hanging out with his friends to even help me hardly at all! I'm sick of everything. I'm not in THAT bad financial trouble, but its the worst I've ever been in and I STILL don't know if my nanny is going to fire her other nanny, like she said she would. I am thinking about giving her an ultimatum, but I really don't want to lose this job. If she says fine, go - I'd have to get a job at a daycare and that's going to be twice the work for about 1/2 the pay. uuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggg

Someone tell me something good - I dont' care what!
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thanks, i needed that
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I wish there was more I could do!
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