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How "on" was your intuition?

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Just curious...

Before you found out what the sex of the baby was or had it (if you chose not to find out), did you have a strong idea of which sex it was? And were you right on the money or completely off??
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I was right on with dd. Dh and I had a $50 bet on the sex, he said boy I said girl. We fould out through u/s at 4mo that she was a girl!

With this one we will not be finding out before his/her b-day but I strongly say it is a boy.
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I was right every time. Even with my first when the u/s told me I was having a boy I insisted that the baby was a girl. U/S tech was wrong, I was right.
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Cory and I have a bet on if this baby is going to be a boy or a girl. i say it's going to be a boy, he says it's going to be a girl. We have got a ten dollar bet on this.
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I was convinced that our first was going to be a boy... even had to double check when dh annouced "It's a girl". So, yeah... totally WRONG!

Am refusing to guess on this one and am trying to talk dh into not finding out (he wants to know, I don't).
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With my first I knew he was a boy. I was so certain I started buying boy clothes before the u/s confirmed my feelings. With DS#2 I didn't have a clue at all. No vibe nothing.
It's the same with this one, I have no idea. Partly I am afraid to get my hopes up so I don't think about it. Which is why I don't really want to know before the birth either. I would HATE for the tech to say its a girl only for him to be wrong. The guilt over being disappointed would be too much! I would rather just be happy to find out when he or she comes out.

Now Austin on the other hand swears I am having "a little sister". DH wants to find out before hand, and says he will even look and not tell me if I want! BAH! He has never been able to keep a secret from me ever, and not only that it would kill me to have him know and not me. So, we will probably find out in Jan. when we get the u/s.

Oh BTW we decided to wait until Jan to do the u/s so my mom can go with us while she is her on vacation.
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I knew with both of my daughters that they were going to be girls.. I could not even decide on a boy's name because I just knew they were girls... With my youngest who is only 14 months.. My husband swore up and down that she was a he... but, I just knew in my heart that she was a girl.... I made fifty dollars on that bet also

With this one.. I am so sure that its a boy.. I refuse to settle on a for sure girl's name.. I've thought them up for DH's sake.. but, I truly don't think I will have a need for frilly dresses and the color pink this time around.. I should get to know for sure on December 7th which is when my next ultrasound should be.. I will be 17 weeks..

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With my DD I thought I was having a boy. Even had my Aunt make a blue quilt. I was obviously wrong. With DS I was afraid to guess, so I never did.
With this one, I had a girl dream in the beginning. Just this week, I had an even stronger boy dream. I double checked in my dream to make sure it was a boy. ( I really want a girl.) Last night at LLL we were discussing choosing the sex of your baby, and based on my mucous when I concieved, they say I am having a boy. Who knows!!!!!
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I swore my DS was a girl. I wanted one so bad and was scared to find out via u/s plus I did want a suprise. Of course I wouldn't trade him for all the world...
This time I'm really not sure, I'm scared to think girl so I'm thinking boy... I feel horrible thinking i might just be that little bit dissapointed... am i the only one who feels this?
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With Amber I didnt have any strong premonitions. I was right on with Noah. I think this next baby is another girl...
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Last time, I totally thought I was having twin boys. Before we found out the sexes, I had a very vivid, real dream...in the dream, a psychic lady sucked in my breath and told me I was having 3 girls...2 with the twin pg, and 1 later.

So the twin girls was right...and maybe this one will be a girl too??
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