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Anyone pg with >1yr. old at home?

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My DD is only 10mo. and I am 17weeks pg! I am wondering if there is any other Mama's out there that will have children 16mo. apart or roughly thereabouts.

I find myself in random moments of panic thinking about parenting a 16mo. old, who in my mind, can still be quite demanding and needing of a lot of attention while caring for a newborn (hopefully one that nurses this time)!!!
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Me too!!!

Hi! I'm 16 weeks PG, and DS is 11 months old! So I'm right in the same boat. I must tell you, I have moments of either freaking out thinking that DS is not going to get as much attention as he's use to..and he's so young. And then I have moments when I'm so focused on DS, that I forget I'm even PG...then I have to make it a reality now. (Baby is starting to move quite a bit, so forgetting is not going to be a possibility soon).

I'm nervous about this, and excited at the same time. DH and I were not really doing a whole lot to prevent PGcy, simply because I DO NOT LIKE pumping hormones into my body, plus I was nursing at the time. We ideally wanted to wait at least a year, but I guess God had different plans.

I'm also working full time. My son goes to MIL's during the day. We have to pay her $300 a month (she quit her job to watch Elijah!) But I want to SO BAD stay home with my children. I make $6,000 more than him a year, making it not very easy right now...but I keep waiting patiently on the day.
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Oh, Anita...glad to know someone else with a very similar situation!!! DH and I were not actively preventing pg as well...although I had already stopped nursing (b/c it didn't work out for us ) but I was just "stupid" and thought I was able to feel when I ov'd the 3 months previous and thought that the month we got pg that I had already ov'd as well....whoops! Guess not!

I too, work FT right now and can't imagine how on EARTH I will continue to work FT with two kids this little!! I think I am tired at the end of the day now?! I have been thinking a lot lately about being a SAHM but I do really enjoy my job (most days)...and I am not sure if we could manage financially. Plus, both DH and I commute to work. But I am working right now on a worksheet that reflects our expenses vs. income. At this rate, with the rising price of gas and the cost of daycare (not only for one but soon for TWO) it might not "pay" for me to go to work.
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Noah will be 18 months old when this baby is born. Its a very very very scary thought for me! I just try take it one day at a time....
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Hi. I"m due late May or early June and post on the June forum, but read here occasionally. My first 2 kids are 18 months apart. We were trying b/c we wanted them close together, but I freaked out and was crying and wondering what we were thinking as soon as I got a pos. HPT. But really, it's great. There wasn't any jealousy or anything when babe was born. Of course, now, at 2 and 3.5 they fight half of their waking hours... but I assume that is normal no matter what the age gap. (at least I tell myself that :LOL)

I'll be honest and say that the first 4-6 weeks were HARD!! Trying to figure out how to nurse a newborn and hold/entertain a toddler. And I didn't go anywhere alone with them both until babe was about 2 months old b/c I was afraid. :LOL But it got easier. The sling became my best friend.
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Just a note from a mom who has been there. My first 2 are 16.5 months apart. I had another 17 months later. It is tough, but not terrible. You just do it, like you did when you had one baby.

The best thing was that Celeste LOVED Lydia. There was never any rivalry or jealousy because Celeste was just to young to have those feelings. I had to watch very closely because Celeste did want to hold Lydia all the time. I had a bassinet, and that wasz off limits to Celeste. I gave her plenty of time with Lydia, holding and burping and snuggling, but when lydia was in the bassinet, Celeste was not allowed to bother her.
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