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How do I repair a hole in my couch?

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Anyone hear ever mended a tear in the fabric on your couch? It's become rather large and I've been thinking about hot gluing or hand-stitching a piece of fabric over it. Anyone ever done this? I appreciate any advice I can get!
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I am an upholsterer and I have done this a few times!! What kind of fabric is the couch? And how big is the hole? Is it on a seam?

Sometimes you can tip the couch upsidedown, take off the dust cover (black fabric usually) and cut off a large enough piece that is from the excess fabric. Does that make sense? Using the blind stich to make a patch. If you can try and close the hole up as much as possible then put on the patch. Fold the fabric 1/4 to 1/2 inch all the way around depending on how much fabric you were able to get and then stich all the way around. I can try and explain the blind stich to you if you need more help! Let me know if you have any more ??
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bless your soul for responding to me! an upholsterer? wow. i admire that. it seems so difficult.

okay, here's the deal. i let the hole go for too long thinking it would be too hard and we should get it recovered. fast forward. we now cannot afford that and don't want to slipcover either. ds has made the hold huge. it started out as a little bitty hole (cigarette burn from a party???) ds stuck his finger in it and pulled. the hole grew three different directions. it is on the top of the arm in the shape of a large T. The long part across the arm is about 18" and the tear that is perpendicular is about 6". I went to the store and bought some fabric (doesn't match the very busy floral pattern) to cover the arm. Well, that was going to be a huge job and look awful. So, I've been thinking I would just stitch on a rectangular shape.

The couch is way to big and heavy; it's a sleeper sofa. But I hadn't thought of pulling out a piece from the back. I've always hated the pattern and look forward to recovering it when the boys are bigger. So, I don't mind cutting some from the back. Hmmm...

My SIL is bringing over a book with stitches in it and a needle that you use for upholstery. I will look up blind stitch. I don't know if I can find a piece big enough for the entire thing. (Yes, I really wish I'd done this a year ago!!)

Did I answer your question? Do you understand what I'm describing? Does what I think I'm going to do make sense?
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From the sounds of it I think that you can just blind stich the tear shut and you will just be left with a seam. Starting at one end and give yourself a small seam allowance and then just start your blind stiching till you get to the end and do the other tear. Maybe you can create a small patch where it all meets up to the original hole. You will need a small curved needle which will make it much easier. Once you learn the blind stich its really quite easy and fast. If the couch has a matching pillows maybe you could sacrifice one for the job. Seeing as how you have a couple young boys your bound to have a repair or two in the future...BTW thanks for the admiration! Let me know if you have any other ?? and good luck!
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I will get the book and needle and figure out what a blind stitch is tomorrow. I'm so excited to finally be getting this done. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again!!
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I have a shade black couch and our new poppy put a small hole the cushion... how can this be fixed.
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