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Gift ideas?

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Kayla only seems to want gift cards for Limited Too and Club Libby Lu this year but I'd like to get her something else too. She always complains that she doesn't have enough toys but when I ask her to make a wish list, she only writes down things like makeup, clothes, purses, shoes, and gift cards.

What are you all getting your preteen daughters this year?
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I don't have a pre-teen dd (well, unless you want to count 5 as pre-teen, which I sure as heck don't), but for nieces/friends we have been doing Klutz books:


There are several beading books (rings, bobby pins, people...), friendship bracelets, making fairies, picture bracelets...

They also have kids like "Crazy Action Contraptions" (that you can add to with regular legos), Solar Car, window art & drawing, etc...

The American Girls also have a large selection of books out.

I don't know what your DD is interested in, but there is also always things like Magz (or geomagz, or...) or the large K'nex sets if you think that would interest her (this year's big one is some kind of ball shooter, but DD is looking forward to being old enough to put together the roller coaster or ferris wheel).

Good luck! It's so easy to buy for a 3 & 5 year old--- the only problem is when to *stop*.
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