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I turn 36 on March 11th so 36 for baby #4, had just turned 34 for baby #3 (also an April babe), 31 (almost 32) for baby #2, and 29 (3 months before 30th bday) for baby #1.

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Popping over here from the March board...

I'm 25 and expect daughter #2 any day now. My husband is 28.
I turned 23 three days before my firstborn entered the world.
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I just realized that while I've read this thread, I've never responded! :

I was 29 when dd was born and I'll be 30 when our little potato arrives (I'm like 2 weeks shy of turning 31 by then). Dh will also be 30. We're about 5 months apart.

I'm the only mama of my small group of close knit friends. I haven't be fortunate enough to make any IRL mama friends (my part time work schedule has me working on those days when I could be going to LLL or Mom's Club : ).

I think the push for career first, babies after is a very valid point. Most women I work with who are looking to advance place their careers first. So what tends to happen, I've noticed, is they have babies at 35+ (or forgo children and adopt pets to be their "babies.") Right now, one of my best friends is on her third attempt at fetching a husband. She feels she has to find that "perfect man" who is career driven, ambitious, and family oriented (especially now that she's over 30 ) because I think she'll want to become a SAHM if they ever have children (she's never said, but that's the impression I get).

As for the mid-life babies of generations past, my grandmother had my uncle (her last child) at 44. Talk about being fertile! :LOL
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I too am popping in from another board, but I couldn't resist posting. It is a topic not often mentioned in my family as my Mom was 19 when she had me, HER Mom was 32 when she had her and 31 when she had her sister. I was 20 (for 6 days) when I had ds. I was 22 (turned 23 3 wks later) dh was 21 (22 a month later) when dd was born. I am and will be 25 dh will be 24 when this one is born.

Most of the Mom's that have kids in my ds' Early Childhood class are much older that me. Some have older kids, but the rest the are firstborns. I don't think there is such a thing as too old or too young. It is whenever you feel comfy having your kids. Wishing nice easy labors on you April Mommies when your time comes.
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