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cheesy music

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What is your favorite cheesy song? C'mon, let it all hang out! The one off the top of my head is that song "Sister Christian."

You're motorin! YEAAAH YEAAAH YEAAHH you're motoriiiiiiiiiiin....
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I admit to singing along to "Santa Baby" by Madonna. I shouldn't like that song but I just can't help myself!
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Now, Yammer! Don't go dissin' Enrique on me!!!

(But I noticed you casually left of Britney Spears, BackStreet Boys, N'Sync, and Christina Agulara!)

Good Question! I like to think NONE of the music I listen to is Cheesy, but I'll think about it!!!

The Proclaimers, I would walk 500 miles?

Know what I've been singing to Caleb lately?
"I love you period. Do you love me question mark? Please please exclamation point! I wanna hold you in parenthesis..."

Yeah, that's pure cheese!

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Yammer, Kenny Rogers is indeed well Krafted cheez. Consider

"You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille,
four hungry children and the crops in the field..."


"You never count your money
when you're sittin at the table
there'll be time enough for countin'
when the dealin's done..."

I mean that is well Krafted cheez-flavored music.

However, while I agree that Enrique sucks, I am a huge fan of Marc Anthony. That dude rocks.

"I need to know, I need to know,
tell me baby girl cuz I need to know..."

I was at the grocery store and that was on and all of a sudden everyone was looking at me. OMG I was totally getting down! That is one rump-shaking song, boy. Btw DH is Puerto Rican so I am a bit partial to the Latin Exploitation, I mean Latin Explosion, particularly Puerto Rican Pop. Well, not J.Lo..... but she did a fine job portraying Selena....
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I just read that J.Lo lipsycned for Selena! If she is such a great singer : why would they have her lip sync?
I agree with you too about Kenny Rogers.
"know when to hold em..."

How about "Come on Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners or "We got the Beat" by the Go-Go's.
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See, I knew that J.Lo was shifty! BTW, I consider Come on Eileen to be ART. I love that song! But the Go-Gos are pretty cheesy. I loved "Our Lips Are Sealed."
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J.Lo had to lip sync for "Selena" because that's how her dad wanted it. He wanted only Selena's voice in the movie.

I'd like to nominate my all-time favorite country cheez song, "Fancy" by Reba McEntire.

"I mighta been born just plain white trash, but Fancy was-a my name..."
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shoshanna's mom,
I was thinking about J.Lo after I posted and thought maybe they had her lip sync cause the fans would want to hear Selena's voice. Thanks for clearing it up.

Abba and Meatloaf.

"Disco Inferno".
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ABBA, oh yes. I love my ABBA Gold cd.
I also have a shameful weakness for the crap pop songs of my junior high years, like the Tiffany version of "I think we're alone now," and Debbie Gibson and Whitney Houston's "I wanna dance with somebody."

3 little birds, glad I could be of help. I love the movie Selena, even though I cry like the world is ending every time I see it. I actually own the movie, but have never been able to take it out of it's cellophane because I know I will just cry and cry, I am so pitiful!
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You know what is so funny? DH is a plumber and one day at the shop all the guys were like, "Hey, man, Selena was on TNN (or whatever) last night! I love that movie!" And the other plumbers were in total agreement that Salena rocks! I was ROLLIN". I love that movie, too.

More cheez I dig:
Fat stinky Vegas Elvis (hey, I was born there and my mom took me to an Elvis concert in utero, 1972)
John Tesh OH MY GOD I AM KIDDING!!!! (About John Tesh)
Bette Midler, the Rose and Wind Beneath My Wings
Shiny Happy People, REM (by the way, they do that song on Sesame Street as Shiny Happy Monsters)

Yammer, all the boys like Britney Spears. YUCK! And I am NOT jealous like my BIL says. I am way better looking than she is AND I was just offered a multi-billion dollar Pepsi deal to perform my poetry. Nelly Furtado is much better than all the other teenager "singers."

And Christina Agulera and Danatella Versace are the same person, I just KNOW it.
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BTW, DH does the best Britney Spears and Joey Fatone duet impersonation.

And I loved that lame movie Duets. Huey Lewis was in it. And even though Gwynnie sucked hard in that flick, boy is she cute and boy can she belt out the tunes!!!
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Oh my gosh, how did I ever forget.... Duran Duran, and of course the Power Station... Robert Palmer vs. Michael desBarres? Hmmm... But do you all remember how doity the long versions of the Duran Duran videos were? I was only 11 or so and boy did I think those videos were the ultimate in Nastiness.

And my favorite David Bowie song is "Let's Dance" I had my first erotic fantasies about David Bowie, 80s David Bowie.

Ok, back to wrapping Xmas presents.

Oh, and I'm Janet, Miss Jackson if you're nasty.
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You guys crack me up! Anyone remember the Hooters?
All you Zoombies hide your faces....

And what about Shaun Cassidy vs. Leif Garrett vs. Andy Gibb?
(pssst.... I know ALL the words.....)
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Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleee-eee-eeene--Dolly Parton
Pre-Saturday Night Fever Bee Gees like How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, and the one that goes have you seen my wife Mr. Jones? (Forgot the name). Love those songs.
All of those 70's novelty songs like Disco Duck, My Ding-a-ling
All of those trucker songs of the 70's like "Convoy"
Shakira is pretty cheesy, in a good europop way
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Yes, Shakira rocks. I think she is a part of the Latin Exploitation, I mean Explosion. And I love alot of country tunes, although not after about 1990. I can't stand like Faith Hill, etc. All all all Dolly Parton. She rules!!!
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