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Bumping again to put in another request to the mods to sticky this thread.
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What an awesome, inspiring thread !!!!

I am just beginning the single mama journey, and this thread, like so many other things in my life right now, is a gift from the universe. Just what I needed just when I needed it.

And I got to LMAO !

Please, mods, sticky this. It has inspired this newly-single mama, could help another mama make her choice, and serve as inspiration on a tough day.

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SOOO many reasons why we all love being single! I have been single since day 1 of my daughter's conception (unplanned but not unwanted) and so I am thankful that I didn't have to go through the difficulties of a relationship breaking up. So my favorite reason for being single is that I have my ego, my strength, my way, my philosophy, and my choices all intact!!
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Why I Love Being A Single Mother

Never having to justify why I am breastfeeding for as long as my little one needs/wants to to someone who feels he has the right to stop me ...

Never wondering what he is up to while I am alone with the kids and he is out at a bar (again) ...

Knowing that when the pipes burst in the bathroom I can fix it! ...

Never having to ask for grocery money ...

Never, Ever being afraid in my own home ...

Never having to wonder when the next blow-up is going to occur ...

Knowing that my precious blessings are thriving in a love-filled, safe, happy, healthy home!
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I love that I only have to raise my sons.

I also love that I don't have to feel like a failure because he is.
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i love that i am so connected to my dd. its something that people notice about us all the time. the only way i could ever have had this bond was because i was single and never had to worry about anyone else except my dd. for instance i didnt have to force her to bed at 9 just so i could save some time for my significant other.

on her 3rd bday when the CPS worker visited our house and asked my dd if i get angry with her - she answered yes mommy gets angry with me sometimes but i know she will always love me no matter what i do.

i dont think i would have been able to have this deep a connection if i wasnt a single mom.
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wow, i needed this thread BIGTIME. i made the decision today (although he doesn't know)...i'm in the strategizing phase now, and i'm absolutely terrified, but now i'm excited that it really IS possible to have a better life. thanks everyone
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Dumpling, you just described my marriage...what am I going to do, please help me.
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~ Not accumulating more credit card debt each month.
~ Not having to try to make someone else happy when nothing would work anyways.
~ Not having to deal with baseless accusations of being unfaithful. Oh yeah... because every married woman whose 39 weeks pregnant wants to try to sexually satisfy more than one man. :
~ Not having to give up holiday traditions.
~ Not having to call in sick for someone who's just hungover.
~ Being able to eat what I want for dinner.
~ Oh, and for good measure how about #3 times a million...
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My Release!Ahhhh!

I love being able to concentrate on just one person instead of having to make another person happy too at the same time!I love not wondering how long the relationship is going to last. I love not being embarassed by someone elses behaviours.I love not having to pretend to be nice to crazy would be inlaws.
I love being able to nurse as long as my DD please. I also love being able to cosleep as I please without someone telling me he rolls around at night (not my problem sleep in your own bed, at least you don't get scared like she does.)I love being able to cook what I want and not have to ask anyone.
I love that I am only raising one kid and not also an adult who feels like acting like one. I love that I don't always have someone asking me for a ride and money. I love that I don't have someone making me cook foods I don't like.I love that I can be fat and no one is telling me like I don't already know:!Oh and I love not having to shave! (You didn't read that: )I love that I can just BE MYSELF! AHH this feels good.
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I agree with peoples comments on this subject, but everyone needs help and support, it would be nice to get that from the father if hes a nice guy. I also feel guilty that my son is going to grow up without his dad around. I have no idea how im going to explain what happened to him when hes older and if he will end up resenting me.
I like not having anyone to answer to, everything is upto me, and I get my son all to myself lol. He told me the other day 'you're my best friend'...aww
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No confusion over discipline techniques. GD will be used.
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No dealing with snot in the sink or tub (okay, you had to read the thread in TAO to understand that one...).
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Wow! What a thread! I wish I had found this board years ago when I would get depressed about being a single mom. Now I truly enjoy raising my kids alone. It's something I've had to learn to embrace. I was just glad to get out of a rocky marriage.

You ladies listed so many things that I love/enjoy too about being a single mom. I love that I don't have to answer to a man in regards of how to raise them. I love that I have them to myself. We get to do what we want to do for the day/weekends. I can homeschool them and feel proud of what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. Just not having to deal with anyone's drama.

I could go on and on. I've been a single mom for 6 yrs now and I don't think I could ever go back to being married. I've got 2 kids (boy & a girl.)
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Sexy Single Moms . .

I was a single mom from 1991 - 2004. I was completely alone raising ds who is going to be 15 this summer ( when did that happen?) . . . I had never lived with anyone or had any lengthy previous relationships ( until now and yes girls it is worth the wait don't EVER settle !) . . . what I miss/love most is:

Being a sexy, single woman. ( yes, I know it is possible to be sexy and married but there is a certain mystery and allure when single and dating)

My son is an amazing kid. Being his mother adds and gives meaning to everything I do in my life.

Christmas: When my 20 something single sisters were having brunch at the 4 seasons Christmas day. Me 'n ds were at home covered in wrapping paper ohhing and ahhing over the presents santa brought.

Holidays: just the two of us and the open road. DS learned to navigate and read maps better then me !

Learning to ski, going to the drive - in, the fun the mundane and everything in between.

I could and did breastfeed for as long as I wanted ( weaned at 5)

Looking back I am proud of my accomplishments as a mother and a woman We are not a statistic.( single mother on welfare, deliquint kid ) Ds is a good student and an amazing kid. I still get a hug and kiss before he takes the bus to school.

I loved being a single mother I miss that 'chapter' in my life. To all the single moms out there: own it!
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Why do I love being a single mom?

Wow, where do I begin?
I don't have to *answer* to anyone. I have the freedom to raise my kid(s) the way I want. If we want to stay up late watching cartoons, we can.
Like someone else said, we don't have to worry about accruing someone else's debt. We don't have to be dependent on anyone else.

Are there bad days? Absolutely. Do I get lonely and want some help? For sure. But for my child and me single parenting works.
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Not yet single but working on it...
BTW this is my first post I read most of them and really feel I can actually do it. I'm definately scared and fear for so many things, specially the financial situation, and of course leaving my babes for more than and hour...
I'll be working nights, don't know where we'll live (we rent, and we won't be able to afford it)
But what I'm excited about surpasses the fear by so much.
No arguing(violence) in front of the kids
No making me the bad one because she can't watch TV for more than 2 hrs a day (That's the ONLY activity he'll do with them: )
My mom coming to live with us, and visits to be welcome wherever we end up living

I could think of many more reasons, but like I said, right now I'm overwhelmed by what will take place in the following weeks!

Cinthya Mama to Luna and Gala (Lunita and Galita)
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Awesome thread! DH and I are discussing legal separation, and I already experience some the pro's of single motherhood that have been mentioned when dh works late and on weekends (dh is sleeping in his own bedroom now, I sleep w/ almost 2 yr old dd in "his" old bedroom)!

I've gotten to the point where most of the time I'd rather be by myself (and w/ dd) than w/ him. This thread almost makes me WANT a divorce!
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I never thought I would love being a single mom. However - I DO LOVE IT. Although my divorce is pending, I am doing just fine..Actually I am doing better than fine. I love the time with my son. I don't need to really share him with his dad everyday!

I love learning about this new world of mine and making the most of the situation. I love making decisions without having to ask if it is ok.

Can't complain..Love my son and I would do it all over again!
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I get to Feng Shui my home, and put the changing table in the corner of the dining room while leaving more space in the bed room and turning the second bed room into an office/play area. Maybe the crib should go in the living room for naps...

I don't have to watch someone elses shows. The TV is mine, and sometimes that means off!

I don't have to worry about someone else remembering to get stuff done. I remember or it doesn't get done. And if it's important to me, I remember.
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