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nowhere to go

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Where do you live now and how far are you willing to travel?
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returning to the scene

on sunday i'm returning to eugene to try to help my husband and attempt to heal our injured relationship. he promised me that he will give 30 days notice to get out of our present house, which is surrounded by bachelor neighbors who party every night, and is a frequent lurking spot for the person who raped me.
he's actually willing to move out of eugene, as long as he can carpool to LCC.
things are pretty shaky now, but as far as the last 12 hours go, my mind set is to not give up on our marriage.
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well there is co-abode.com and there is alternativesinglemamascohousing@yahoogroups.com and i am signed up for both!
if you change your mind i will need a roommate in the asheville area of NC this fall/winter. i will be putting my house up for sale next week and moving there with my (now) 19mo old son.
for you, in the meanwhile, one word: AL-ANON. and get there FAST. they can help you. it's free. it's an international group to help people who have loved ones with substance abuse problems. and for him, if he will go, AA or NA. look in the phone book for numbers for both. it's anonymous, too.
and yes get out of that neighborhood!!
btw.....moving out for a bit and giving you both some space does not necessarily mean giving up on your marriage. sounds like you both need some help, and of course that baby comes first!
if you need to, you can email me personally at mercyn@earthlink.net
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