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My dp & I have been together for eight yrs or so & have finally come to the idea of broadening the love.

That said, several issues have arisen that apparently neither of us had thought too much about - as we're both fairly free-living, free-thinking people.

My question is that, dp would like for our kids to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, & other so called holidays as such. My word & feelings are that they can know of them & sure, we would celebrate them TOO, but they should know the truth & I'm more likely to interest them in the spiritual, Earthly side of living & those celebrations of the rest of the world as well VS the typical holidays (Christmas, etc) & that is all you teach them. Neither of us attends church at all, although we are both baptised as Christians. Since the age of seven I've KNOWN that Christianity is not my belief & he's been baptised as Christian, but doesn't agree with any of their teachings, except loving your neighbor (which isn't what modern christianity teaches), but his family has some sort of connection to Catholicism. None of them go to church at all, just their baptism history.

I do not plan for my children to be a part of any organised religion at all, neither does he... although he still has the arguement that he wants his kids to have the "happiness" of Santa Claus & Christmas morning, etc. I rebut that that is sort of lying to them, which could hold future troubles.

None of that makes sense to me. I'm morwe than glad to have a celebration of life day around holiday time to celebrate life & love, etc... but DO NOT want to call it christmas, thanksgiving, etc...

agggg, so mad right now, hopefully some of this makes sense... b'c i would LOVE for other moms who have (or have gotten thru) the same drama to tell me their ideas.

i don't want THIS to be a source of arguement for us (important as it is), as we're just now warming up to active ttc. please help if you have been there or have ideas! ahhhh, parenthood... do ya think our babes will ever have ANY idea of how much we truly STRESS over their lives????????!