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Nov. 21-27

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Hello Ladies,

I wanted to start this before I head off to Idaho for Thanksgiving. Not looking forward to flying being 34 weeks pregnant and with a toddler. Thank god for family to travel with too.

So the results from my second ultrasound showed that the placenta had migrated! No C-section for me! It also showed that there is no doubt this kid is a boy.

We had the baby fiesta this weekend. So many people came. They brought stuff, although we didn't want them to feel obligated, but none the less, they still did. We have plenty of clothes for this kiddo now, although I am sure we will add some stuff of our own.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! For those who eat turkey enjoy, and for everyone else, enjoy the side dishes and whatever main dish you make.

Nicole and Will (EDD 1/3/05)
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Hi all!!! Doing good here, looking forward to T'giving with all the family. I have to breakout the bread maching so we have fresh bread for turkey sandwiches the day after!!!

The boy is cooking well. Doc measured me yesterday and said I'm a bit bigger than I ought to be. Didn't surprise me, I don't make 'em small!!!

At my ultrasound yesterday the tech said he weighs 4 pounds 6 oz. So I'm thinking another 8 pounder is coming my way. S'ok, I like them nice and healthy!!!
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Nicole, congrats on your placental migration, and good luck on your trip.

Leenie, 8 lb sounds great. I hope my baby is that big. How can he be bigger than he "ought to be?" Sounds like he's just right.

Yesterday the great excitement was the arrival of four packages of cloth diapers. I'm really getting into this cloth diaper thing. Now all I need is a baby to put them on.
See my stash - most of this arrived last night: http://www.cirerrek.addr.com/girl/diapers/diaper.html
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Hi all!
Nicole I'm so glad you don't have to have a C-section!!

Ok so my midwife thinks I have GD (based on a finger prick glucose test). She says that I need to be eating a lot more protien and and that I need to be eating more in general. I must not know very much because I thought this was a risk more for women that are overweight. Anyway she reccommended bunch of supplements. Ugh. I also have a cold and feel totally exhausted from having a cold. Oh and I'm anemic and my stretch marks hurt and I think my stomach might actually split apart. Enough complaining...only 9 weeks left to go (or there abouts).

Jessi- I love your stash. I'm so boring I have 2 systems I like: prefolds with PUL covers and Fuzzibunz. Plus, I think if I had too many different diapers dh would just quit and wouldn't change diapers. He was awesome with dd and I'm hoping he'll still be on board for #2. I love the tye dyed prefold...

Anyway, hope every one has a good week.

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Nicole- so awesome your placenta is in the right place! Sometimes you have to wonder about technology- whether you needed to know and stress about this early on...

jess, I don't think you can be "diagnosed" with GD based on one finger prick! However, if your blood sugar was high, it's not a bad thing to alter yor diet. I had a friend who had really high blood sugar levels in pregnancy and the only thing that kept them down was eating lots of protein and very little carbs.... esp simple carbs. You figure there's not much time left in your pregnancy, and your baby will be better off.

I, for one had the realization the other day that i "could" have a baby in my arms in 6 weeks- ack!!!! I've had a 38 weeker and a 42 weeker, so anything goes. But when i had that epiphany, i also realized that I'm TOTALLY not prepared. So this am i ordered diapers, and will start to get serious about whatever i need to get serious about (i.e. nothing). My dh laughed at me. Babies need so little......
I am off to get some body work (YAY) soon..... I need help with all my aches and pains!!!
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Jess, it certainly sounds like you need more protein and vitamins in your diet, GD or no GD. Everyone disagrees on what GD is. I haven't heard anything about it being mostly overweight women with GD, but for regular diabetes, yeah.

Thanks for looking at the diapers! I've had to promise DH that when baby moves up to size Medium, we'll get all one or two styles. But for smalls, I insist on trying everything.

Malama, you're right about the baby not needing much. It's amazing how much time and money we spend buying tons of stuff and getting it just so, when all the baby needs is us.
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2 months to go to little baby.

I'm preparing for a homebirth and it's so different from pregnancy #1. I'm just pregnant and nobody is bugging me aobut it. little baby is in there squirming around. Nobody is poking at me with needles or tyring to scare me by telling alarming stories about all the horrible stuff that might go wrong. We are just assuming it's all OK unless we have some reason to think otherwise.

I don't know the gender which has effectively prevented anybody (grandma) from trying to buy too many gifts. Actually, I'm feeling a bit supersititious that it would be bad luck to buy anything new before the baby is born and I'm deliberately avoiding it.

It's just so nice compared to all the medical hullabaloo I went through last time. The year #1 was born I was crying to hard to eat my Thanksgiving dinner after being scared by alarmist doctors that I might be getting pre-eclampsia. This year I'm going to be able to eat my turkey and gravy with true gratitute.

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Hello! It's so nice to read up on how you are all doing. Doing well here, although I switched prenatal vits to get more Mg, as leg cramping is becoming interfeering and annoying day and night (although not consistently or in any sort of pattern). I am so glad thatwe'll have another naturally delivering mama! YEAH NICOLE! And Leenie, your news is no less wonderful! As far as GD is concerned, weight is a POSSIBLE causal factor, as it can be in Type II : iot, type II can come and go according to the patient's weight as one of many factors. This is not always the case, and definately not the case in those with a family history etc. Genetics plays a big role.

Jessi - I love your new dipes too! They are too cute! I have a total mishmosh of dipes, some of which Dh does not like to use, so I keep chuckaways on hand for those times... I'm less sincere about my commitment this time around, but I do plan on cloth diapering the majority of the time. I love the feel of them, and getting to be skin to skin with the babe more often is a GOOD thing, I think. I wanted to give you and anyone else wanting the info the heads up on a place I used in Canada. They have some awesome dipes, and lots of other stuff too. It's a kind of a wholesale diaper place, and they buy a lot of closeout stuff. Dh's favorite dipes are these ones we got there, with a kind of fleece inside and a tough poly outside. They were originally made for patients in hospital, but theywent chapter 11 and this lady bought them up. They are called Unlimited Discout Diapers Corp and their toll free # is 1-866-DIAPER1. They also have an email address


but no website (yikes!). They do have a TON of stuff and just for example, the aio I wrote about above costs $5 each. That's like 5-10$ less than anything else on the market...EACH! They have lots of Bummies stuff, MotherEase, and whatnot. Ok, that's my pitch for my pal Karen. Feel free to mention my name when/if you ever need stuff that they can help with. (I just bought a new set of dipes and they were $5CAN plus shipping - what I did with the larges that we had I just do not know...).

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! I am grateful, grateful grateful for it all. Adios, andy
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Things are going well here. DS came back from his dads with a much better attitude, so this week has been much much better than last. Our childbirth classes are going well, dh is really starting to trust our doula. He was rather weary of the whole douls idea in the begining but now he talks about how much he likes her and he has questions for her!

Nicole, thats great news about your plecenta. You must feel so releived about not having to have a c-section
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34 weeks tomorrow!

Nicole- Congrats on that news! It must be a huge weight off of your shoulders!

Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Things are going pretty good here. My pelvic pain has returned, but other than that, the little guy in my belly is moving and having fun! My husband and I even decided on a name for him: Ethan Darshan. What do you all think???

Malama- I know what you mean about your realization. I had one that my guy could come in three weeks! My last few days have been consumed with getting the nursery ready - converting the day bed back into a crib, cleaning the shelves, washing loads and loads of old baby clothes/towels/blankets, etc. I am in major nesting mode. This sounds kind of silly, but it feels like such a primal instinct.... I feel almost closer to animals because I imagine that I am feeling how they feel a few days before they give birth when they are preparing their den/cave/living area.

Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving!
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Nicole - I'm so glad everything is working out for you! That same thing happened with my first one.

Jessitron- your diapers are so cute! I love the little models

I'm doing good. My life seems to have calmed down a bit. I found a really great hospital midwife to deliver my babe, since I don't have the support at home for a UC anymore, and my Naturopath is in the midst of a bitter custody battle and divorce, and really not in the space to be at a birth. But its ok. The hospital is very small, very hands off, doctor is very hands off, midwife is nice...

Let's see. What else? I'm 32 weeks, 3 centimeters dilated, almost completely effaced, which could mean absolutely nothing. I've been having lot's of preterm labor contractions. Pretty much every time I walk around. The doctor said the baby's head is right there and if it wants to come its going to come, there's not much they can do to stop it. So we'll see...Hopefully, it'll give me a couple more weeks. I'm soooo not ready, lol.

Hoping you all have a great week and turkey (or tofurkey) day!
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Hey everyone!

So glad the boards are back.

Nicole, it's such great news that your placenta has moved. What a relief it must be for you.

I can't believe some of you ladies are 34 weeks! My dd was born 34w1d due to PROM. Right now, I'm approaching 32 weeks and I'm just wondering when will it be? I don't know. I feel so much better during this pregnancy. I was under so much stress last time. So, I'm hoping for at least 36 weeks. But, I know that birth is so unpredictable and that none of this is in my hands. Only God knows when this babe will be born.

And Delfina, I am so right there with you on the nesting thing. I think it has a lot to do with dd being born at 34 weeks, however. Last time, nothing was ready. This time, my hospital bag is packed, the carseat pad and cover is washed as is the boppy and all the baby clothes.

Jess, I hope you don't have GD. It really couldn't hurt to bulk up on protein and cut out the bad carbs. You mentioned that you don't think you eat enough. I sometimes think I don't eat enough. Lately, I can't eat very much at each meal. I worry that I don't get enough protein. HMMM, maybe I should eat a cheese stick or something?

I sure hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.
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Originally Posted by jessitron
Leenie, 8 lb sounds great. I hope my baby is that big. How can he be bigger than he "ought to be?" Sounds like he's just right.

It isn't that HE is bigger than he ought to be. It is that my uterus is measuring bigger than what it ought to be for as far along as I am. It always shocks the hell out of the docs and nurses when I deliver my babies. I am a very small person, I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I weigh 116 pounds. When I had my first DD the doc just sat there holding her. Looking at me, looking at her, looking at me, finally her said, "Where on earth did you hide all of this baby?????" She was 8 lb 6 oz.

It is fun to blow people away!!!!!!
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I haven't posted in awhile as I've been on bedrest and the fact that it hurt to sit. However the twins have dropped from my ribcage and I can sit pain free again.
Things are looking good with the twins. They are measuring a little bigger then average but I was told that could be because they gain weight earlier in case they are born early. Can you believe that I could actually have these babies anyday now. I'm almost ready.
I hope everyone is doing good and hopefully I'll be checking in again tomorrow.
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Hey Nathansmom!

Been wondering about you. So glad to hear from you. Great news that the kids have dropped and you can sit again. Let's see, you're a little over 32 weeks now. It's amazing that you could have your babies any day now.

And as far as measuring a little bigger, that's good. You must be growing nice healthy babes.

Happy Thanksgiving! All of us have so many things to be thankful for. Especially our precious babies growing inside of us. We are truly blessed.

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