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are you still sleepy?

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I am 13 weeks now and still feel tired and sleepy by 8pm every night. I would pass out by 10pm, but I never went to bed s early before I was pg, so I wake up almost every night and have a hard time falling back asleep. Anybody else has this issue? Should the sleepiness and tiredenedd be wearing off by now or is it still too early?
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It all depends on you and your pregnancy. This pregnancy is so different than my others were and it's freaking me out. Even at #5, you'd think I'd know better, lol. I'm 16.5 weeks now and still experiencing tiredness. Last night I almost fell asleep on the couch while watching TV with dh and the baby still awake. We have Netflix (love them!) and so we watch movies a couple times a week and I've found that if we don't watch them early enough it doesn't matter how into the movie I am I fall asleep. It's normal Nap when you can, fall asleep when you can. You're body needs it's rest, it's working hard, and you deserve it.
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I definitely hera you about falling asleep! i don't care how interesting the movie is. I just pass out sleeping. But I want to be more active, i want to be able to have energy to exsercise, read a book or whatever and so far I don't have any energy for this kind of stuff. I get tired pretty easily.

I always have my dh's family over for Thanksgiving. This year I am enlisting their help - his sister will bring dessert and his mom will make vegetables, salads etc, so I'll just have to make the turkey, potatoes and may be one salad. But I'll probably be tired from this much as well. ;( And I don't want to cancel - it became a tradition that I always have them over.
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I'm still tired ALL THE TIME! It's better when I get a decent night's sleep, but I've been waking up a lot at night and we have had some disruptions to our normal routines with having a ton of company last weekend.

That second-trimester energy needs to hurry up and hit me! :LOL
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I am 15weeks and I still get tired. Not sure if it is the cold or the pregnancy, but I loose my stamina around 8 or 9, whether I take a nap or not.
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At 14 weeks I am sleeping 10 hours a night with an occasional nap. So I would say yes I am still sleepy.
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I'm finally getting over being tired!!!! I'm further along than you so that could explain it but it was like one day I woke up and decided I didn't need to be in bed at 7 anymore! Wonderful!!!!!
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