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Wraps and airports

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I have to fly north tomorrow and ned to figure out how to juggle everything. Obviously dd2 (12 weeks) will ride in her usual spot close to her favorite food source and dh will have the ergo for dd1 (2.5 years) if she needs it. Here's the thing. I am really loving the wrap for dd2 because it is so secure and it makes it so easy to carry a backpack full of toddler books and snacks. But, I am afraid that they will make me pull her out and take off the wrap every time I go through security. This would be a royal pain. But, the only other sling I have is an ancient OTSBH that I had for dd1 and the padding makes wearing a backpack and carrying luggage really hard.

So, what have you all done? Should I risk the wrap and be comfy or cope with looking and feeling like the hunchback of Southeast Alaska?
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Depends where you are going. When i went to France in Sept we had Owen in a pouch in the kangaroo hold and at security in France we had to take him out of the sling and we both got full pat downs. In the UK they waved DH though the scanner whilst laughing and pointing at Owen and saying how cute he was like that
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All I know is every single time I've flown wearing ds in the sling, I've had to take him out and put the sling in the xray bin at security. It's a PITA. I don't think it matters to security what you are using as a baby carrier, they will still make you take it off. I hope you have better luck!
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We've always had to take dd out of the sling before going through security. It is a PITA. I think you kind of just have to plan on it. Any time we've flown out of devner or chicago I have to take my jacket off, take my shoes off, and take dd out of the sling. Always takes awhile to get everything put back to gether too.

Good luck!
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once in a rare while I've been able to wear my sling through, usually without DD in it, I think once with. But just in case I travel with my unpadded thin KK plastic ring sling. I think I'd wear the wrap. You only have to go through security once each way...
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I flew from LAX to Honolulu and then to molokai with my dd when she was 12m
and it was horrible. I didn't even think about securty. I have a baby trekker and they made me take it off SO MANY TIMES!! its hard to put back on with no one to hold your baby.
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They should make you take it off. I mean seriously, someone could hide anything in there under the baby. They also make you take a baby out of a stroller or carseat. It's a pain, but better safe right??? And I would imagine you'd only be going through security once unless you plan on going in and out of the gate area a lot.
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I flew cross country with dd when she was about 9 months, in a new native pouch. They made me take her out everytime. I agree, it sucks- but I don't think it matters what carrier you use.Go with what is comfortable, they will make you strip down either way.
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Take the wrap.

But seriously, whaat does it matter whether I'm wearing a sari as a wrap or as a dress? SaME piece of fabric but they would let me keep the dress on.

What if I'm wearing a scarf, or warm wrap? Hm, or a beach sarong as a skirt vs. a sling??????

OK, I'm reasy for a fight ... time to go to the airport!

Anyway, have a great trip. I find air travel with little ones so stressful; can you imagine ehat a pita it would be to haul a stroller, and unbuckle your baby each time? No more time consuming than a wrap. . .
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Thanks, all of you. You've pretty much confirmed my thoughts. They have always made me remove babies from carriers and it always sucks.

Truebluexf: At first, I kind of laughed at you. After all, who would use a baby to hide a weapon? Who'd put their baby at risk? Then I thought about it. There are people that sick. Sigh.

kunanma: It seems like the rest of the world has a better attitude towards kids than we do.

Morgainesmama: Those were some of my thoughts, too. What if the wrap were just part of my shirt; would I have to take it off and go through topless? I'm getting pretty good at air travel with little ones since that is the only way in and out of this town without a boat. Ah, the joys of living off of the road system. Would you believe that my 2.5 year old has her own frequent flier number and that this will be my 12 week old's second trip? Btw, and totally off topic: I am lusting after your fleece wraps in a big way. As soon as I can save the $$.

Anyway, since I know that the OTSBH pretty much sucked on the last trip, I think it will go in the luggage (since it's not bad around the house) and I will just allow time for the wrap.

Thanks again!!!
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It so sucks. I flew across the country with my dd when she was 4 months old. I had her sleeping in the sling and was so excited b/c I figured she would sleep most of the trip, but they woke her up so they could send the stupid thing through the x-ray. They also told me to take off my shoes *after* I had taken her out and there was no place to sit so I had to lay her on a table b/c I couldn't untie my shoes one handed. Meanwhile my very expensive camera and videocamera were lying completly unattended. And after I got through I had to drag my carry on barefoot 100 ft to find a chair so I could put my shoes on. Some random lady actually came over and tied my shoes for me b/c I was having such a hard time. It was pure hell. I can't believe that they don't have helpers for people with kids or who are disabled or whatever.
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We flew this past July and I wore my Kozy at Reagon National and they didn't make me take it off but in Denver they wanted me to take the wrap and my shoes off. I did take the wrap off with protest but my shoes were staying on. They search me but I didn't care. I have flown before and after Sept 11th and never has anyone told me to take my shoes off before and since I knew they weren't going to set the alarm off I didn't. I think it also depends on how busy they are and if the person is understanding.
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I think, if you don't wear sneakers, you can avoid being asked to take off your shoes.
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In Texas, I had to take off my sandals, baby, EVERYTHING -- the little tiny snaps on the pockets of my shorts were setting off the metal detector.
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i've been allowed to leave a wrap on, but always had to take the baby out. i've had to take off the pouch, the ergo, and the bjorn.
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When I flew from Honolulu to Kansas City they made be take the sling off and put it through the scanner, even though it was solarveil and you can see through it. : Oh, my kids have frequent flyer miles too :LOL
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Ooh, I know! Put the wrap on over just a tank or camisole, then put a loose button down over it. Take the baby out when they ask, and say "this is part of my clothing. I mean, they can send you through the scanner and pat you down if needed. Why should you have to take it completely off? Then you can just pop the baby back in.
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We flew last week and the TSA people made me remove Paige and the wrap-around, and send the fabric through the x-ray. It was a total PITA, because I was traveling alone, and when I asked the TSA agents for assistance they told me that they were not allowed to handle bags unless they were inspecting them. : (trying to corral a new walker, and load bags and carrier onto conveyor in a crowded line full of impartient people is difficult!)

After all of the I had to find a place to get the wrap back on...Next time we'll wear the pouch.
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At the gate you can request one of those little buggies. You feel a bit like an idiot having them drive you around but they have to help you; makes it quicker and easier to get from one side fo the airport to the other.
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I'm not a wrap expert (yet).

We were at the airport this weekend.

I usually use my OTSBH during the week. But for travel day/airplane/airport, I used the Maya Wrap.

I had to take it off so they could put it through the metal detector.
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