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Originally Posted by blueviolet
...I do balk at taking something so elemental and labeling it according to its relationship to something else, ...
Well said blueviolet! I completely agree!

I have always used the term Home Education. It seems to satisfy people that our children are getting an education, without my having to justify our means of educating. To me unschooling does imply that one is not "schooling" which we are not, however, we are educating our children, or rather they are educating themselves with our loving assistance. We do so much more than simply not schooling, IYKWIM.

So for us the term Home Education explains that learning is important to us and that we do it primarily in the home vs. an institutional setting (i.e. school) where as unschooling can sound like we don't put much value on learning, which is far from the truth.

If someone is interested in knowing more I'm happy to explain what we do, and don't do, and how this life style and learning style works. For the most part people are satisfied with the term Home education and don't care to know the details.

BTW, we used the term Home Education before the term homeschooling became popular and well known, and even then people understood what we ment. Most folks back then thought it ment we were doing an independent study program through the schools, but understood that we were doing it ourselves outside of the school building, anyway.
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I also went to the unschooling conversation that Brandymama heard and was so inspired and calmed by hearing it!

I don't know how I am bein constructive toward making "unschooling" a better term. I know that I will probably use the term with other homeschoolers to differentiate as I have with AP/ vs mainstream mamas. However, I had an insightful discussion with my Dad and Uncle this weekend. My Uncle is a USC/UCLA graduate who is so "SCHOOLY" and um in the box. My father is also so "school minded" although he did VERY poorly *in* school. So here I am giving a lot of how when we started this conversation I had the right as did they to agree to disagree on many levels. We did, they did. I *think* however we have the same goal...just very different methods to getting there with our knowledge. I want to *know* things...they do too...my kids do too. Soooooo we all take different paths based on our different drives and persuasions. I find that *certain* people *can* persuade me better then others...why is this? I just hear better in a certain tune...as do they....as do others to a different note....la la la... Anyhow, after a lot of conversation and a lot of arguments on *their* part they came back at me. I found that I still sat there agreeing to disagree respectfully and here I gained their respect and EARS for once. They listened because I SHUT UP and just AGREED TO DISAGREE!!!!!!!!!! Wow! what a powerful moment for me to not get sucked in and to hold my ground. Here is where I said....this is UNSCHOOLING. It is a "thinking outside of the box and with your child that can bend your mind in a whole new way to learning".

Thanks for letting me dump. Oh and please forgive my spelling as that is not in my awareness in this post.
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