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Okay, so this is it... I have found my true love - CHOCOLATE! I haven't had a lot of craving this time around, but lately all I can think about is chocolate milk, brownies, dark chocolate...mmmm..... In fact, my husband is on a prego run to the store right now for some chocolate ice cream. Hey, it's what the baby wants!

It's been a while since we've shared our cravings, anyone else having some??
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I'm right there with you. I LOVE chocolate. Usually every night I have about 1/8 cup of chocolate chips. Recently, my MIL gave me a bag of Dove Dark Chocolates. DH had to ration them to me everyday. He gave me 5/day. If he hadn't, they would have been gone in like 2 days.
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OH CHOCOLATE! How do I love thee? Let me count thy ways...

I rarely post on this board, but Delphina, you caught my eye with your title
I seriously cannot get enough chocolate either. My doula is relentless about the need for better nutrition if you are craving chocolate (I think it's magnesium that chocolate provides???). I feel like even though I am getting a good amount of what I need in, I still only want chocolate! There is a post in TAO for truffles and I have looked at it 3 times today...Any recommendations for chocolate fixes that aren't purely horrible for me???
Thanks Mama's, You are all so fabulous! I really mean it...
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Oh Boy, me too. I am a CHOCOLATE maniac!

I have found these and they are SO dangerous delicious!


I get them at Whole Foods, but you can buy online and I have seen them at some coffee shops. Give them a try or don’t, as you will be hopelessly addicted like me.
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Another chocolate addict here! Even when not pregnant I crave chocolate and eat some on a daily basis. It's soothing and I don't drink coffee or soda so I think of it as a replacement for those! I also drink lots of chocolate milk and love melted chocolate chips on graham crackers or banana bread. Oh or I love to dip banana, pear or apple slices into chocolate!

Oh boy now I need to go in search of some leftover chocolate goodies from Thanksgiving!
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MMMM Heather, those peanut butter cups sound like a dream. And even though they aren't great for you, there's really nothing scary in them! I will have to see if we have them at our nat. market here .
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Hi Ladies- It's good to know I am not alone with my new love! Babytime, OH MY GOSH - you gave me some wonderful ideas (not sure if I should thank you, though )! I think I will put chocolate chips into my banana bread next time I make it....

HeatherG - Thanks for the nutritious idea. I will look for them next time I go shopping. Other than these, Mamajessica, I rationalize that chocolate milk is good for me if I make it myself....

Marysmama- sounds like you have a great partner! Mine is just as much of a chocoholic as me, so he's not great at rationing. He is a triathlete, so he doesn't worry about desserts, etc.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Oh yeaaaaah, CHOCOLATE all the way!! Right now my little Sprite is booting up a storm... I'm *sure* it has nothing to do with the humungo mug of dark chocolate hot cocoa that I am sipping....
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Delphina, I agree that homemade Chocolate Milk qualifies as "good for you"! I will have to make some for myself! I went to our local HFS and got some Newman's Own mint oreo-type cookies, they seem to be doing the trick for today!
HMMM Slygrrl, my little one is also quite wild and I don't think it could possibly have anything to do with the chocolate love
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Glad to know I'm not the only chocolate obssessed pregant lady around here :LOL.

I've been sending anyone within a miles radius of See's candies to get me those milk chocolate cherry cordials. Mmmmmm..

Oh, and we can't forget the chocolate chip banana pancakes.
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Another Excuse, Chocolate makes babies Happy!

Hi, I am up, cant sleep so I am wiating for tea to boil and looking at MDC. You know there is some (sparse) evidence that chocolate is good for moms (yes, we know we think it's good for us!) and babies, too, in pregnancy? It was kinda of a bad study, it was like 300 moms and they reported at 3 months after birth that their babies were happy. It was self reported, and basically three months after birth the moms that ate chocolate in pregnancy were more likely to say their babies were happy. Their was no data on how much they ate or what form.....I kinda of theorize that the relaxed moms that let themselves enjoy chocolate in pregnancy were relaxed and let themselves enjoy their babies, too. But, anyway, here's the report on the study, if you need to justify those cravings! Other magnesium rich foods are greens and hazelnuts, but why, when chocolate is so much more fun!

There goes my tea water, chamomile and rose petals for me......
Had my fill of chocolate chip cookies earlier in the day!


Chocolate in pregnancy keeps baby happy

10:55 07 April 04

Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition. Subscribe and get 4 free issues.

Expectant mothers can take heart this Easter. Tucking into chocolate eggs is good for the baby, according to a study of over 300 women - especially if you are feeling a bit on edge.

Katri Raikkonen at the University of Helsinki, Finland, and her colleagues asked pregnant women to rate their stress levels and chocolate consumption.

After the babies were born, they looked for an association between the amount of chocolate their mothers had eaten and the babies' behaviour. Six months after birth, the researchers asked mothers to rate their infants' behaviour in various categories, including fear, soothability, smiling and laughter.

The babies born to women who had been eating chocolate daily during pregnancy were more active and "positively reactive" - a measure that encompasses traits such as smiling and laughter.

And the babies of stressed women who had regularly consumed chocolate showed less fear of new situations than babies of stressed women who abstained.

The researchers point out that they cannot rule out the possibility that chocolate consumption and baby behaviour are both linked with some other factor.

But they speculate that the effects they observed could result from chemicals in chocolate associated with positive mood being passed on to the baby in the womb.

Journal reference: Early Human Development (vol 76, p 139)
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Well, I love chocolate, but the one thing I've been craving this time is loaded tacos (beef, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cheese, sour cream). Great thing to go along with my heartburn. That and baked potatoes with sour cream. I actually don't crave chocolate any more than normal.
The taco thing is a bit strange because before I got pregnant I wouldn't have considered putting anything but meat, cheese, and sour cream on a taco, but I got this "weird" idea that crispy lettuce and veggies might be yummy! Last time, I craved cheeseburgers a lot at the end, so it's interesting that both of these cravings involve ground beef.
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P&A - that is so funny. I have never heard of anyone craving tacos!! But I guess there is something your body needs from them! For a couple weeks, I was craving a bean burrito smothered with lots and lots of green chili.

Human Being - I am so sorry you have to slow your life down, but it's wonderful having you around here more. *LOVE* the article you posted - keep 'em coming!!

Okay, back to my chocolate milk.... gotta keep my baby happy!!
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