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I am in the bathroom literally every 10 minutes; every hour all night.
How am I supposed to keep myself hydrated when every time I drink water the baby rolls over my bladder and thwarts me?!?!

All the peeing really is driving me batty, though. I peed a lot pre-pregnancy and it's only gotten worse. ARGH! Just have to keep reminding myself it's just 6 (ish) more weeks....
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I was avoiding drinking too much water for a while until I realized this: You're gonna hafta pee no matter what (and baby will use bladder as a trampoline at will), so you might as well drink a lot!



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This is new for me actually. I always carried my babies so high that it's odd to be experiencing an urge to pee every time I stand up or all those weird low twinges I'd read about but never really felt myself. Very strange. :LOL
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i get dozens of bh every day.. enough that at least once a day i htink *o* maybe i should keep an eye on these, than of course they stop!..
with my last i had a pretty intense bout of prodromal labour at about 30 weeks.. which sent me to bedrest town.. it was *any day now* until she came ....at 42 weeks..lol.. i am hoping this is not a repeat.. i have no interest in being in labour for 2 months...heh
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I get them everyday, some so strong I have to breath through them. If it is your second or more child you tend to have them earlier, more frequent and stronger. Fun Fun! Only a few more weeks to go!

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Haven't been around for a while, but this thread caught my eye because I don't remember BH at all with my first but this go round, whew, all the time it seems! But yeah, especially when I'm walking or lugging the almost-4-y-o about. Good to hear others' stories!
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I also haven't been around this board for a while...

But I never noticed BH with my first pregnancy and in fact only realised that I got them about two months back - didn't realise that the bowling ball feeling is what they are.

Anyhow, a few weeks ago I a BH about 5mins apart for about 3hrs - didn't twig to it until about 2hrs into it and started timing them, phoned my M/W and by the time she phoned me back 15mins later they'd stopped. She wasn't too concerned and just said to keep an eye on the intensity etc as far as whether I'm likely to go into PTL.
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lots here

this is my fourth baby and I get TONS of B/Hs! The midwife asked about a month ago if I had them and I said "when don't I?!" She startled me when she told me to tell if I was having more than 4 or so an hour- well I was and still am regularly. But as someone else mentioned they are not cervix changing so it is okay. I had lots last two babes two, definitely get more noticable each pregnancy.

Now I just make sure to drink lots of water and rest if they are getting to be too much. Oh, I am about 35 weeks too. I too have not had early babies so I am not worried.

And to those first timers who haven't felt them.... I didn't think I had either in my first pregnancy but after actual labor I realized I had had them but they didn't really hurt or anything so I didn't acknowledge them. Mostly just a tightening of the belly....

mom to four (almost- due early april)
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