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1st time mamas - are you showing?

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I am 13w 4d and don't have much of a tummy to show yet. I can see it a bit when I am naked and I also notice that my belly button is not as deep as it used to be. I love clothes that hug my body tightly, and you could see just a bit of that tiny tummy today, but that is probably because I know. It is still pretty small and I don't think anybody noticed. When did you start showing with your first? On one hand I want a tummy to show off and be proud of, on the other hand, I don't want a big one because I have a weak back and am very small framed, so it will probably be very physically demanding on me to have a big one.
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I'm showing.. altho strangers probably wouldn't notice, and people who only see me clothed would have to know I was pregnant to see it

Naked, definately. I'm at about 13 or 14 weeks as well, and you can kind of tell from the side, but it's much more pronounced looking straight in the mirror. The bottom part of my belly is so round! It's neat.
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I'm showing... but I am 18 weeks. My belly is nice and round. My dh loves it!!!
He's always "petting" it.
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I'm just now showing- at 23 weeks! But people who don't know me well still don't notice if I don't wear tight clothes. When I'm naked- very obvious!
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Jen, tight clothes is all I got in my closet, so that makes it impossible to hide anything. If I start buying and wearing baggy stuff out of the blue people will think something's wrong me me *lol* 'cause I never like to wera that kind of style.

Tish, are you feeling any movement yet? It's right around that time for you - how exciting!

almostfey, it seemed to me also that I was getting it at the bottom of my belly - could definitely see it when naked and could kinda see when I am clothed because of the style of clothes I wear. But now (probably after all that Thanksgiving food) I am just looking fat. *yuk*
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I meant to add also that if you didn't know I was p/g you'd probably think I was just getting fat. Lucky for me most people I am around know.

valeria_vi - I believe I am feeling movement !!! It is exciting. It is not constant, but I have noticed it more and more recently. Although I was expecting to feel butterfly flutters and that is not what it feels like to me. It feels like the little Peanut is lightly tapping on me saying "Hey, can you feel this?" My dh said something about my belly button looking different. Maybe it's like your's and not as deep as it was before.

Make sure you take care of our back and do what you can to strenghten it. My dm told me her back hurt her the most during labor. She said she thought I was going to break it. Ask your mw or dr about things you can do to make it stronger.
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I have found that it depends on what clothes i wear if you can or can't really see the tummy. as I said, I don't have anything loose, but sweaters that are just a little bit longer at the torso make it less noticeable.
Just a week ago I said I don't have much of a tummy, but I have changed my mind (or my body had changed *lol*). The changes are not sudden and drastic so it's kinda hard for me to keep track, but I do definitely see a tummy now. Can't wait until I feel movement!

I have picked a prenatal yoga tape and will pick some other prenatal exercise tapes - they s hould have stuff for back strengthening because it is quite cpmmon to have back problems in pregnancy. i just know ahead of time that I have a weak back, so I have to be extra careful. I have a mw appointment on Dec 14th - i'll be asking her for spesific exercises to help.
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Well, if you all are starting to show, you should take a belly pic! Come on!
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I wanted to do that during the long weekend, but we never got around to doing it. by the end of this week I'll have something to show for sure!
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I took a belly pic I just haven't had time to unload the camera on to the computer. I kind of wish I had taken one in the very begining so everyone could see the difference.
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I'm not a first-time mom, but with my first pregnancy I didn't show until 19 weeks, and no one else could tell until at least 21 or so. 24 was the turning point. Here's the first pregnancy belly shots: http://share-adobe.shutterfly.com/os...EeEOGrFozYs2VN
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annakiss, those pics are so cute!!! I am 14w4d and I thoink I look somewhere in between your 19 and 21 weeks pictures. I'll post my belly shot when we finally take one.
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