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when does the linea negra show up?

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I've forgotten when you usually start noticing a linea negra during pregnancy. I had one with both my previous pgs. I thought I had some darkening by this stage before - I'm 22 weeks.

Might I miss out on it this time or does the pigment usually start darkening later?
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I ALWAYS had a linea negra since I was a little girl. It got darker for me in my 16th week.
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I never got one. How come? Am I just missing out? :LOL
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I never got one. It looked weird on some of my girlfriends.
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My mom never got one and I don't think I will either- no sign of one so far (23 weeks). I am pretty fair skinned- maybe that has something to do with it?
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Never had one with dd and nothing so far this time. A nurse-friend of mine was telling me that apparently we all have a line there anyway - the linea blanca - but since it's, well, white/light, most people don't notice it. (I'd be v. interested to know how this plays out on darker skin tones, but as I'm v. fair, I can't tell if she's right or not!) The idea is that some people's linea blanca will become a linea nigra in response to pregnancy hormones, but others won't, and others simply don't have enough pigment. I think I'm in the latter category...
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I had one with my son.. dont remember exactly when it started.. somewhere after the 5th month though.. cause I remember wearing a bikini & not looking pg at all at 5 months

then didnt get one with my daughter

Im very pale
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Mine didn't show up in this pregnancy until about 28 weeks, and it is more faint this time than in previous pregnancies.
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I had VERY faint lines after 30ish weeks... only I noticed really...
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I'm another pale mama who never got one.
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I am 25 weeks and I have one only you can only see it when you look at me straight on from a few feet away or I can see it on myself in the mirror in the bathroom, but I can't see it when I just look down! I have had it for about 3 or 4 weeks. It is getting darker though, this is my first pregnancy so I have nothing to compare to.
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I had one with my first, around 28-30 weeks. I haven't gotten one with the previous two...
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mine showed up by 12 weeks.
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I never got one with DS. I did get one with DD, but don't remember when. I don'thave one yet this time.
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I had one with first pregnancy and not this time, I'm 23 weeks and nothing's showed up yet...which is a good thing because my last one wasn't very centered
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I am 29 weeks and my belly button is starting to darken a little, with a slight darkening now extending maybe 1" below my navel. I'm very fair though, and never tan well, and I think this has a lot to do with it.
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re:linea negra

I only recently started to show and I am 38.5weeks so sometimes it takes a bit. Just like stretch marks...my friend did not get any on her tummy until she actually went into labour..weird eh?
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I didn't get the line with my first or this time either & I am Italian with olive skin, not fair at all... Stretch marks from my daughter are very obvious (my daughter asks me why I have so many lines on my belly.)

She thinks the baby will come out my belly button. Gonna have to educate her with the date getting close. Having a homebirth. Can't imagine sending her somewhere else, as has been suggested by friends. This is her baby too.
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I have olive toned skin too ... but I'm not Italian. I do not know where it comes from I have the line already but... like someone else who previously posted I have always had it since I was born. I cannot remember not having a line. I haven't noticed it getting any darker. I am 18+ weeks.
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