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Kefir Questions

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I read part of the "Got Kefir?" thread below, but I have a feeling that if I added on to it now, I'd never be able to find my post again, much less any replies to it!

I'm allergic/insensitive to cow's milk, but I can handle goat's milk just fine. I'm interested in making kefir from goat's milk, but I don't know where to start. I would guess that buying the grains myself would be a lot cheaper than buying it ready-made in the health food store. Where can I do that?
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Yes you can certainly make kefir from only goats milk, you would use it just as you would cow's in any kefir instructions/recipes. The only thing Ive noticed is that goats milk kefir is not as think at cows milk kefir. no big deal though.
Go here to find someone near you to get grains from:
There is also a yahoo group called Kefir_making that you can post on to find grains. You can usually get them free-for-shipping or for around $5
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You can definitely use goat's milk. I am mailing grains out on Tuesday if you are interested. I'll send them for $3.85 to cover priority shipping. I'm in California and they'd make it fine, but it would be ideal to find someone local.
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