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Update on the spotting.

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First, let me say thank you for all the "cyber-hugs" and good energy. It has helped me to know so many who support and care even though I don't really know any of you! You are a blessing.

Well, here's what happened Wednesday. I had a vaginal culture, urinalisis (sp?), and an ultrasound. All came back fine except the culture which won't be back until tomorrow or Monday sometime. :

The u/s was great. All of us (kiddos too) got to see the baby. The big news I am only 13 w 2d pregnant! Which of course makes the spotting look more like normal 1st trimester spotting. Colton was so cute he kept saying "bebe!!" and "cool!" over and over. Austin was concerned because my belly was tender and the presure from the u/s hurt and it must have shown on my face. He asked me if I was ok, and why did my face look like that, and then came over and held my hand and told me he loved me. I just started weeping silently on the exam table. It was so touching to see such empathy and concern in a 3 yr old!

I feel confident that there isn't anything serious going on. I do think I have some sort of vaginal infection though. Which is actually quite annoying because the eternal itching is likely to drive me mad! I am treating it like a yeast infection on instructions from my MW, and hoping it goes away.

I still have some very minute spotting. I am talking bearly some color on the tissue, but it is still there. It does get a bit brighter and heavier, although not much, when I have been on my feet for a while. Which is why I am following MW's orders to stay off of them as much as possible while DH is off from work.

DH has been fabulous btw! I just can't rave enough about his help and support. With today being Thanksgiving all I can think about is how thankful I am for him, and what a differnce being with him has made in my life. More on that in another thread.

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Nichol, I am so glad that things are better. I do understand that panic feeling when you look down & see blood!! (I had that throughout my first trimester with my DD.)
Your Austin is so sweet. I cherish the endearment that we recieve from our boys, there is nothing better. (My Austin, is my cuddle bug and asks everyday, how the baby is doing!)
So if you are now, 13 weeks 2 days, are you still due in May? or June? (Stay here though! I am due end of may, but I know I will go to June, but plan on conversing here.)
Try to stay off you feet. Having a wonderful DH helps. No laundry, dishes, cooking. Perhaps go to bed with your kids & read, color, watch tv and enjoy that time if you can.
Take Care, and glad all is well.
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Nichol, glad everything looked good on the us and that it's slowing down a bit! Please let that wonderful dh of yours do as much as he can- what a blessing he is! I think this pg is even more wonderful than my others, because both of my girls have shown such tenderness towards this baby, even though it's the size of an onion right now :LOL Hope the infection gets cleared up- I can imagine how crazy it's driving you.
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