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morning sickness/gender experiment - Page 2

Poll Results: did you have morning sickness?

  • 34% (50)
    morning sickness/girl
  • 26% (39)
    morning sickness/boy
  • 11% (17)
    no morning sickness/girl
  • 18% (27)
    no morning sickness/ boy
  • 8% (13)
    other please explain
146 Total Votes  
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I couldn't really answer the poll, because I've had 3 pregnancies. For me, m/s seemed to get worse with each one, regardless of gender. 1st was a boy with minor, occasional nausea. 2nd was a girl, lots of nausea, frequent, but not daily, vomitting. 3rd was a boy, with daily nausea and vomitting for the first 15 wks or so.
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I voted other. Two pregnancies, one girl and one boy, no morning sickness whatsoever.
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I was soooo sick for the first 4 months of my first pregnancy - and delivered a girl. I was pregnant again right away with my son and had him within the year. I had no morning sickness with him - or maybe I was just too tired to notice :LOL .
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I was nauseous until 16 weeks with lots of dry heaving but I only threw up once so I kind of considered myself lucky

I had a girl
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I had a boy, but I was mildly morning sick. I only threw up two times, but I was nauseous constantly. I think that I sort of mentally stopped myself from throwing up, because it's very traumatic for me, and also, I just didn't have the time to be sick.
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With #1, I had no morning sickness. I had a girl.

With #2, I have had no morning sickness. I think it's a boy, but won't be finding out for sure until he's born in April.
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Three pregnancies; m/s was worst with the first pregnancy, and much less severe with the second and third. Boy, girl, girl.
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I had severe morning sickess with both my boys, plus my girl who I lost. It's wasn't as bad for Lily as it was the boys, but it still kept me off my feet.
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no morning sickness-boy
some morning sickness (def. more than with ds)--girl
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Morning sickness with #1 (boy), none with #2 (girl), morning sickness with #3 (girl).
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I, too, would like to hear your hypothesis. I voted no sickness, boy. The only time I was sick was when I ate bad Garlic Shrimp from China Palace. :

I read that morning sickness is a protective measure designed to prevent the mom from eating items that could hurt a fetus. So, the more MS you have, the better chance you have of carrying a healthy baby to term.
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I was sicker than a dog with both. I couldn't even keep water down with dd :Puke
But, the difference was migraines. I had migraines EVERY day for THREE months with ds, AND a 3 1/2 yr. old to entertain...
My mw said she could almost guarantee that it would be a boy. (she had migraines while pregnant with her boys) Considering migraines are sometimes caused by hormonal fluctuations, I believed her.
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I never throw up but i had nausea with my first for 5 months,a girl.For 3 months with my second,a boy.For 2 weeks with my third,a girl.For a month with my fourth,a girl.

I found it depended on healthy i was.The better shape i was in the less i had.
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I've had morning sickness with all 3 pregnancy in lessening severity.. All 3 boys..

Warm Squishy Feelings..

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oh this is so interesting! Would you mind pm'ing me after?
#1 not really any morning sickness and boy
#2 quite a bit of morning sickness but i donno what it is
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No multiple choice?

With dd I was sick every day. So sick at one point that I was vomiting blood.

With ds1 I was mildly sick. A few vomits, lots of nausea.

With ds2 I was very ill for about a month. Doesn't sound like a long time now but I thought I was dying.
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: Can anyone tell me how to make it so you can do multiple choice responses?
BTW trish that picture of Baby Joe is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.
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I was really sick with all of my pregnancies. But it was FAR worse with my boy than with my girls.
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twin boys, all-day/all-nite sickness for 4 1/2 months.
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I barfed my guts out with both pregnancies, and they are both girls. So far I have only puked twice, compared to 20+ times a DAY with dd#2. I'm hoping that means a boy.
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