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morning sickness/gender experiment - Page 3

Poll Results: did you have morning sickness?

  • 34% (50)
    morning sickness/girl
  • 26% (39)
    morning sickness/boy
  • 11% (17)
    no morning sickness/girl
  • 18% (27)
    no morning sickness/ boy
  • 8% (13)
    other please explain
146 Total Votes  
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No morning sickness at all.........baby boy!
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I was somewhat nauseous for about 12w with Xiola, and VERY nauseous for 16w with Ezra... FWIW, when pregnant with dd I craved spicy foods, and with ds it was all about comfort foods (I hear that's another old wives' tale)...

In my circle, it seems to vary by mama... if you got sick with your boy, you didn't with your girl, or vice versa... but yes, I've also noticed this phenonema... weird, huh? Its amazing the things our bodies can tell us!

to all the pukey mamas... that's no fun!
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Morning/noon/night sickness from day one!! Up until about 25 weeks. I had a baby girl!
Can't wait to hear the results!!
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I wanna hear the hypothesis too. I have always heard that people get sicker with girls than boys, but XM's theory sounds plausible as well.

As for me, I had not a twinge of nausea the whole time I was pregnant the first time, and I had a boy. This time, I haven't actually yakked but I have had a few days where I felt like I wanted to. Nothing too bad but definitely more than the first. I don't know what we're having yet but I have been thinking it's a girl, because of this.
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two girls, no morning sickness to speak of, just tired and slightly nauseaus if I went too long without food during first trimester.

one friend had morning sickness with first (girl) and much, much worse with her second, which was a boy.
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It would make more sense to ask people who have had both genders because a comparision of which makes morning sickness worse would be more interesting.

I believe it has nothing to do with the gender of the baby.

I used to believe that having a lot of morning sickness was = having a girl. I had bad morning sickness with DD and none with both of mine DS.

This time however, it was AWFUL and I am still having morning sickness sometimes at 7 months. And I am having a BOY!!
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I had extremely bad all-day nausea/ sickness for 2 -3 months in the first/ second trimester (not much vomitting but terrible nausea, I couldn't eat at all & lost weight) - I had a BOY.
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I have three girls. The first I had HORRIBLE all day sickness. The second almost none and the third mild morning sickness. I was breastfeeding through the last two pregnancies so that may have changed my hormones enough to prevent or lessen my morning sickness.
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I was going to vote but I can't. You should make it able to pick multiple answers! I have one boy and one girl and didn't have morning sickness for either.
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Baby #1 (boy) - had morning sickness for a few weeks, not bad at all though!

Baby #2 (girl) - no morning sickness at all

Baby #3 (girl) - no morning sickness at all

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I'm frusterated that I can't figure out how to go back and edit this to allow for multiple votes. I guess I did it too late at night when I shoulda been asleep Seems to be about 50/50 anyway though so far.
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horrible morning sickness starting about 2 months and lasted until about 3 1/2 months. I am having a baby boy March 24.
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My first 2 kiddos I had very slight ms from about 8-12/13 weeks. Only slightly queasy constantly. First is a girl, 2nd is a boy.

3rd baby I was sick as a dog from 5-18 weeks. He's a boy.

No correlation whatsoever in my case.
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Baby #1 and Baby #2 - little to no morning sickness = boys
Baby #3 - morning sickness = girl
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Bad morning sickness all three times. Approximately the same severity, worst this time though. Had a girl, a boy, and don't know yet.
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PG #1- no morning sickness or nausea-boy

PG #2- horrible/all day sickness for 7 months of PG-boy

PG #3-slight morning sickness (nausea only) first 12 weeks- also boy
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sorry everyone for not being here in a while. Well I had heard that Morning Sickness means Girl. My sister in law has 6 girls and 1 boy and only DIDN'T get Morning sickness with him. (Poor thing!). I have two boys and never had it. My Mom only had it with me (I have four brothers). My friends all only had it with girls (except one) sooo... Anyway, there is such thing as coincidence afterall.
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