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I'm looking for a safe, preferably natural, non-comedeginic (sp??) moisturizer for my face. I think this pregnancy has caused a flair up of eczema (which I haven't had in a while, and never on my face) or something. I'm miserable and ugly. My oils aren't cutting it. I need something creamy, as much as I hate that. So, any suggestions? Thanks
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I use Oil of Olay Complete for sensitive skin. I like Burt's Bees Carrot Cream too but it doesn't have SPF so I use the Olay Complete instead but both are very gentle and very moisturizing.
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not very natural, but my husband has horrible exzema, and the ONLY thing out of the hundreds we have tried that works is avenno's baby lotion. it was a fluke that he tried some at a friends house after washing his hands, and the exzema on his fingers was remarkably better by evening, and now he has hardly had any flare ups since we've been buying it.

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:LOL TOo funny... the only thing I could find today (out of the tons of different unscented lotions we've bought to try on ds's eczema) was the Aveeno daily baby lotion. It's actually done really well. I've put it on about 3 or 4 times today, and i feel so much better. The redness is also fading a bit. I just don't think that the apricot seed or the grapeseed oils were absorbing as well... or something.
Glad to know this could really work. Thanks.
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awesome! we were so glad to find out about it, and now there is a tube of it in every room, in the car, in peter's backpack, in my purse. lol

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I used to get eczema on my chin. Aveeno didn't work for me, so just in case, if for any reason you need to try something else at some point, I found skin care products by Ole Henriksen to work really well. They are all natural though a little pricey. You might find some on ebay or you can go to ole's website. I will try to put some links:

http://www.olehenriksen.com/product_...p?Product_ID=2 (this is the cleanser that I used)



A little pricey, but for some reason after using these products, it never came back (knock on wood)! If the Aveeno works, I would stick with that, but just thought you might want a back up plan. I know how painful and embarassing eczema can be (I used to look like I had a dark red goatee with flakey skin : )
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Woah, those are pricey.... but thanks for the links. I hope it doesn't come to that though. I don't quite have a goatee, but it's on both sides of my chin and next to my nose on both sides. Ick.
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