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Bumpy wool vs. Stacinator

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I'm thinking of starting a cloth diaper...uh, thing here in my town and I need a mass produced wool cover. I haven't tried either one of these. If you have, which one do you prefer? I feel drawn to the Stacinator (the stretch in particular) because of the snaps...I don't do velcro usually...but I hear lots of good things about Bumpy wool too.
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I've had both covers and think the Bumpy is good but it's got aplix so it depends on if that would work for you. The Stacinator is ok but it's thicker. I didn't find them to be any more stretchy than the Bumpy really. FWIW I kept some of my small Bumpys but got rid of the Stacinator when I found other wool I liked better.

I prefer SugarPeas to both of those and they are pretty easy to get. And she does wholesale if you are thinking of a doing a shop or something.

I think it's good to have as many choices (or examples - depending on what you are doing) available as possible.
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Haven't used the Bumpy....but want to! But I had a Stacinator and sold it. I was not the new stretch kind...it was the flannel wool. It was VERY bulky under clothing. It just didn't fit my DS right either.

I have heard great things about the Bumpys. I also highly recommend Sugar Peas- I have one right now and LOVE it! There is a waiting list for their wholesale. YOu might want to enquire about it.
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I def like bumpy wool b/c C outgrew one, I sold it and missed it so much I bought another. B/c its hand-washed (although can be machine washed, another def plus for newbies!), normal i-hate-velcro rules dont apply. Its nice and soft velcro...I don't think it bothers C at all. W/ bumpy you could also carry the PUL covers too, so the brand offers nice variety. (I don't know if stacinator has that too, just saying its def nice bumpy does-- although I've never used any of the PUL ones on C)

I've just gotten our first stacinator, although its old, toddler-sized and for the bedwetter (wool flannel I assume). I like it, but just started using it last night so not sure if I can give it a total vote of confidence. To me it basically looks like our SP, another brand I have loved using on C. I would still vote for bumpy over stacinator... vs SP might be a tie, depending on Mom's attitudes about velcro.

Aristocrats are very nice (just to throw another mass produced one in the mix).
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I have both...I love the feel and the trimness of the Stacinator Stretch (it is wool jersey) but it does tend to wick after a few hours if the diaper is soaked (DS is a heavy wetter). The Bumpy never wicks...I can even use it at night. I have left it on for a longer period of time during the day and couldn't believe the outside was totally dry. The velcro is so soft...not like normal velcro and it is easy to put on (very adjustable) and you can machine wash it. I would recommend the Bumpy for a new wool user (it was my first wool and now I have 4 or them!).
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I have both and I love the Bumpy covers! The velcro is very soft - at first I had to fold it under because the cover was slightly large, so it was touching her skin, and it didn't irritate her. The Stacinators don't fit as well. They are more bulky and scratchy, and more importantly, don't have gussets. I haven't tried the stretchy stacinators yet, though.
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Another vote for bumpy--leak proof for us even after 12 hours at night with heavy wetters. And I like the leg gussets for preventing poo explosions.
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Thanks! Wonderful advice. I will definately be trying out the Bumpy wool then.
I am actually thinking of starting a free service for any moms who are interested in cloth diapering. I plan on showing them several different systems and ordering whatever they whatever they want for them, since shopping on line is kind of a strange and different thing for some people. Then I'll be available to answer questions and help them with any problems they have. Just going through the thinking part right now.
Thanks so much ladies.
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2much, what a great idea! I hope you get it going. Let us know what happens, I for one would be very interested! (No recommendations for you--I'm only just starting to explore wool myself. Going by the folks who replied, I guess Ill be trying Bumpy!).
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