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Frugal recipes ( vege )

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Not sure this is the correct forum for this.

Dh ( the family meat eater ) is going away for a whole week in the middle of september. dd#1 ( the terrible teen ) is coming to stay for the week to keep me company. Well that's the plan anyways if she can drag herself away from the boyfriend.

I am planning for us to all be able to eat meals together which just does not usually happen in our house. dd#1 is a vegetarian. Me & Saffron are vegan. Since dd#1 has left home, she spends her life complaining about not having enough money for food. Altho' she has enough money for lots & lots of new clothes...

dd#1 reckons she learns better by seeing & doing. So what I thought I would do is get her involved in planning our weeks menus. Make them vegan with vege additions like cheese optional. & try to do it to a budget so she gets the idea that it can be done & how.

So, my question is, do any frugal mamas out there have any ideas, menu suggestions etc ?
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Rice and beans.

Frugal, not sexy and available everywhere. Dry beans being the cheapest and available organic for like, 79cents a pound.

Try a veggie chili or fantastic omelette for dinner. Spaghetti is a fav cheap standby as is lentil soup.

Also having fun with miso soup, oriental noodle soups, stir frys. A grilled tomato sandwich or grill cheese.

Vegetable soup, bean soup, ANY kind of soup (soup is great frugal).

Oatmeal or other grain cereal. Granola (OK, its not cheap but a little bit is very filling).
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thanx tessami

i spoke to her last night & she wants lots of marinated roasted veges "at least twice "- which should be easy & some pasta.

we'll do the stuff with oats as well. porridge, cookies, flap jacks etc. I'm gonna have to look out a granola recipe & see if I can make some as I've never had any confession or what ?

I love vege chillis & so does dd#2 but not so sure about the teen. I think I'm getting the meat eating boyfriend coming around for dinner all week as well he's big on noodles & likes veges so I may try a noodles & peanut butter sauce with stir fried greens recipe I've got which is really cheap.
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