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Getting things going....

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I am feeling much better! So I am about 37.5 weeks and I think I am about a week further along then that. I have regualar contractions for hours every other day or so. I am tired of this! I can't imagine this going on for another month.

My pool still hasn't arrived but I took a bath this afternoon in our garden tub and decided I can make do with it if the pool doesn't arrive.

After two pitocin inductions I am not ready to try anything like castor oil or herbs (too early now but ask me again in a month )Is there any harm in walking, sex, etc with the purpose of making things move along or quit?

My midwife seems to think my body is going to have a hard time going into full blown labor becuase of the last two pregnancies ending with induction. I am starting to believe her with al the stop & start....

We are going to the mall tonight to walk and have dinner. The mosquitoes are gigantic here and we can't walk outside......
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Good luck Amanda! I hope you're able to encourage your body to go into labor without official induction!
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Originally Posted by ~MommyAmanda
Is there any harm in walking, sex, etc with the purpose of making things move along or quit?
Well, as there's no harm in them when you are doing them with different motives, I think you'll be okay! I'd also look into Evening Primrose Oil (epo) there are a couple threads about it in "I'm Pregnant" and "VBAC" It doesnt' induce, it prepares the body for when it's ready, as I understand it. Also, stay away from long warm/hot baths and alcohol as both can slow down/stop labor. Good luck, and remember you still have plenty of time left -- don't let stress inhibit you either.
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Confession time.......

I put the moves (as much as possible with my huge belly) on my DH this morning purely hoping to get things going. I feel a little bit bad for deceiving him (I am SO not into sex right now) but he was happy, so I think it's OK. Right? right?
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I have given up....at least for today. Ask me again tommorow!

I am doing EPO so we'll see.
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I almost gave in to sex for that very reason. But, I'm not in the mood beyond not in the mood so I figured it'll wait. I'm 36+5 or 37 weeks depending. I'd like to ave this baby asap since my BP is creeping up.
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If the baby is ready...

Nipple stimulation can work, along with making love. My last baby arrived one day after his official due date (Naegele method), but he actually arrived exactly on his Wood's method due date. We make love frequently anyway, so I can't really tell you if it had anything to do with it or not... But I can attest to the nipple stim in making contractions regular.

I have never used herbs, castor oil, etc or had a medical induction, but know ladies who have. My first two both arrived a day before their due dates. The funny thing was, with babies 2 and 3, the doctor said she would let me go two weeks over then we would discuss induction. And it was like my body knew, and would not let me go over. The power of suggestion, I guess.

I am for making love, every day if you want.
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We have made love everyday.. always have had an active sex life It doesn't seem to help much with the ctx, but its a HUGE stress reliever at the end of a long day.
I'm taking EPO and still haveing crazy ctx..but not even cleaning out my car, and walking for 4 hours did much more than make me really tired!
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Try asking your midwife to find a homeopathic that would suit you. I have to admit I wasn't much of a believer in homeopathics (even though I had never used them or researched them at all ). But when I was in labour with my second, my midwife gave me some to help speed things up a little. Boy did they work!!!! I don't remember exactly what she gave me but as far as I know they are very individual anyway. She also did a bit of stimulation of my cervix to get things started. I was pretty desperate, I could tell my baby was very large and I was anxious to deliver before he became much bigger!
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