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hair loss

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Any suggestions...

My son will be a year old on 9/24.

My hair keeps falling out. I am worried I will be bald!

Is this normal?

I know hormones cause a lot of changes in your body but it seems as though it will never end.

Is there any supplements I can take or anything I can do?

Please Help!!
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My hair is falling out as well, but for a sort of dicernable medical reason... I have been told however that L-Lysine is the ticket to hair growth...

Your hair could be falling out because of hormone fluctuation or it could be a thyroid problem... Are you feeling lethargic ? Losing or gaining any weight for no see able reason? If the answer to either of these is yes please do get your thyroid levels tested.. It can make all the difference...

Hope that helps....
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I have super thick long hair and about 9 mos after dd was born it started falling out in clumps and was really noticable around my hairline. I stopped wearing my hair pulled back in a ponytail for awhile and used clips without metal and used scrunchies. I also had my hairdresser layer my hair around the front to lesson the weight of the hair. It helped alot. Im still taking my prenatals so I didnt add any other vitamins. Now 11 mos later its all grown back. I think its definetly hormonal and very normal. Very scarey though! But dont worry, it will grow back!
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Mine did that too...my midwife said it was because women tend to grow extra during pg and not much falls out, so later on you just lose the 'extra'. I was convinced I was going bald, but it does stop!
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It is really common for hair to fall out post-partum, BUT if you have any other symptoms of thyroid illness you should go get a blood test. My hyperthyroidism was first diagnosed when I complained to my midwife about losing my hair. Pregnancy can affect the thyroid and some women find that they are hyper- or hypothyroid after having a baby. My hyperthyroidism got a lot worse after Chace was born and is now being controlled medically. It is very dangerous to leave hyperthyroidism untreated because it can damage the heart muscle and possibly result in a life-threatening condition known as "thyroid storm".

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism:
-Excessive sweating
-Shaking hands
-Feeling too hot all the time
-Rapid heart rate
-Heart palpitations
-Blurred vision
-Hair loss
-Unexplained weight loss
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thanks for all the help

I think I have all the symptoms of the thyroid problem but the weight loss...

I will get it checked out.

Now maybe I will be able to brush my hair without fear running through my veins.
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