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When did you deliver your first baby?

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Did you go early? Late? How early? How late?

My sister is due Dec 19th and despite 3 years of midwifery training and 2 babies of my own (one late, one early) I am so worried she will go into labor before I get there. My kids and I will be trekking from Texas to NC for the birth and we are planning to leave Dec 10...

If I had a dime for every client or friend who was so sure their first baby would be early then it was late... lol, but for some reason when it's my sister I have totally lost perspective!

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40 weeks 6 days for my first - spontaneous labor.
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42 weeks both kids. On their own.

Good luck!! Drive fast
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My 1st was a scheduled cesarean at 39 weeks.

2nd was a spontaneous labor/birth at 38 weeks 5 days.

3rd was a spontaneous labor/birth at 41 weeks.
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Well, I was one of those that went before my due date with a first. Only three days before, but still. It does happen, on occasion, but you will probably be okay, leaving that big of a window.
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If it makes you feel any better..........my first was about 3 weeks late and my second was right on time........no early birds!!!!!!!!!
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my first was wxactly 2 weeks late
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Dd was born at exactly 41 weeks, spontaneous labor
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I was induced at 41w 4 days

I'm hoping for an earlier one this time

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My dd was 1 day "late". Whatever that means, lol.
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DD was born 4 days after my due date, so in other words...right on time!
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3 days past due date. (I was induced... so not sure how long I would've gone, though.)
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My first son was an emergency c-section at 34 weeks (due to severe pre-eclampsia/HELLP syndrome).

My daughter was a c-section at 35 weeks (due to defect requiring immediate surgery).

My second son was born at 38 weeks with a scheduled c-section.

My third son was born at 37 weeks via c-section after my water broke.
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My ds was born 9 days before my EDD.
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My dd's EDD was 2-12-99. I went into labor on 2-8 and had her at 4am on
2-9.A planned UC and 9.6 lbs.. My second also born at home was 2 weeks *early* and 9.8.
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I herbally induced with my first at 42+ weeks
baby #2 labor started at 41ish weeks
baby #3 labor started at 41ish weeks...
good luck with your sister!!!!!!!!!
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I was 4 days "late" with my dd. According to the ultrasound tech I was 5 days early since she was "too small" on the ultrasound.
I kept telling the guy that there's no way I could have a baby that wasn't that small since me and my husband are both tiny.
I went into labor a day after my due date (I had a cervical massage on my due date) and had her 3 days later with no meds or anything at a birthing center.
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i was due on 09/20 and started contractions that day. micah was born on 09/22.
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39w 1d. i was in denial it was 'real' labor b/c i really thought i would go past my edd. i wasn't sure of my dates & suspected my edd was about a week off. but dd came out a perfect full term baby!
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I had a full moon baby 2 days post due date- and I had dialated to 1 cm at 36 weeks! So I felt like that last part lasted forever since I thought "I'm going to have her any day now!"
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