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Wow! Thanks everyone... I think I feel better, lol. I'm trying to get in a good place about the possibility of missing the birth... she's my only sister, my baby sister, so it won't be easy, lol.
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I was 37 weeks, 3 days with my first and it was spontaneous labor.
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I was 38 weeks 2 days with my first <but I had a 50 hour labor>

I was 36 weeks 4 days with #2
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My first was 4 days before my EDD. Seems to run in the family.
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#1 40wks exactly
#2 40wks 1day
#3 41wks 2days

errr if this goes by that trned ill deliver at 42 wks 3 days EEP!
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A lot of people have told me that if your periods are very regular you'll deliver more "on time." Totally held true for me! Ask your sister about that Sheena...
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39.5 weeks, but I have an irritable uterus
38 weeks for second baby

Good luck!!!

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Both labors started naturally.

#1 was 38 weeks. #2 was 40 weeks, 4 days.
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first - one week early - spontaneous

second - due yesterday - we'll see!!!

second one was born 40 wks + 4 days
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EDD was 9/24, she was born 9/12-naturally.
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My ds was born 2 days after his EDD.

My dd's EDD was really estimated so we don't know exactly how 'late' or 'early' she was.
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1st - 5 days after EDD
2nd - 7 days after EDD
3rd - 10 days after EDD (but he was induced, so I have no idea how long it could go on its own)
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My first was 8 days past her due date.
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41 weeks 2 days

Good luck!

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43wks....60 hrs of on & off labor. If I were your sister, you would've had plenty of time to get here. :LOL Good luck to you & your sister!

I've always had very regular periods but I was definitely not on time with my 1st...maybe next go 'round!
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My first was born on her due date. I really prepared to go a week or two or three over, since that's what's common. I didn't call the midwife 'til I was pushing :LOL

My second didn't have a due date b/c I never got a period between the two children. He was due in April or May, and he came May 15th
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first due date was 9/19. got moved back to 9/14. was ordered to bedrest on 8/11 (cervix was thinned and baby kept pushing his head against it).

spontaneous labor started at 1 p.m. on 8/14, and sinjin was born at 11:03 p.m. that same day, a full month 'early'.

of course, the day before he was born, we got a new apartment, and i got the nesting urge, so i ignored my bedrest order and spent about 5 hours nesting....cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, the floors, the windows, the walls.. :LOL
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spontaneous labor at 39 weeks 2 days
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I decided to leave early. : We're leaving Sunday early early... thanks for all your input everyone!

It's so funny... when it's a client I am all "Oh, a first baby, she will be late, I'm not going to worry..." but when it's my sister I feel like I should have got there at week 36, lol.
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My first was born 30 seconds before her due date!
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