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Anyone sewing or knitting for the MDC needy moms?

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for more information on this wonderful idea...

I was just thinking that if anyone else is going to be sewing/knitting/crocheting for this cause, it might be nice to share ideas, resources and patterns. Myself, I need to find nice clothing patterns for a young girl (around 5, I think. I was thinking of some of the recent Ottobre patterns - would these be appropriate to send?) and a pattern for footed sleepers. Anyone else?

Also, if anyone is willing to donate their time and energy, I have fabric and some yarn that I would be happy to send to you so that you can also participate. (A gal's only got two arms and twenty-four hours to work with...)
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I just saw that thread...thanks! I volunteered to make some dipes and a doll...maybe some clothes. I guess it depends on who I get matched with.
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I volunteered to make some diapers too. I normally wouldn't have volunteered being such a new sewer but my third diaper turned out lovely too so I'm starting to feel confident enough to help someone in need, kwim? Thanks for the link - I had no idea it was going on.

Edited to add - not more than 5 minutes later I have my match! I'm making some medium and large diapers. If you have any material you can spare to help me make these I'd gladly accept it.
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I was going to try and make some Waldorf dolls and maybe knit something if I can find the time. I would love to accept any donations, though

Can I just say, I really don't have much to spare right now, but I just think this is the greatest idea. Its really in the true spirit of Christmas, yk. It feels so much better to give than receive.
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I offered to knit a soaker or longies. The longies will have to get there after x-mas as I am buried under other x-mas projects but I could whip up a soaker on a Sat. afternoon. How could we get the word out about making stuff ?

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How about like this? Should I link to this thread too?
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Thanks for posting about this. I just found out from this thread and pm'd tracy. I said I'd make some dipes, but I'm hoping to have enough time to crochet a bag and knit three matching wool balls. Maybe I'll start today...

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Yay! You ladies rock the house.

JennInSeattle - what type of diapers are you making? I can send you some PUL and elastic...I'm running low on fabric for inners, though.

Mamamaya - what kind of materials go into Waldorf dolls? Yarn? Fabric? (Never seen one irl) and thank you so much for linking to this thread in your siggy. (But, ummm - the link doesn't work...)

As for getting the word out - this thread is a good start, but does anyone go to a local SnB? Maybe your irl knitting buddies would be willing to make delicious little baby clothes. I have a copy of Minnies (http://www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/ASI...273780-7186700) if anyone wants to try out a new pattern. I can photocopy the pattern and send it to you...LMK.
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You ladies are always so wonderful! I love sewing and crafts .
Does anyone have any ideas of some very quick projects that may be helpful??? I am buried under Christmas projects and new baby projects, but I know I can find time to complete a few small things. I have a few washcloths, etc that I have crocheted and lots of materials to make other things...any ideas??? I will also PM Gemini and ask her.
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This sounds like such a great thing to do.
I also have PUL and elastic to spare if someone has the time and wants to donate, but doesn't have the materials.
I'm going to go right now and check this out!
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I wonder if an offer of knitting patterns would be helpful.....
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Well my Darling Diapers pocket fitted pattern has a variation for PUL pocket diapers and I know Jayne has made them with success off of the same pattern so I'd gladly take some PUL to make the diapers with and I can never have too much elastic in seems! I use about 17 inches of elastic per diaper and plan to make 6-10 diapers for this mom. So far I already have one done. I'll pm you guys, thank you!!
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I just volunteered to crochet, but I could also sew. I will pm Tracy about this.

I have some sherpa to give to the cause...also I need yarn if someone is willing to donate that to me.

This is so great!
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Oh, and one more thing - if you are volunteering, please make sure to post a message on the original thread. I know that a lot of you are very well known and respected by MDC members (some of you even have fan clubs ), and I think that it might help some of those potential helper mamas sitting on the fence to see that you are helping in whatever way that you can. (Boy, that was one helluva run-on sentence. As a former English major - I am ashamed.) :
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okay you guys..let me talk to Gemini.. she will probably be the one that needs to post here as she knows more of the details about these kind of needs.. I know some but she knows more...

hugs and thank you, SEWERS & KNITTERS!
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I've thought about it. I have two more projects I need to complete for my family. I have lots of other yarns that I won't use for anything particularly so I might as well make some kiddie scarves and hats. Even mommy and daddy hats and scarves!

So I guess my answer is maybe
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OK--I already volunteered to help Tracy with gift certificates, and gemini with some gently used items, but this thread has my creative juices flowing.

I could make a pile of no-sew scarves from some polar fleece I have kicking around--that's quick and easy. Maybe sew a hat or two, too. I also thought I could give a few craft 'kits' for older kids to work on, like felted wool ball kit or a playsilk kit, since I have so much stuff hanging around.

Thanks for ideas, everyone!

I also have some yarn hanging around (for you knitters who are making stuff), but it's all acrylic, so it wouldn't work for soakers, but I don't know if it would be helpful for some other projects?--maybe for hats and mittens/scarves? And I think there's one half finished crochet scarf connected to one skein that maybe someone could finish. Let me know if any of that stuff will help you and I can squish it into a first class envelope and get it right out to you.

Keep this thread going...more helpers, more helpers (and please consider giving a gift certificate if you can help that way too!)
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I think I will be able to swing it without any donations bluehalo. Thanks so much for offering!

I still haven't heard anything back from Gemini yet (I hear she's busy compiling all the matches) but I'm just going to go ahead and make the dolls. I found a great free pattern in the tutorials section. I also have a great rag doll pattern that my mom and I have been making for many years. So I can't wait to se who I get matched with. I'm so glad so many people are joining in. This is awesome!
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I think this is a wonderful idea! Thank you so much ladies! I think anything you can make will be so well received no matter what. PM me when you figure out what you want ot make so I can match you with a mama.
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Originally Posted by pamelamama
I wonder if an offer of knitting patterns would be helpful.....
I don't think I've got time to knit (still working on my family's presents, and poor Aj was begging me for mittens this chilly morning!) BUT, I'd be happy to donate any of my patterns to those willing to knit them for mamas and bebes in need. Should I post on the thread linked above? I've probably even got yarn I could send along, as long as someone's willing to knit it
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