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Angelo sleeps pretty sound at night. He nurses maybe twice, but is not fully awake. I change him if he seems uncomfortable or if he is gassy. Otherwise I change him right before bed and right when we wake up. We use FB or ubpf w/either another prfolf or a joeybunz and aristrocrat cover. He hasn't leaked yet at night..............thank God! Mamas too tired to change bedding in the night!
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I change my dd once during the night. She usally sleeps from about 9 to about 6 and I change once in between those times.
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I used to change at every pee until I was too utterly exhausted. Now I put her in a Fuzzibunz and that can last her all night. Sometimes she wakes up around 11 and like really wakes up so I change her, but most of the time she'll sleep through until 6 or later.
ETA: She does nurse several times in the night, but we co-sleep so its just a roll over and eat kind of thing.
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I confess!

: I'm using sposies at night because I haven't been able to find anything that works for us cloth-wise for overnight. I think I will try some of the things that pp's said are working.

Jen, since I'm a PF gal, I'll probably try your hemp combo next.
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I have to confess as well that we've been using sposies at night....

Both girls sleep 12 hours plus, and I hate waking sleeping babies up. Unless one of them poops at night (very abnormal for both of them), I don't wake them to change them.
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I quit changing Alex at night once he quit waking up to nurse!

Before that, I would pretty much change him quickly and quietly whenever he woke up to nurse.
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I don't change Brandan (17.5 months) at night at all. He sleeps right through (most nights). We always have fleece-lined diapers wool soaker or cover.

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Haley (1) sleeps in a nightlight packed with a infant hemparoo. I don't change/see her till morning. And she sleeps from 8pm to 9-10 am.
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Alex goes in his bedtime diaper around 9pm (bedtime) and he wakes between 5-6am to nurse. I stick a finger in his fuzzi bunz combo to see if he's damp. If he is then dh changes him, if he's dry then I change him when he gets up around 8am.
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When dd was a newborn she pooped EVERY time she ate and at night that was every 2-4 hours ...so I changed her every 2-4 hours (that was so incredibly exhausting!!!) ... then when she started to sleep longer and stopped pooping ALL the time I stopped changing her at night (I'd have been NUTS to try and change her ... get her fully awake and try to put her back to sleep). Now that she's potty trained and only wears diapers at night I don't usually change her ...however she did get a sore bum recently from super acidic pee (she wound up with some open sores ... odd because aside from a yeasty rash early on she never had a typical 'diaper rash' until now) and I wound up having to change her in the middle of the night for a few weeks because she would wake up crying (didn't matter that all her diapers are micro fleece lined or that I coated her sores liberally with penaten).
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I also changed DD after nursing her every few hrs the first couple of months... Now shes only waking up kind of- looking to nurse so I feed her and put her right back to sleep. So we get her in the "night time" diaper around 8 or9 and then she stays in it till about 8 am. The diaper is always soaked but her clothes are always dry!! We use a nightlight and a cheap nylon cover
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At 13 months, DS is still waking up twice to eat every night and I change him the first time. He goes down at about 7p.m. and wakes up at about 11:30. I change and feed; then he wakes up again between 3 and 4:30 a.m. so I check and change if he's soaked; if he's just wet I leave it till he wakes up for the morning at 6:30.
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Wow. Well, we've found that a super stuffed FB (which means two stuffers at this point) will keep his bum and the bed dry until morning. So, unless it's not snapped right, or he falls asleep in a different diaper, I don't change him until we're up for the day, and we're all better for it. He also doesn't poop at night, so we don't have to worry about that. I just remember trying to change my older son (in sposies) during the night, and ugh - I was so sleep deprived back then, I've been very glad to find a solution that works for all of us!

I did use a hemp Mutt with a fleece topped doubler and a wool RumpWrap a few nights ago and it worked really well, too.
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I don't chnage at night, we use fuzzi bunz with hemp stuffing!
We go to bed between 9-10 and get up between 8-9
she doens't sleep through but we co-sleep and she nurses and barely wakes up to do so an If i were to get up and chnage her she screams bloody murder. sometime if she's had an especialy wet night when daddy gets up at 6 he'll chnage he if she's leaking, which usualy only happens when she is on her side.
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So I'm thinking I need to get some Fuzzi Bunz again!
Luke is in sposies at night because I can't find anything else to hold him all night long - he sleeps for 8-12 hours too, and on his tummy, and compression wicking happens. Timmy sleeps in a hemp Muttaqin and wool soaker, and we often get leaks. I've started limiting his liquids in the evening as a last resort.
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Originally Posted by Ackray
Haley (1) sleeps in a nightlight packed with a infant hemparoo. I don't change/see her till morning. And she sleeps from 8pm to 9-10 am.
Wow, thats a lot of sleeping! (said with respect and some jealousy ) I've never had a child of any age sleep that long.
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I don't change either of my 2 in diapers at night. Both wear Nightlights with heavy wetter inserts (an extra hemp doubler added too for Jack) and some sort of wool cover (soaker, longies, etc). Sara sleeps from 6pm to 7am and her Nightlight is barely wet most mornings and Jack sleeps from 8pm to 7am and his is usually pretty wet but I like that the Nightlights are fleece lined so at least he feels dry.
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If you want wool at night, you might try a bumpy wool.

When they stopped pooping through the night, I stopped changing (so, unless there is poop--which is rare at night now--I don't change till morning). My guys wear a hemp muttaqin with a fuzzi bunz microfiber insert (just so they don't pee throught the hemp in one great gush), a gerber ez liner so they feel dry, and a bumpy wool. I love the wool for the breathability--we use wool all the time--but the bumpy at night because it never leaks. My guys go at least 12 hours at night in one dipe (6:30-7 usually)--and it is usually soaked through for my heavy wetter no matter what I've added to it (we've had a wool liner, two soakers, etc--still soaked through by morning)--yet no leaks--the bumpy is great. We started in sposies and had leaks often with my heavy wetter (he is beyond heavy)--but only the first night in a bumpy cause I didn't put it on right!
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Originally Posted by USAmma
I stopped changing both my babies at night when they stopped pooping at night. My sleep is worth more than that.

That's what I did too. Around 2 or 3 months or so. We used hemp fitteds with wool covers (Crystal's Cloth ) for quite a while, but now she wets less at night so most of the time we just use a solid HH with 2 hemp duz-it-all inserts.
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I also stopped changing ds at night when he stopped pooping at night - prolly 4 months or so. I am pretty sure he holds the pee until the morning, b/c if he is really awake in the middle of the night (like last night), and I change him, it is still dry.

We use one of two nightime CD systems: a FB with 2 hemp inserts, or a prefitted CPF with a hemp doubler and a Bummis SWW. The FB is nicer b/c it keeps him feeling dry.
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