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Weekly Thread: 11/29-12/5

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Is everyone's schedules calming down now that Thanksgiving is over or have you been thrown full tilt into the crazy world of the winter holiday season?

We're progressing nicely, getting a bigger belly all the time and growing out of pants. We're being a helper family this year rather than buying useless presents for our very comfortable family and friends. Check out the link to see how you can help.

Hope everyone is well and looking forward to this week's chatter!
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WooHoo!!! I got 3 kicks during class today!!! I hope I didn't look like an idiot sitting there with a big smile on my face while the instructor lectured :LOL
I couldn't help it though. Feeling my baby kick is so special....hmm wonder if I'll be saying that in a few months or will I be saying ouch that was a hard kick in the middle of a lecture.

Nym- I believe I saw on the other thread that you got a got a good kick early this morning. It's nice to know things are progressing in there

Ok let's get chatting.
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I'm here. Went to the chiropractor for the first time today. Start prenatal yoga on Thursday. Hoping that will help with the being uncomfortable all the time. Feeling Tired, having headaches, which I think may be due to lack of sleep instead of lack of water now. No longer nauseous, but eating ALL the time, which is fine. Starting to show a bit. Will take a new pic tonight and post it on my blog (click anna kiss busy gestating in my sig). Have been super psycho lately, which I'm blaming on the hormones, but I'm realizing I can't just keep doing that. My son is still driving me crazy and I really want a vacation from him (ain't that AP of me??? ). Luckily, my husband is finishing his semester this week and we will have a whole month of not having him mostly to ourselves, which means lots of play time for me and lots of family time for us.

I have to finish all my Christmas preparations. I have my shopping done, but not my crafting. And of course there's the wrapping and whatnot. I still have to finish my cards as well, which is behind for me since Thanksgiving is over. I'm sure I'll get them out this week.

So... not feeling any movement here. Glad to see others starting in with that! How exciting. That part just makes it feel all the more real, doesn't it?

Who's got a question of the week for us? Anyone buying anything for the new baby yet????
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Hello Ladies. Should be a great week this week, my kids are back in school! I needed a break from the bickering.
I have not even started christmas shopping, and very envious of those who are finished!!!!! Not even sure when I will start, need to get the finances in order first. I did decide to kick my nieces off the list. (Wow, that sounds cold!) Now keep in mind, these neices are full grown and in college. (When I was their age, I was buying them presents, now it is their turn to buy for my kids, and I will start buying gifts for my sister again. Besides, they are VERY spoiled and have everything a college kid could ask for, including paid tuition.) In my family, we only buy for the kids, and of course Grandma! Maybe I will make them cookies during finals week & ship them.
I realized today, my queasiness is cutting back. Do not want to get my hopes up as last time I thought that it came on full blown. Not feeling baby move yet, but can feel my uterus growing. I meet with my midwife for my intial interview tomorrow. I hope she will check for a heart beat.
Caught a cold, and hope it passes real soon. Keep drinking tea & water and hope I can pee it out (the cold).
As far as buying for the baby, not me. I real superstitous (sp). I probably will not buy for this baby until early spring. That is just how I am, I know I am wierd. I have been looking but will not buy or even register for anything for awhile. Anyone have a good source for CD's that has a registry??

Hope everyone has a great week.
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I am definitely feeling baby kick now (from the outside too)! I got food poisoning from Thanksgiving dinner *sigh* but morning sickness is pretty much gone. I am 18 weeks now, my u/s is in 3 weeks. I would to have girl, but after Colby's health issues, I want a healthy baby with all organs functioning most of all!

Colby (DS2) is having some health issues again, they think it may be something with his liver, and his left eye has been crossing (a recent development), so the dr. wants to see him ASAP. It's hard b/c we don't have a car, so my mom has to drive 25 minutes to come & get us & then bring us back home again. I wish Colby's health problems would resolve themselves. Poor guy doesn't need to deal with all the dr.s. It's hard to relax & enjoy this pg w/out worrying about whether the baby will have similar health issues.

I posted before about my sister's passing, it is now a police brutality case. I don't want to post the whole story here as a civil suit has been filied as will a criminal case, but if you are curious you can pm me. It is absolutely senseless.

I have registered at babiesinthesun.com & naturalbabies.com for CDs for the baby. The only other thing we really need is a carseat (and if it's a girl~ clothes!). Also, we need a crib or a co-sleeper. DS2 hated co-sleeping, he always slept better on his own, maybe b/c of all of the hospital stays? I hope everyone with colds feels batter!

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14 weeks

Hi everyong - this is the fist time I have joined in on the weekly chat. I look forward ot gettingto know all of you better.

Calimommie - I am sorry to hear about your sister. I can't wait to really feel baby kick, must be fun!

Well when I woke up Suunday morning I felt normal YAHOO! I did not puke on Sunday or Monday but I did do it this morning : Although I hate throwing up I would gladly do it every morning if I did not have to deal with the 24 hour tummy ache.

Last Wednesday at our checkup we got to hear babys heartbeat. It was great to hear (why is it I still don't feel like I'm going to be a mother again?) M/W said baby has a strong h/b for his/her age.

We have everything we need for baby except a carseat and some more diapers. I think I will register at naturalbabies too.
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Hey everyone! Glad to know that we're all feeling well and some are feeling movement. I'm 17 weeks now and, while I swore I was feeling very early movement, every time I think I feel movement now it turns into gas Hopefully I start getting those good, hard, regular kicks soon. I have an u/s scheduled for Thursday and I can't wait!
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I am trying to write a paper on Gothic architecture and it is taking me FOREVER !!! I have been working on this thing for over a week now and I am soooooo sick of it. You would think it would be simple, but there is nothing simple about the Gothic period. There is way too much detail. Sorry about the rant. It's almost over - less than 2 weeks. Anna- I'll bet you know what I am going through w/ your husband going through it too (except his is much much more difficult... I'm still an undergrad ).

Anna- How is your prenatal yoga going and how was the chiropractor? I can't afford to go to yoga but I'd really like to. Maybe there are some prenatal yoga videos I can get. About the psycho thing, I think we all go through spell where we feel like we are psycho (and we probably are !) but at least it will eventually pass. I know how much it sucks to feel that way.

Deb- I hope your mw appointment went well for you today. Update us and let us know. Get good rest and stay hydrated to knock that cold out

Amibeth- I am sorry your DS is having health issues. I hope everything will be ok and they will clear up soon. I know you have had a very difficult fall and I offer you many

Aaudreysmom- How exciting you got to hear the heartbeat. It's so special to hear that muscle working so hard.

Wende- You're getting and u/s this Thurs!!! Yeah. Will you post a pic for us to see? I hope all goes well for ya.

I am still feeling those kicks here and there. I can't wait til dh can feel them too. He wants to be able to feel them so bad.
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18 weeks

I felt the baby move twice last night, once good kick, and lots of rolling around. It feels soo weird.

I moved my appt with the doc from the 15th to the 8th, since I am going to harass him for an u/s and a gender request. We are the kinda people that need to know. We don't feel connected for some reason otherwise.

DS has been teething, ans has been a real boobie hog. I can rarely lie down without him flopping on me and nursing. Sigh, he has also been up late at night, which leads to a tired Vanessa!

We do have our Xmas shopping for DS done, but not the rest yet. Also, I am being a helper mama this year, so I have to get that stuff too.

My FIL is coming for Xmas, which should be nice, because we are not spending it with my family. They are not at all happy about that, especially since my brother and sil are getting married on the 26th, but we just can't afford to go down there this year. Especially since SIL is being cheap my having her wedding on the 26th, so she doesn't have to make decorations - just use Xmas ones, do invitations, since everyone goes down for Xmas, or even make food since they will just use xmas style appys. They are not even having a dinner, since they will have had Xmas dinner the ngiht before. But, they are in New Zealand atm for 5 weeks, spending the 20 thousand dollars they got a loan for.

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18 weeks...say WHAT?! I mean, seriously...where has the time gone? Geez, before I know it I'll be going to L&D!! Yikes! I find myself less stressed this pg though which is a nice switch. Only thing I freak over now is having two kids, 16mo. apart! I have felt VERY subtle movements in the last few weeks, but this poor kid has a lot to "kick" through also.

I have started walking a mile as many days as I can, usually when I'm at work b/c that is the only time I have to do it...and the only gym available to me (too cold outside to walk). But so far I have gained 15lbs. I gained 75lbs. with Ava but lost almost half of that by the time I got home!

Which leads me to a QOTW: How much weight have you gained so far? And if this ain't your 1st pg - how much is normal for you total?

I have my next OB appt. on Dec. 6th and she will be scheduling me for an u/s at that time...I'm thinking we will find out sex but it is really up to DH.

Vanessa: Good luck on getting the gender!!! I hope you get to find out!!

Wende: Good luck to you too on your upcoming u/s...will you be finding out sex of baby as well?
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At my last appt, uhm 2 weeks ago I had gained 5 pounds. Actually, I had gained 8, and lost 3, so 5 so far.

I gained 40 pounds with Kai, and lost 32 of it by 4 weeks PP. But I am overweight(40 pounds at the start of this preg) to begin with. I am starting this preg 20 (was 25 until we moved) pounds lighter than my last though. I am hoping to gain less than 30 this time.
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I've gained 9lbs so far but probably more than that now. I look at food and the pounds just latch on to me. :LOL
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Well, I guess I updated too soon. *sigh* I had some prenatal blood tests done to screen for genetic things they don't usually screen for (Cystic Fibrosis, Fragile X, etc.) & it turms out I am a carrier for CF, which is what they thought Colby had in the first place. So we are going to Sac to see a Perinatologist (sp?) & recieve gentic counseling. For us, it doesn't really change things (we'll still have the baby, no matter what), but if there is something going on we'll at least know what to expect once baby comes, and it may help us figure out Colby's health issues. I'm just hoping my insurance will cover dh getting screened. Has anyone else seen a genetic couselor?

As for weight gain, with ds1 I gained 75 lbs (lost it all) & with ds2 I gained 80 lbs. (wasn't able to bf so didn't lose it all). So far this time I have only gained 5 lbs (at 18 weeks), but I usually gain alot towards the end.

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On the QOTW with dd #1 I gained 30lbs, so far with this one I have put on 16lbs!
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The only reason I'm having the u/s is to find out the sex!

I think I've gained about 5lbs so far, but I'm basing that on my normal weight, and not what I weighed before getting pregnant as I'm not totally sure. I haven't gained any weight since my first midwife appt. I can't remember where I was as far as weight gain goes at this point in my other pregnancies. With my first I gained 25lbs and lost it all, with my second I gained 25lbs and lost it all and then some, unfortunately. With my 3rd I gained 40-45lbs and lost it all. With my 4th I gained about 25lbs, but he was born 8 weeks early so there's no telling how much I would have gained. I lost it all.
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Amibeth, I've seen a genetic counselor, but we've never had any genetic testing done. Aleks was born with a cleft lip & palate so we've seen both a genetic counselor and a geneticist before. Since clefts are so common, it was pretty much determined that we do not have a genetic trigger and therefore do not require any additional testing. The people I spoke with were really nice though. Did you have any specific questions? I'm not sure I'd be of much help, but I may be the only one here who has seen a genetic counselor.

Weight gain- I am usually underweight and last pregnancy gained 25 pounds. I hope to do that again, but so far I lost some weight. I think I'm gaining now though. Not sure how much. Initially I seem to have lost about 4-5 pounds (gasp!), but I think I've gained that back plus 3 more. So 3 total. I'm on what my husband terms the "hobbit diet" since I eat constantly. It's good for me.
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Yippee!!! I got that horrible Gothic paper done!! Now I can breathe easier until tomorrow. I still have another 6 pg paper to write, a floor plan, section cut, and front elevation to do on autocad, and do the materials and finishes for a house... Then school will be over. Can I get it done?

Wende- I am going to find out the sex too. I am glad I've had 19 wks to get dh used to it. He wanted to wait.... I want to know. I think he wants to know too.
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Hi everyone,

17 weeks here and now feeling movement from the outside, too! This is my favorite thing about being pregnant and one of my favorite things in life, I think. It's incredible to me. I see the midwife this week again. The OB wants me to have an U/S at 20-22 weeks. But I plan on delaying that until later in the pregnancy, since it is only to determine placental location, and I know the placenta can move some even after 20 weeks. It will be too stressful for me to hear I have a previa and then have to continue to have U/S when I am not having any symptoms and it will probably move anyway. I am so emotional about everything this pregnancy.

I have bought a couple of cloth diapers for baby, but we don't need anything (except girl clothes if it's a girl). I am considering getting a baby hammock, though. Maybe some baby underpants since I am planning to do EC.

I think I have gained 10 pounds already. Unfortunately, I had gained 5 pounds a couple months before getting pregnant, so I feel like I have gained 15. I am eating healthy now so not worried about it. Last time I gained 35, lost all but 10 within a week or two after the birth, and lost it all by 5 or 6 months.
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Annakiss~ I was just hoping to get an idea of what to expect, I guess. After everything that went on with Colby & all of the dr.s & specialists we saw (some very condescending) I am nervous about seeing yet anotehr specialist. It's reassuring to know that the people you saw were nice.


P.S. We're going to find out the sex too~ I'm a planner.
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Hi all. Just an update, we met with the midwife last night. It was great. She is really awesome & put DH at ease. Now to convince my Grandma & Mom, since I will birth at their home. More my Grandma than Mom. I will have them meet with the midwife, and I am sure they will be convinced. Has anyone used Flex Health bennifits to pay for their midwife??
We heard the last night. That was so exciting. It was really fast, I got 150, midwife got 156. My kids were very excited as well.

QOTW - Well with each of my pregnancies I never gained more than 10lbs, due to the fact that I lost quite a bit of weight in the beginning of each one. I am heavy to begin with. With this one, I have gained 7 lbs, but trying not to worry about it.
Take Care Ladies!
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