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14 weeks, 2 days

...or if you believe the doc's measurements, 13 weeks exactly, but frankly, I like my dates better.

I've been AWOL from this board for a few weeks, hope you'll forgive me for being a fair-weather friend. : The pg update here: I'm wearing maternity duds because they're more comfy than anything else, but I don't feel like I look terribly pg yet, just pudgy. My skin looks great, my migraines have pretty much left (thank goodness, I was having 1 a day for a while, YUCK), but I'm so so SO tired still - where's the 2nd trimester energy? And I'm still gagging at every little (imaginary?) smell. I've only thrown up once (icky kitchen trash), but the gagging is driving me nuts. Diaper changes are awful. What was I thinking, getting pg while I still have one in diapers?

I hosted Thanksgiving this year for the first time ever. I've never roasted a turkey before, stressed out over it, and it turned out perfectly, yay! We had my MIL, FIL, and BIL all staying here for most of a week, plus my parents, sis, and youngest bro came for T-day dinner. Full house!

Christmas preparations - I need to get those cards under way, I have blanks and I'm stamping them...you know, because I don't have enough other things to do. I have some Christmas shopping done, but lots left to do.

WOW to the mamas who are feeling kicks! I thought I felt a few squirms last weekend but then things calmed down again. I still occasionally think - hey, wait, what was that? But then it's gone. Hopefully in a week or two I'll have more kicks to smile about. I'm really looking forward to that.

Cristina, hope you're feeling better soon!

AmiBeth, yikes to your sister's case. I'm so sorry your family is going through all of that. I hope things can be resolved as easily as possible. I also hope that Colby's health problems can be treated soon. I hope the new CF info can help with Colby's problems, and that your new baby is totally healthy.

Tish, good luck on that paper!

QOTW #1 - buying for baby? So far I have bought a few dipes because our NB stash was just too small last time around. I also just gave in to temptation and ordered an adorable Hanna Anderssen one-piece sweater for next wintertime, my little treat to a baby who will otherwise be dressed in mostly hand-me-downs! OK, the treat was more for myself. I don't need much more *stuff* for this baby, we're really pretty set, although I would like a good breast pump.

QOTW #2 - weight gain? I lost 10 with Griff and then gained 21 after that. That actually worked pretty well - I was slightly overweight to start with, so losing 10 lbs was actually not a bad thing, the weight gain after that was very steady. Actually, my midwives were begging me to gain more, but my metabolism was just whirring away! I was eating tons and tons of healthy food (and, um, quite a bit of ice cream) so it's not like I could try much harder to gain weight, sheesh! After Griff was born I was at my pre-pg weight already, then went another 10-15 lbs down over the following 9 mos. Very nice. Unfortunately I gained a lot of that back (stress and no exercise) in the year following that, so I weighed more pre-pg this time that pre-pg with Griff. Sigh. At my last appt I had lost 3 lbs, not surprising. My next appt is 1 1/2 weeks away, so we'll see where I stand now. I'm hoping my body has a nice weight gain pattern like last time. I felt good for most of that pregnancy and wouldn't mind another just like it!
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15 weeks
hello mamas!
I haven't been able to check in because I have had a hectic work schedule the past week (60 hrs in five days)
I heard the heart beat at the mw's last week it was so exciting because I was having a hard time with the reality of another baby.
So now I know for sure there is a baby in there.
I am waiting to have my ultrasound the first week of january. I would love to find out the sex but we have decided to have the ultrasound report state the sex and then we later have the option (if we want) to ask for the sex of the baby.
annna kiss I am right the with you, I am having a hard time packing on weight, I started this pg under weight at 126 pounds and I have lost three, so no weight gain yet. with my last pg I only put on 8 pounds but I started out at 148 so I wasn't really worried.
These last two pregnancies have been so different that my first two I gain 60lbs with my first and 25 with my second (he was born at 33 weeks)
so I would just love to gain between 20 and 30 with this one.
as for buying stuff, I am waiting to find out the sex because we don't need much if it is a boy (except a bassinet or other sleeping thing)
but if it is a girl I can shop till I drop for pink!
have a great week ladies
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Well I just weighed myself. I haven't gained any weight. I'm still 2 lbs. lighter than when I started. I'm at 95. I think that's more than where I was before, but it's still not enough. Last pg, I didn't actually lose weight in the beginning, but it wasn't as rough as it was this time. I am eating constantly and my real craving has been fried chicken, which I've eaten quite a bit of. Hopefully I'll start packing on a couple of pounds sometime soon.
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Thanks for your kind words. My main concern with this case is to try to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone elses family Especially since the circumstances are absolutely ridiculous. I hope this genetic counselor visit can give us answers for Colby, we've been looking for them for a year now.

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I wished I hadn't gained so much weight. I like to keep my weight in check but lately I haven't been. I don't really know what to do because I was eatting low calorie but very healthy meals before becoming preggo and then That just seemed gross one the queasiness hit me. Now, I just need to eat healthy period. I eat lots of fruit and veggies and sweets . Trying to stop that!!!

Anna- I am sure your body is doing what it needs to be doing for you. Have you had that first prenatal appt. yet?

Debs- Glad you heard the h/b!!

Funshine: Welcome back!! Glad you are feeling better fromthe first trimester.
How fun to host Thanksgiving. I hope one day I will be able to too!! Right now...no way!!

Thanks for wishing me luck with school I sure need it!! I just keep saying it's almost over.

I haven't bought anything for the baby yet. Not sure what to buy. Apparently. my MIL knows what to buy though. She informed me that she bought stuff for the baby for us for Christmas. She want's to know the sex so she can buy either blue or pink Trying to go for other colors, I like the rainbow!!! I have a pic to post but I just look tubby in it. I don't look pg. I don't know if I want to post it or not. Still thinking about it.
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15+ weeks

I haven't felt any movement yet, but I have such terrible gas that I don't think I could tell the difference anyway ! We won't find out the sex this time either. I like the whole discovering it ourselves when he or she arrives thing! I haven't bought anything for this baby yet but I am seriously considering a wrap carrier and I'll need to buy or borrow a new baby car seat. Our infant seat was set to expire about 4 months after Thing 3 arrives so I gave it away to some friends of mine who, get this, have an adopted 4 month old and are expecting twins any day now. All the babes are girls. Can you believe it, three babies under 5 months old? Yikes!
As for weight gain, I 've gained a couple of pounds so far with this pregnancy, not too many. With ds I gained 40lbs, with dd I gained 35. Since I'm about 20 lbs overweight now I'm hoping not to gain too much this time around. This certainly doesn't stop me from eating though!!
Happy gestation everyone!
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Originally Posted by Debstmomy
Has anyone used Flex Health bennifits to pay for their midwife??
We're planning to, but since we haven't started yet I can't give you the specifics of how it works. I did have HR check into it to make sure MW fees are covered and they are good to go. We're going to put aside as much as we can so we can pay as much of it as possible pre-tax.

Speaking of, I must get my tired butt off to work!
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Well, let the dreams begin. I had a dream last night that Peanut was born now. We brought him home (it was a boy) and we didn't know how to take care of him. Dh was carrying him around without a diaper and he was peeing all over the place. :LOL Them we figured he needed to eat so I tried to breast feed. A woman walked into the room and began cleaning and she left the door open and brought in a friend too. This was in my house and I was sitting there 1/2 naked.I felt like she was violating my privacy. Then Peanut latched on pretty good to eat but there was no milk. At that point I couldn't figure put how to feed him. Then we put him in a crib full of stuffed animals the same size as he was (he was very small because he wasn't carried to term. He was born now - as in I'm close to 19 weeks now). Then I worried about him suffocating. Then I wondered how he was doing so well when my premature cousin (very premature her mom was about 6 or 7 mos preg when she had to give birth to my cousin because her uterus stopped growing... or something like that) had to stay in ICU for a very long time. It was a strange dream to me. Where do these things come from? Have any of you had dreams like this?

My week is getting better with school. My hardest project due date was pushed back 2 days. I'm feeling more confident now that I will make it through this semester.
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Tish, I had 3-4 feeding dreams while I was pg with Griffin. There was always some issue - the baby refused to eat, I had forgotten to feed the baby, the baby accused me of starving him (because, you know, babies can talk ), etc. I hadn't thought that I had had any anxiety about breastfeeding (it's so freakin' normal in my family, there was no question of "will I?" or "what if I can't" like you hear from many women), but maybe deep down I was a little worried. It was really odd.

My dreams always had strange not-based-in-reality worries - I would do really strange things like leave my baby in a store. Things I would never actually do and never actually worry about. But maybe it was about some larger worry, about my ability to parent?

This time I think I have had ONE baby dream, and that was two months ago. I feel so unpregnant right now - not showing a whole lot, not feeling any real movement, not terribly sick, just occasionally gagging and always tired.

I have had two dreams within the past month about my home burning down and whether or not I was able to save possessions, and which possessions. Odd. Anybody do dream interpretation?
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18 weeks today

It feels like I've been mia since the boards went down...

Tish - I'm having crazy dreams too! I had two Sunday night that I was having a girl. One - I went in for my ultrasound, but it was more like giving blood, where you have to wait for the results. They mailed the pictures to me and at the top of the paper it said "sex: girl". The second one, I was paying one of my brothers friends to come fix our foyer area (it needs tiles) and he said that he would come Friday, fix them and play with Azalyah for a little while (the girl name we picked out!) I also had a BF dream! I dreamed that I was trying to nurse my son, Elijah - who is now weened. He wouldn't latch on at all..shaking his head "no" and I had milk spraying everywhere (you know how it goes after let-down!). I was kind of weird and funny too.

I have gained 2lbs. I'm a bit surprised after all I ate over Thanksgiving...I don't gain much weight though. As of now, I just don't put pounds on very easily (yes, I'm thankful for that). I think with Elijah I gained like 20lbs..maybe 23 or something.

Question on slings - I've been researching sewing my own baby sling - just seems more cost effective really...and I don't know, I'm just kind of wanting to do it I guess. I found some really cute material at Walmart I want to buy as soon as I know what I'm having. Anyway, after reading about 3 websites "easy instructions" I realized...I don't know the first thing about sewing....the lingo is like Japaneze to me...well, maybe not that bad. : Anyway (here comes my question) one site had instructions for a "sew free" sling. Anyone try this? Like it, dislike it? I'm guessing everyone prefers the sewed ones..but thought I'd ask anyway.

My big Ultrasound is in 2 weeks - Dec. 15th. We'll be finding out the sex. I can't wait! I've been feeling A-J (Azalyah or Josiah) kicking - but its kind of random still. Sometimes I'll feel it, sometimes I'll go a day or two with nothing. I hate that because my mom-radar starts kicking in and I wonder if everything is okay..then next thing you know..the kicking starts again. I don't feel a lot of movement like I did with Elijah...but this early I didn't feel Elijah kick a whole lot. I always thought Elijah spent a lot of time facing my back...that might account for the differences. Well, that and every pregnancy is different regardless!
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Well, had a mw appointment today and I have actually only gained 5 pounds so far--only 3 pounds since my first mw visit. I also weighed myself on my home scale today and it is consistent with that. Sounds like I should just toss my home scale anyway.

I have been having such weird dreams--lots about an ex-boyfriend (not really erotic dreams, though, he's just in them) and all kinds of people from my past I had all but forgotten about. Strange situations, too. Even if I could interpret them, I'm not sure I'd want to! :LOL

I need help to keep from buying more newborn diapers! I don't need many and I want to spread out my purchases through May but they are soooo cute!

I saw a newborn at the mw office today and couldn't wait to hold my own new baby! There is nothing like it.
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When I was preg with dd I kept having dreams about nursing my cat! :

So far no baby dreams this time around. I was so caught up in my preg with dd; I thought about it and felt it and was so into it ALL THE TIME! This time, I'm just not there. I actually forget sometimes that I'm preg. I'm sure that will change after we finally have our MW appointment (this Friday) and baby starts moving around some.

Keep the dream stories coming! I love that stuff!
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hi mamas!

I'm finally finished travelling for a while. Earlier this month I went to Europe and this past weekend I went to Washington DC (both for work). No more trips for at least a year - yea! I've travelled eight times for work in the last 15 months. Whew. Of course, I caught a slight cold on the first trip and still haven't quite kicked it - mostly my sinus drainage is worse. But, I did get all of my x-mas shopping done (except for one more gift for my parents) at Filene's Basement in DC. There was one just around the corner from our hotel and they are having tax-free days so there's no sales tax. Of course, everyone will just have to like their gifts because they can't be exchanged (I live in the midwest). But, I think I got nice things that will be appreciated. It feels good to have that done and not to have spent too much money.

We went and cut a x-mas tree on Wednesday. Took my mom and daughter along. It was fun - dd looked like a little pink Michelin Man in her snowsuit and boots. We got a 12 foot tree -- we have a vaulted ceiling in the living room. Two years ago when we got a tree that big, I was 7.5 months pregnant and it was a bit tricky to decorate the top. This year should be easier.

I'm 17 weeks today. Have my third prenatal appt today. I've gained at least 10 pounds. I am an eating machine. Things are tapering off a little now that the nausea has subsided but for the first 15-16 weeks, it was eat or puke so I ate. I tend to gain pretty steadily throughout pregnancy. Last time I gained 40 pounds but a lot of that was water at the end. Two weeks post-partum I had 18 pounds of fat to lose.

I think I've felt this baby move but I can't be sure. I've been so busy that I haven't been paying attention like I did with dd. I was feeling dd so consistently at this point that I'm a little unnerved this time. Looking forward to hearing the heartbeat today.

I saw a genetic counselor before my u/s at 12 weeks. We were screening for genetic abnormalities so we discussed the probabilities of different things and what the u/s could and couldn't show. She was very nice. I think most people who become genetic counselors do so because they actually like working with and talking to people and have training in how to do it well. Unlike some doctors who get no guidance on bedside manner.

I haven't bought anything for this baby but plan to buy a sling later this spring. There's a new store in town that sells them and does a workshop on different kinds and how to use them. If this baby is a boy, I'll need some clothes but I do have a lot of neutral or boy things that dd has worn.

Speaking of dreams, I've actually had several dreams where I'm downhill skiing. It would be great except that I keep finding myself at the top of a run that's too difficult for me and I get all panicky. I love skiing and wish my dreams were just fun instead of scary. No baby dreams yet - unless the skiing is foreshadowing the rollercoaster I'm in for with a newborn and a toddler. :LOL
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I had my first baby dream last night. I was in a parking lot talking to two women about what it was like with the new baby and Aleks. Evidently the baby was already born though neither child was with me and she was a girl named Emma. I wasn't breastfeeding yet and when I told them, I felt suddenly like I had better get working on that or I wouldn't be able to nurse this child either. I was telling them how hard it was and how though things were going okay, I felt like a wreck. I think it was more about how I feel these days. I was exhausted and emotional. I wonder how long this will really last then if I can expect it after the baby gets here as well.

In my first pregnancy I dreamt about nursing my cats all the time too, but they were sort of scary because they had all those sharp little teeth.

I never did answer my own question about what I've bought for the new baby. I've bought 4 new diaper covers (will need more) and have told a WAHM friend that I need her to make me a sling in a petite size. I will need to go through what clothes I have because I will definitely need more of those, but I want to be able to buy pink and won't be finding out the sex, so that's a tricky one. Can I just wait until after the baby is born? Can't say that I'd necessarily feel like shopping then, however.

I started prenatal yoga last night and chiropractic on Monday. The yoga felt so good that I think I want to get a video and do it more often. It was so good to stretch out my back. All the women in my class are majorly pregnant, but another MDC mama has agreed to go with me from now on so I will have a friend and won't just be surrounded by rich women with perfect lives (I didn't say that). What I meant was women who won't be there for very much longer. :

Anyhow... how's everyone handling this pg emotionally?
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Can you buy the prenantal yoga video anywhere? I am not sure prenantal yoga is offered in my town and if it were I know I can't afford to go very often, if at all. I really would love to try it though. I am sorry your emotions are going crazy. Hopefully, things will level out for you soon.

Emotionally, I have handled things pretty well except when I watch "BirthStories" or "Birthday" for some reason I always cry. Even if I just watch the part of the baby being born. I don't know why this is. It really isn't anything new. I always felt like I was going to cry watching before being pg now it's not just a thought. I have had a couple of really psycho days where I was really out there. As long as someone doesn't say the wrong thing, then I do pretty well.

No dreams to recall last night.
Oh who got an ultrasound yesterday? Wende was that you? What did you find out? Or am I early is it next Thurs? I get mine on Tues. I am excited and nervous. I hope everything is normal. We are still waiting for the results of the AFP and the longer it takes the more anxious I am becoming.
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Tish - you can get a prenatal video online at least. Not sure in TN where you'd get one unless there's a Wild Oats or some such place nearby. Do a google search for your town & prenatal yoga and see what you come up with. That's how I found the places that offer it here. One place which is very nearby only offers prenatal yoga at 11:45 on Sundays, which there is no way I would ever make it to. The other place is 30 mins away, but closer than Wild Oats and is on Thursday nights, which works much better for me.
edited because my dang link didn't work: This DVD at Amazon seems pretty popular and would be the one I think I would get.

Are you over 35 btw? Is there a reason you're doing the AFP? Just curious.
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15 weeks today

I have been pretty busy and tired this week, so I haven't checked in here yet. I haven't even read all the replies either - just looked briefly over them.

So far I feel nothing and it is strange to me. I have no dreams, feel no movement, not buying anything for the baby yet (I don't even have a clue yet what to buy) etc. It is interesting to look at my belly, but that is about it. Am I just really not connected with myself???

As for events happening - we have strated to interview hb midwives and so far I am not excited at all. there are only a few in our state and none of them is really close to where we live. 2 have rejected me right over the phone because of the distance. one had expressed a lot of reservations, but had agreed to meet with us on Monday, so we will see. I have another interview for tomorrow, but she is not certified (just trained througgh apprenticeship) and I don't know if dh is gonna like it. also, the situation with non-CNM midwives is extremely tricky in our state and that is a reason for my concern. hb is very important to me, but I feel like I have very few choices and am afraid that I will just have to take the best I out of them rather then truly being able to choose somebody I will really love. I am also afraid of just plainly not making the right choice with the mw.

Then I started having fears about are life when the baby is born - can we handle it? what will it be like? and stuff like that.

edited to add: I see you guys are talking about prenatal yoga here. I checked a tape out of a local library last weekend, but only got to do it once. not good. I have never done yoga before, though, and I am not sure what to think of the tape I got (it was crunch yoga mama). in a way I feel like yoga doesn't suit my character very well. something more lively could work better for me. did anybody try Leisa Hart's prenatal workout videos? what are they like? they have good reviews on amazon and I am considering buying it.
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I have a prenatal yoga tape. We got it at Motherhood Maternity store. I actually didn't care for it too much - I prefer just stretching I guess though...and not the whole spiritual aspect of it (I'm not trying to offend anyone by that comment btw...)

But try Motherhood. Someone bought it for me, so I'm not sure how much it cost. I'm sure you can go to half.com and do a search..they'll probably have something out there...never know! (I love half.com btw...lots of stuff people don't want that I do...for cheap!)
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I had my u/s yesterday. The pictures can be seen at www.kaiden.aboutmybaby.com in the belly photo's area. It's going to be a boy. Everyone seems very excited about it and for some reason I was sad. I didn't even realize that I wanted a girl. I think part of it is because Dh insists on naming the baby Max, after his dad, and while I really like the name, it isn't one that I'd ever considered for my own kid and dh won't budge. According to him, that's the baby's name and is telling everyone. I even cried yesterday! I've never had that reaction to finding out the sex of the baby! And now, because it's a boy, I get to go through the whole circ'ing arguement again. I mentioned that to dh yesterday and he said "oh, he'll be circumsized." GRR, NO he won't.

Anyway, I am excited to be having another boy. After my first boy I really, really wanted another and it will be good that the 2 youngest kids will be the same sex, especially since they are so close in age. I just need to get over the whole name issue.

We had the u/s done at one of those 3-D places because I didn't want an u/s in the first place but dh really wanted to know the sex so that was cheaper than having a full u/s done and we don't have insurance right now. Of course, now, I feel like I should go have a "real" u/s done because the u/s tech didn't tell us anything other than "yep, that's a boy alright". I'm being silly, aren't I? lol
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Ahh, we have been having a good morning. DH took the day off work because he broke his toe, and with what happened to DS last night (got finer in door, had to go to ER, lots of crying by all)
I made a tester batch of waffles that I am planning on making for Xmas morning, they were really good, we had oranges and papaya and sausages with them. Soo good. I love these sausages, we get them locally, no preservatives or filler. Yum

Emotionally I am doing good. My normal bitchy self. I don't really think about this baby too much. too busy with my big baby!

But, last night Kai was on my tummy blowing bubbles and the baby was kicking back. too cool!
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