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Nope, not over 35. Under 30, I am 28. It was not my idea for the test. Dh was the one who was very adamant about me having it. He just wants to know that everything is ok.
I am sure there is prenantal yoga in Nashville but that is about a 30 min or more drive and I have to do it 2x a week as it (work) and I try not to go there any more than that.... I really am sick of the drive. I do pass by Wild Oats on my way to work. I'll stop in tomorrow.
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Hello Ladies! Alot of posting yesterday, I am so glad! We all have been so busy or abscent for whatever reasons!!!
So many of you have had U/S already! Since I am due late May, I feel behind.
Velvet005 - Good luck with the AFP. Just remember that is it highly inaccurate, many women have false positives!
Nym - Sorry about DH toe, and DS fingers, OUCH!
valeria_vi- I can relate to not feeling much, 0 movement, lack of dreams, etc. I have only had 2 dreams very early on, nothing since. Keep treking on the MW search. Something will come up.
All those mamas that dream of nursng their cats, OUCH!!!!! Perhaps a kitten, but not a cat! J/K. Could not imagine nursing the beagle!! (Fyi, a woman in CA recently was being investigated for nursing her dog. They were checking to see if she was nursing the baby too. Felt the dog would be jealous of the baby, that is why she nursed it. That is a bit much for this LLL leader.)

MomAnita4Jesus - sewing a sling is not hard. If you can sew a straight basic stitch on the machine you can make a sling. I used an elizabeth lee pattern. I used to make them for gifts all the time. Just make sure the rings you use are NOT craft rings. They need to be welded rings or nylon rings used to with stand wieght. I used 2 inch rings used for rock climbing & such. Actually I got them at the hard ware store. I am not familar with the non sew sling, but I wonder if it resembles a didymos? Personally, I like Taylor Made slings. (I hope that is ok to post here.) I hope to get a couple of those for this baby. I might just make on too, for the novelty of it.

gingerlane - thanks for info on flex bennifits. So far seems to be covered with out directly saying so. I will keep researching, our form is due this tuesday!

My lousy cold is still lingering. Woke up with a mad headache at 3 am. Since I am now 15 weeks, I broke down & took sudafed.(Bad I know!, but was miserable. I waited an hour in bed befor I decided to do it, it hurt so bad.) It helped but not all the way. I still have that lingering headache. When will this end!!!! I will pound tea, water & oranges today, and lay low & try to sleep!

Have a great day Ladies! I am so glad I found you all!
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Cristina - Tyler slings..do they have a website? I'll do a search myself right now..but let me know! I wanna see what you're talking about. I know the slings are suppose to be easy. I thnk I just have to try. The last time I was behind a sewing machine was 7th grade home ec. But if I like this sling making stuff...DH might need to get me a nice B-Day present!
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Just a quick hello not a lot of time to chat.

We are leaving today to drive from Portland to Lompoc Ca! My husband has training in the bay area on Monday and we are staying with him there, but before that we are going to see my gran who is in an intensive care stroke unit in Oxnard CA.

Please send peaceful healing thoughts her way. If you light candles for people a soft blue healing one would be appropriate as well as black to help absorb negativity. If you believe in prayer those are more than welcome. Her name is Nancy, she is only 70 and has suffered a number of strokes and brain hemorrages since June and is doing really bad. She is not in her right mind due to all of the trauma. They are having to use seriously strong drugs to sedate her so she doesn't hurt herself or the medical staff. I am scared I am going to lose one of the most important people in my life. I love her so much and seeing her is very important to me although I know it will be very hard and emotionally exhausting.

As for my health, everything is fine. I have a "raging yeast infection" according to my MW and it will go away with treatment. I also have to cut down on my sugar/white starch intake! Yeah right! LOL

I hope all are well and will try to catch up on my reading while in the hotel this week.

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Nichol- I will light a candle and send peaceful thoughts for your grandmother.

I finally spoke with the nurse. Everything from the AFP test was fine. Dh says he feels happier than he did when he graduated college. I feel better too now that we finally got results. The nurse said they just hadn't called because she was sick earlier this week and it got pushed back (basically they forgot to let me know!!!).
Feeling more and more movement. Today I could feel it from the outside. I feel the most movement about 10-15 mins after I eat. Especially after lunch.

Wende- Good luck with naming the baby. Dh and I cannot settle on a boy's name. I do not like any of the names he picks and he doesn't like any of the names I pick. So we're stuck. That makes 2 boys for May so far. Congradulatons. I think we may be having a boy too. We'll find out next week!!

Christina- Hope your cold gets better really soon. I had one of those headaches a couple of weeks ago and I took Tylenol which didn't even put a dent in it : My head pounded for 5 days straight. I hope yours is much much better today.
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Originally Posted by MomAnita4Jesus

Question on slings - I've been researching sewing my own baby sling - just seems more cost effective really...and I don't know, I'm just kind of wanting to do it I guess. I found some really cute material at Walmart I want to buy as soon as I know what I'm having. Anyway, after reading about 3 websites "easy instructions" I realized...I don't know the first thing about sewing....the lingo is like Japaneze to me...well, maybe not that bad. : Anyway (here comes my question) one site had instructions for a "sew free" sling. Anyone try this? Like it, dislike it? I'm guessing everyone prefers the sewed ones..but thought I'd ask anyway.
You might want to check Elizabeth Lee for sling instructions. She tries to make these patterns easy enough for a non-sewer. I sew, so I don't know how easy they are, but they seem pretty simple. The style is similar to Nojo or Over the shoulder baby holder with padded rails that go through rings
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MomAnita4Jesus--there is a slingsewing group on yahoo that is a great group of women. There are lots of links to patterns on there and helpful people who can help you decide which one to make. I am not on it anymore but was a while back. I am not a big sewer either, and found the easiest basic ring sling to sew is the kind on slingmemommy.com. She has instructions also. I think sewing a padded sling is more complicated. The slingmemommy is basically one seam, and then hemming if you choose to.

Someone asked about pregnancy videos. I have the prenatal yoga one (from last pregnancy) that anna linked to, and really like it. Leisa Hart's Fitmama is not so great, IMO. It was okay the first couple times, but is way too boring and repetitive for something to do a few times a week.

I am 18 weeks now and was feeling movement at least once a day. The past couple days, I haven't felt anything and it's hard not to get worried. Last time, I wasn't expecting to feel much by this point, so it was probably about the same, but I don't remember. I am starting to have the sacroiliac back pain the past couple of weeks on and off. Same thing I had last pregnancy. I am spending oodles at the chiropractor to go weekly, and I don't even know if it is helping that much. I am going to take a few weeks off around the holidays and see if it is any different or not. I was just really hoping that chiropractic would help me not only with back pain, but to help the baby get into the best position at the end. It is so important to me to do the best I can to have a VBAC. Maybe I am just asking too much of the chiropractic.
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We do chiro twice a week and it helps tremendously! BUT, we have this really awesome chiro with family plans that are affordable and who doesn't care if you pop in for a third appointment if needed. He'll even see you on the weekend if needed... at no extra charge.

Saturday I slipped on wet stairs and hurt myself quite spectacularly. I have the most beautiful bruise across my bum (all the colors of the rainbow!), a mild case of whiplash and about 100 pulled muscles. Baby is fine, which is one of the advantages to having big ol' pregnancy butt. My chiro helped a lot today and I'll be going in often this week to get myself back to something approximating comfort. Lucky for me my back was already pretty healthy, otherwise I woulda been toast.

Baby is starting to show, but only if you're looking. We keep failing to take a photo for the bellies page. We only got one good one during dd's whole pregnancy, so if we take just one more we're ahead of the game! Wha-who!

Off to get ready for the company holiday party. I don't have any dressy shoes for dd so she'll have to wear her muddy boots with a dress! :LOL
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MamaFae, I wanted to add--saying a prayer for your grandmother. That is very hard.
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